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zondag 25 november 2012

Sinterklaas in town

I have no craft update, havn't done anything in a few days.
To busy...
It's nu just 5 minutes before midnight so just in time to post.. lol

Today Sinterklaas came too our town.
Almost every village/city/town celebrates that.
So also here.
 This morning went fast to the stop to buy black leggins for under there black Pete clothing
I put the kids in Black Pete clothing..
Noah don't like it, but after it's on, is no problem, except for the hat.. lol..
They had a wonderfull time, seeing Sinterklaas, and there where about 8 Black Pete's ;)))
Noah has seen them often. but for Kira it was the first time she understands it.. last year she was still too young.
On TV she loves seeing it all, but when a black Pete came to her to give her candy she was very very afraid...

But then, when we got home.
A letter for Noah was brought..
You really need to see this
Sinterklaas and the write-Pete had send Noah a letter back.
How great is that ;))))))))))))))))))))))
♥ We are so happy happy ♥
That's a keeper.... lol

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

3 opmerkingen:

♥ Nia zei

Kira was definitely having fun in every picture :D hehehe and Noah left his hat somewhere on the way :p lol
Looks like a fun day for kids :D
Ohhhhh a letter! How cute!! A special souvenir to keep ;)
Happy to see you had a fun day with your kids!! :D
Hugs!!! :)

Marion zei

Wat een spannende tijd voor de kid's maar....... o zo leuk en gezellig.
Geniet van elk moment.

Liefs Marion

Valma zei

hoooo so cute
and such a great souvenir
I'm really for Noah that Sinterklaas answered him
a piece to treasure....
big hugs