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dinsdag 13 november 2012

Update Fatmen

After 3 days of doing no crafts, I'm a bit running out on blogpost.. hihi lol. 
I still have a few things to show you guys.
But I didn't want to post 5 days long a little update off a stitch project.
But maybe it all will go well..
After tomorrow I have a week off ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I don't know why, but every night crafting is like so I'm happy

The update from my fatmen

I was a bit affraid, the snowmen would disappeared on the white fabric, but he didn't 
Happy me =))))))))))
I love stitching on white so much
I've stitched snowmans before, but they where all with black backstitches.
And the LK pattern don't.
But I like it, and will continu it ;)

I don't wanted to make a one pic post again.

So here our dinner from tonight, I tryed a new recipe
Fish stew with potato croquettes

And in secret well I was cooking I made
Chocolate mousse

I would be home sooner, but just got home. :)
It's already after midnight (but as Nia told me a few post back, when i also was late, the day end when we go to bed). LOL :)
DH was calling me we I was.. ( he know I made something, but didn't know what )
But when I got this out of the refrigerator, he was really happy.
It was worth the waiting =))))))
With the two off us on the couch with a spoon, eating out of the pan (wasn't in the mood to put in on a nice plate. LOL :)))

I'm off to sleep, in a few hours the alarmclock is going, I've got the morning shift

Night night

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

9 opmerkingen:

Carla zei

Annette, the snowman is looking great!! Can't wait to see more!!
Yummy chocolate! I bet it was delicious :)

cucki zei

Snowman is too cute..
Yumy chocolate ..
Big hugs x

Unknown zei

Je sneeuwmannetje ziet nu al mooi uit. En die chocomousse, njam !

Saskia zei

Die chocomouse moet ik toch ook eens gaan proberen.

Hier was ik er ook bang voor, is niet echt wit de dmc en dan mijn stof die qua kleur ook die kant op gaat. Maar het gaat goed, behalve de teksten in het wit, dat is niet echt leesbaar

TIO zei

mmm ziet er heerlijk uit en je sneeuwman is al mooi gevorderd!

Dani - tkdchick zei

Snowman is looking good, if you need to pop it off of the fabric a bit don't be afraid to add the backstitch anyhow, I'd use a grey instead of a black.

Mylene zei

the chocolate mouse, yummmyyyyy!!

Valma zei

but how do you do to do so many things in a single day ?? =D
your beginning on the snowman is really cute
and your yummy =)
once again I want to cross the screen to taste everything =)
big hugs

♥ Nia zei

You don't know why??? Because it's that good!! It's like heaven, peace and joy :D hehehehe

The day only ends when you go to bed, it's true! Glad to know you are learning something with me :D ahhahaha ;)

Of course he was happy! Who wouldn't be with a chocolate mousse waiting :D
Where's my spoon??? :p hahhahaha

Hugs to you sweetie!