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zaterdag 10 november 2012

Fatmen the start !!!

I'm posting this with my foon
So hope it Works

I have another beautifull stitching start
You all knows the Fatmen guys??
Last year i found them and wanted too stitch. But what too with them.
I only make piecee when i know what to do with them
I know it these year so i'm going to stitch them

You all must think what is she making much. Hihi ;-)
I didn't work much lately. This week worked 2 evenings. So 5 evenings too craft
  Hope to finish more

Have a great weekend all :-*

5 opmerkingen:

TIO zei

Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat!

Valma zei

a great beginning =)
I love the fabric you chose
you're a very busy crafty bee =)
well done
big hugs

cucki zei

so sweet xxx

Mylene zei

A very good start, you sure very quick...

♥ Nia zei

Well done sweetie :D
It's fun to be stitching the same as you :) I haven't started my guys yet but the border is all done! All frames, letters, birdhouse and two birds! Now, I just need to stitch those snowmen inside each frame :) I posted my progress just a few minutes ago. Now I need to decide which one I will stitch next hehehe
Have a great week sweetie!! :D