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zondag 23 november 2014

♥ Sinterklaas ♥

As you all know I'm a big big fan of this sweet men,
Every year he comes with his boat from Spain to the Netherlands togheter with many many Pete's.
He will stay with us for a few weeks and spoil the kids so much, and then after his birthday he will go home again, working on for next year.

As you maybe have heard there is a lot of trouble around him in our country, expecially for the Pete's, I'm not going to write about that on my blog, because it makes me very mad, and I;m afraid that in a few years we don't celebrate this awesome old tradition.
It's a happy blog.. so I'm going to show you the happy part of this tradition, that i love so much!!

Let's begin with the crafting part.
Each year I try to craft something new.
And last year I had seen this pattern also, but now I made it.
A crochet Sinterklaas and Pete, from the book Ik hou van Holland en Haken (I love Holland and crochet)from Christel Krukkert .
The bag is a free pattern found here, I made it with double yarn and a bigger hook, so it fits the size off the dolls.

I'm really in love with them, love the pattern.
( for Xmas going to make also something, that has the same basic pattern as this)
Next year I'm going to try and make more Pete's as I love how this looks like, and it need more friends.... and off course one with pink/purple clothing, Kira's favorite.

_ _ _

Then all of the decoartion together!
 I got the awesome idea off a fb-friend to put lights in the boat.
The first thing that Noah does when he comes down is put the lights on!!
As you see on each pic it all looks different, that's because really every day they play with it.
One Pete and present are on the table to fix.. that's normal.. hihi
 I put a few things in my lovely new plant
Every year I planning on making the Sinterklaas that belongs with these two Pete's.
But..... as you can see, I still haven't made it

 Each year in my front window, I love them so much.. too cute.. teh little Pete's with present

This pepernotenkrans ( translation: pepper nuts wreath) I made 3 years ago, and it's still 'alive'
Here and there are missing some nuts, but I still like it!!!
And the beautifull heart shelf.
As you can see the crochet pieces are on Kira's Kitchen.

I just see I forgot to make a picture of my two favorite pieces, those are for the next post!

_ _ _ 

In the bag off Pete are not only gifts but also a lot, really a lot of pepernoten ( pepper nuts)
And we love baking them

Every year, Sinterklaas comes every where so also here in our little town.
We wait till he comes, walk around in town with music -> Sinterklaas songs, and we go to the town-building and celebrate more.
Every year they think of something great to do, this year the pete's where gone and we needed to find them.
My pic's are on my camera, but i got some pic's from the fb-page. and soon will get the great pic of the kids sitting with Sinterklaas, a photographer made them.
So now only the pic's from the page
 The walk around town
Here are they ♥

If he is in twon then maybe as we are very very sweet and sing good songs he will come by our house and put something in our shoe.
So the kids tryed, and put a carrot in for Americo, the horse of Sinterklaas
 look look look... he stopped by!!!
On the Sinterklaas TV-show you can see that if Grandpa Pete come he put's a lot of pepernoten, so he brought us a visit.
( Noah told me that he normally put's a lot more, so I told him I thing the bag was almost empty... 
Note to myself :::: next time MORE pepernoten, otherwise he doesn't believe it.. lol)
There was also a note from Grandpa Pete: saying he heard the kids sing so great, and Noah is doing great on his reading, and that he saw that Kira could write her own name already.
Yes Pete's are every where, and they see and hear EVERTHING.. so we have to be kinds and sweet the whole year otherwise just like Santa we get on the naughty list, and don't get a thing
And if that wasn't enough he also left a present ( Sinterklaas color/work book, kids love those so much)

Isn't this the best, to be a child with such a great sweet men???

_ _ _

Then today it was at DH's work
Playing old games, sing and getting a present ;)))
What's more fun then that!!!

Under the Pete-hat from Kira zit a new creation.
It's also the last time, Kira has to sit to long still, and I need to hang hairs in front of her eyes, she was not a big fan of that
Can you see the big work in that??
It looked really cute on her

♥ ♥ ♥

Then to end this long picture post, with a cute pic of my two Pete's

Off to get some stitching done, have a great evening all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

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Nina Hobbysite zei

Wow, die vlecht is gaaf. En het is een gezellig blog geworden vol met sinterklaas. Ik vind het altijd een super kinderfeest. Goede herinneringen aan.

Preeti zei

Your crochet pieces are very cute!! :) I enjoyed seeing the pics of kids enjoying and creating . You manage quite a lot of activities to do with kids. Star Mom!!:)

Anoniem zei

een geweldig feest, hoop dat we het nog lang kunnen vieren...

Mii Stitch zei

It's always nice to learn about the culture of different countries! I really liked your crochet work and carry on celebrating, it looks like fun!! I'm sure the kids won't say no :D

butterfly zei

What fun your family are having, all your hand made things look wonderful hugs.

♥ Nia zei

What?! Someone is messing up with Sinterklaas?? Why?! :( i hope no one will ruin such a special season for kids!
Those lights look fantastic! :D very cool that kids have such a toy they can really play and move stuff around :)
Wow! Kira's hair Looks amazing! How many hours to do that? :p beautiful!

Angel zei

wow, prachtige vlecht!
Leuk versierd allemaal in sinterklaas style!
Geniet ervan!

Carol zei

I can sense the excitement in your house, Annette, with the impending arrival of Sinterklaas! What fun for the kids (and you!)... Your crocheted pieces are wonderful--so detailed and perfect. And I love the lights on the ship.

Oh, Kira's hair is amazing! You could be a hairdresser if you ever got tired of your current job--you are very talented. I'm sure it was difficult for little Kira to sit still for so long!

Enjoy the rest of your Sinterklaas activities--he arrives very soon :)

Stitching Noni zei

I adore the last photo! They both look so cute ;o)
Hugs xx