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zaterdag 17 april 2010

Fabric and more sewing update!

In my last post I mentioned I was going to stitch.....
A few stitches I have done, but not much more darn...
But I have some sewing craft done.
With my friend and her morther I went to a big fabric market, and look at what a bought: When I saw this girl-fabric I fell in love, needed to buy it..
And this is the fabric that I bought for the duvet cover, you see.... not much stitching done...
But I love the fabric with the baby-feet.... It has inspired me to go stitching.

My memobord is also a bit further: I saw the ricrac on the market and loved the idea to use it, but as you see I bought not enough... need to buy some more, hope next week to finish it..

The girl next door is turning 2 next week, we celebrate it tomorrow and this is what I made:

It's a lot diffent then the one I made for Mika.. This time it closes with a button, I like this better.
And it's girlie....
I love the color pink, Tess is getting a new bedroom because there is a baby coming, and her new room is al pink pink pink.... I hope see likes it.

Noah loves playing outside in this lovely weather.
Here I have some lovely pictures of him.

When I put the slide in the front garden al the little children in the street wanted to play with us. Noah had such a wonderfull week...

So... the sun is shining and I'm going to work in the garden a bit before I need to go to work tonight.
Till next time, thanks al for stopping by and leaving a comment I really love reading them

8 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Oooh wat een mooie stofje heb je gekocht!

Toffe foto's van Noah, het is nu wel heel leuk met het lenteweertje. Zelfs wij genieten er van.

Lainey zei

Wonderful fabric and what a sweet pencil roll.
Noah sure looks like he is having great fun outside.

Mylene zei

Great pictures of Noah outside, we sure have have sunny days lately!

Another lovely pencil roll made for your neighbour and beuatiful fabric stash.

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi allemaal annette.
Jij zou ook moeten beginnen met scrappen jij maakt ook veel foto's he.
Groetjes sofie

Annie zei

Adorable pencil case. Looks like Noah loves being outdoors as much as I do in this weather!

Ranae zei

cool post! I love those green rubber boots zei

Wat een mooie foto's zie ik hier weer van Noah en hele mooie stofjes ..... wat ben je een bezige bij !!

Katrien zei

die potloodhouder is fantastisch!