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vrijdag 23 april 2010

Mika's suit is done!!!!!

Yesterday I called the mother of my friend because I know she had a pattern of a tie.
So went en pick it up, it was from a book from 1987!!!!
I made the tie's out of a piece of bordeaux red taft (don't know if it Englisch??).
It looks so cute and beautifull look at the pictures.. This is the complete suit for Mika
This is the blouse and tie for Noah..
How cute is that!!

Again my finger in the sewing machine but this time it sat stuck and it hurts like ....
It still hurts but I can work with it. So now I have a finger with 2 holes in it and a finger with a bruise on my nail....

Noah was helping me with the needles, He loves playing with them, but is a bit too dangerous for him....

And I have another finish.....MY MEMOBORD
Yesterday morning I went to buy some more ricrac and finished the memobord. DH hang it up and tada... I glued some ladybug on it(I love little ladybugs)
Here we call them "pim-pam-poentje", Noah is a bit afraid of them but the one on the memobord he loves. He can almost say pim-pam-poentje, he practisch all day....

Thanks all for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I really love reading them

4 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

That suit is just darling!

The needles are too dangerous for who? ;-) You need to wear protective gloves!

Lainey zei

Aww that suit is just adorable!!
Cute memoboard too.

Mylene zei

Great job on finishing the suit for Mika, and that's a nice picture of you and Noah.

The Memoboard finish looks wonderful. Hope you have had a great weekend. Ours was quite busy but fun!

Ranae zei

The suit is adorable.
I do hope you fingers heals fast.
Nice memo board