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woensdag 5 november 2014

Jingles update, and some more ♥

I planned this post a few day's sooner, but you all know, there are not enough hours in a days.
But here it is..
Let's start with my Jingles Pieces!!

Only need the two big pieces in the middle and some border, that's for this and next month.
I'm still so very happy with it.. looking so great!!
Girls how are your pieces??


Then I have another crochet pieces!!
My Shrug is finished!!!

Made a pic of me wearing it, but not the best pic.

I'm in love with it!!
It was very easy to make, and I wanne make another one but then with sleeves.

Let me so you a bit how I made it!!

First you make a rectangle as big as you need it, measure for neck to bottum, and then start with chains, and choose the stitch you want to make your rows.
I used HDC.
I only had 3 pieces of yarn, so it was not that big, but it's perfect.

Then fold the long side in half

Then sew  the 2 short sides for 2/3.
The open space is to put your arms in there

And then it's finished

In the most above picture I was wearing it on a black shirt.
I also have a lovely blue one, and it looks awesome on it
I'm very very happy with it..
And I have a new love.. =))
♥♥crocheting clothing♥♥..

That's why I'm working on 2 other pieces:
A skirt, I only had 2 pieces of yarn of a AMAZING color, but not enough, I tryed it on, shown a pic to my friend, she told me I CAN'T walk like that on the street.... WAY TO SHORT... I asked around on facebook, and soon I will get some yarn in my mailbox, so I can finish it and wear it.

Also was making a bolero for Kira, and again run out of yarn, only had 1 piece of yarn, I thought that was enough for such a little girl.. need finish it off a bit, she can wear it, but now with the real Fall/Winter weather it;s to cold!
Also a little doll is coming alone nicely...
More about it all soon..

♥ * ♥

I do wanne show you a lovely braid I made in Kira's hair last week
It looked so beautiull on her.

* ♥ *

I wanne end this post with showing you a cute pic of the kids sunday morning.
Noah is learning Kira al kinds of games, and she is very good in it too
See those faces!!!

So I'm of to do some crafting.. wanne read some blogs and mails (as I'm behind again) too tonight somewhere.. 

so offfffffffffffffffff I go..

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Zo jingle bells komt wel op tijd af als je zo door gaat. Leuk!
De vlecht is echt gaaf. En je vest is ook erg goed gelukt.
Dammen, leuk spelletje en ze kijken zo serieus.

Emma/Itzy zei

Lovely progress on Jingles and your shrug is so pretty :)

Annie zei

Yea for being caught up with LK!

What a cool shrug and such a simple way to make one. I'd get bored with all that plain crocheting, but I'm sure it goes pretty quickly.

That braid is gorgeous! I love how it looks in the shiny, golden hair. And those two players are the most focused kids around!

Preeti zei

Great progress on your stitching !! Your shrug looks very nice. The braid looks very beautiful :)
Cute pics of your kids:)

Anoniem zei

Jingle Bells is erg mooi net als je haakwerk. Heerlijk zo'n warme omslagdoek. Leuke foto's van je kids ♥

butterfly zei

Your Shrug,looks lovely, love the photos, and the braid .

cucki zei

beautiful stitching my dear..lovely cute..
love your photos..cute braid ..
big hugs x

Mii Stitch zei

Great progress on Jingles, it looks lovely.
Love the little hairdo on your daughter, just adorable!!

Angel zei

Ja, geloof er zeker in dat jingles gaat lukken dit jaar! Ziet er erg leuk uit net zoals je vest en je lieve dochter met haar vlecht!

Anette kincsei zei

Very beautiful works, congrats!!! Very sweety, youre babys!!!

♥ Nia zei

I've seen it but once again I have to say: your shrug looks awesome :) great work sweetie!
Ohhh I've been such a bad stitcher on this SAL :( sorry sweetie...
Another beautiful braid for Kira :D