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dinsdag 13 november 2012

Last finished Sinterklaas craf ;(

I'm a member off a forum, where we having a Christmas project.
One of the members has a son on a school for the deaf.
We all could make a project for the school, and choose what we wanted.
Nobody choose Sinterklaas
As a big Sinterklaas fan, I choose
Here was a little start
The pattern was 5 Black Pete's, with a present in there hands, but I missed a Sinterklaas.
So This is what I made
I still haven't heard if the postman brought it on the right place.....
Everything else I posted that day already arrived the day after..
So I hope so that it will arrive this week.

Then my little cute cuddle blue Pete was feeling so alone, so I started a second one.
It's progressing very slow.
My craft mojo disappeared a bit with the sun, that I haven't seen in day's.
This weekend have been away much and worked, so not much done..
But I have a few X-mas crafts finished, That I will take a photo off tomorrow!
So x-mas crafts for the next posts =))))))))

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

6 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

So sweet..such cuties for a great cause..
Big hugs x

Carla zei

Love your Sinterklaas project :)
Hope it gets to its destination soon!

Marion zei

Hé bezige bij.
Wat ziet er er weer leuk en verzorgd uit.
Vandaag hier een prachtige zonnige dag en ik geniet van alle herfstkleurtjes van de bomen als ik naar buiten kijk.

Morgen vertrekken naar Roermond om in te pakken voor de beurs in Arnhem. Morgenavond stand opbouwen en dan kan Vrijdag en Zaterdag het feest beginnen.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Carol zei

Very cute project for the school, Annette--I'm sure the kids will love it :) Glad your little Pete doll will have a friend very soon!

Valma zei

ho my !
so small and sooooo cute !
this is so great to make them for this cause, congrats =)
that's so kind from you
can't wait to see the other pieces you're preparing
big hugs

♥ Nia zei

No one likes sinterklaas because he comes from Spain!! hahahahhaha :p LOL!!! Joking =)

Happy to know that Black Pete will soon have a friend!! :D