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maandag 17 november 2014

Wanne meet my new little friend??

Hi there,
How are you all? 
Anything special is happing around thh world??
Here my favorite holiday is coming but more about that in the end of this post

First I want you to meet my new little friend, and also from the kids, because they play a lot with her.
I was making 2 things togheter.
The colors looked awesome on one pic

Looking great right?
The beginning of a little girl, and my new skirt

Both are finished.
First the little girl
Isn't she cute??
It's a dutch pattern called Eefje, I give it my own twist, and made her in to a little Angel.
Kira helped me with the details, she made the necklace and the bracelet, and put the beads on the hair flower
She also took her other dolls at her side, they needed to watch it. =)))

Kira named our little doll Fladder, cute name..

- ♥ ♥ ♥ -

Then the skirt
I love this thread, the color change is so great
(don't look at what's more on the pic, I made a quick picture, and didn't put the bed good, already got a comment about that, when I showed the pic... next time I will look better , or need to find a new pleace for a mirror)
This how it looks on me, the color change, with the light, It really looks like it on the table.
It fit great and sits very comfy... I love it!!!

- * * * -

Two weeks ago was the big craft fair the Kreadoe, where I go to every year with my MIL.
I made so much photo's, from a few I made a collage
I bought 2 colors of the beautifull crochet yarn on the right.
And ow ow, look at the boat and the other great felt pieces.

Look at the funny pic my MIL made from me in a painting with big lady's. 
( it's a special way of painting, many are making such paintings, you now it??)
The craft fair was in Utrecht, a big site in the middle of the Netherlands.
(it also was in the same building as LEGO-world from a few weeks back)
After the Kreadoe, we always go down town to look for a cute restaurant, we found a little one with many fish dishes.. ( MY FAVORITE!! I love fish)

Look how chic it all looked
It tasted so AMAZING.. really great.. 
Can't wait till next year, we already now a little restaurant...;)))

- ♥ ♥ ♥ -

Then Saterday was the day that Sinterklaas came with his boat to the Netherlands all the way from Spain.
Every day we see 10 minutes on TV what he is doing, the Pete's getting ready to spoil all the kids.
On the 5th of December is the birthday of Sinterklaas, the day he will give all the kids present.
Most of my followers will now we really love this man and all around it..
I put all my decoration in the living, and made something new but that's for another post.
Look at the kids looking to the TV-show that showed that Sinterklaas came
Every year we buy special things for lunch so the kids really can enjoy this special lunch in front of the TV ( what already was a party)
Look at the yummy carrot - cupcakes
It's a very happy time.!!

Now really need to look at my bloglovin and emails... wayyyyyyy behind.. crafting to much.. hihihi

have a great week

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

Pauline zei

hihi, ik dacht even dat je "het meisje met de eierstokjes"had gehaakt...
Wat een leuk rokje weer! Welk garen heb je gebruikt? en welk patroon?

Marion zei

Eefje is geweldig en je rokje staat je super. Bedankt voor je verhaal, ik heb er van genoten.

Lieve groetjes
van Marion

Mylene zei

A great post Annette.
The skirt fits you perfectly, lovely!!
Youŕe busy as ever and i am jealous...wish i can pick up my hobby and get busy but lots going on, unpleasant but have to move on...

Annie zei

You always show such happy, fun things! Your little angel is just the cutest. And what a great skirt.. fits so well. (who cares about the background.. making up the bed just eats into crafting time!)

I don't know anything about that funky painting. Either we don't do it here, or I'm just not hip enough to know about it! Tell us more.

Preeti zei

Your little girl looks cute and so does your skirt:)
Believe me, the background bed image didn't catch my attention until I read your warning . I am sure the craft fair must have been fun . Nice to see your kids enjoying the feast :)

Anoniem zei

zo'n lief feetje, je rok is ook erg mooi. Leuke blog en foto's.

Nina Hobbysite zei

Sinterklaas, fantastische tijd vond ik dat. Stiekem ook een beetje eng. Je kleurverloop in je rok is super. En de nieuwe pop is ook gaaf. Leuk dat je dochter ook eraan mee helpt. Gezellige blog weer. Je bent lekker druk geweest. O, ja ik ben ook naar kreadoe geweest. Wortelcupcakes nog nooit geprobeerd, maar ziet er lekker uit!

Mii Stitch zei

Ooooh what a happy post! :)
I absolutely love your little doll, she is so so cute!!! Well done sweetie xox

Angel zei

De pop is werkelijk een schatje!
En je rok ziet er ook erg leuk uit!

Anne zei

You make the sweetest things Annette! I love the little angel doll and I'm sure your daughter does too! The skirt is fantastic and looks very comfy! I didn't notice the bed at all :D So neat you celebrate Sinterklaas on Dec 5. We once celebrated St. Nicholas' day on the 19th or something like that and had lots of candy and gifts. The kids look like they had fun! HUGS!

♥ Nia zei

Your skirt looks awesome! Really cool :) well done!
Of course the little angel is adorable, specially with the details by little Kira =)
Enjoy this season!!! :D

Carol zei

Aww... your little angel is so cute! I am always amazed at how quickly you create something new. It seems to take me forever. And your new skirt is wonderful--a perfect look for you, Annette.

Hope you have a wonderful, creative week ahead!!