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maandag 29 juni 2009

A quick post

Here is a lovely Photo of my boy in his new outfit:Every loved it, especially I.
It was a very lovely baptise.
My skirt was done on time, so I carried it on the christening.
The photo follows.
I started on my EMS exchange, and I have started 3, yes 3 new SAL's.
The SAL's are already busy for a time, so I have alot of work to do.
I have bought the fabric this afternoon, and I hope that postmen brings the colors tomorrow.
I'm off to was a busy weekend.

Thanks for visiting and the comments....

4 opmerkingen:

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel mooi annette.
ik zou direct verliefd op hem worden. zei

ach wat mooi en hij ziet er zo stoer uit , mijn kleindochter is ook negen maand ... wat zijn ze toch vlug groot !!!

Ginnie zei

He looks so lovely in his new outfit.

Mylene zei

Great picture of your son.

Sounds like you are busy with stitching, looking forward to see your progress.