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dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

So much to show you..

.... so little time =))

First I wanne thank you all for helping me with sending tips and links from website where I can look for fabrics ;)
You helped me so much. ♥
Have to work 3 night shifts now, then I have  long time off, and will look at it all to order.

* ♥ *

Where too begin first???
My new Soda Stitch
It's such a beautifull piece, and fast to stitch..
As I already have done so much..
I can show you a lot of progress
I started in the evening after putting the kids to bed
And the next day, it looked like this
Page 4 was already done ( it was a easy page).
Then the next day I got another 'easy' page done
I loved that there was more colors in it now.
Then a few days later ..
Yes, now needed to do a lot more stitching, almost another page is done
The legs are there..
I only need to do the backstitches of this page and then can move on to the next and last one!!
But I put it aside, as I wanted to work on other pieces too.

♥ * ♥

The shrug is coming along great too.
I just finished the second ball of wool, now working on the third and last one.
Hope it's enough, don't have more.. but it will turn out great I hope.
Soon more about this..

* ♥ *

The crochet winter pieces for the kids
 The hat I shown before, but now with the buttom, as it was to big in the bag, patterns is from here
 A hat for under the bike helmet, own creation
 Earwarmers with beautifull white flowers , own creation
 A lovely cowl, pattern also from here
 Here you can see it all
 Noah's hat, but you already seen this one
 And made Noah also a cowl.
He is very happy with it all
I love the stitch of the cowl, it's just sc, but in back stitch - front stitch - back stitch - front stitch etc etc
I made a lovely collage of it all
Kira are ready for the cold!!
And they look so pretty in it all.

♥ * ♥

I have done another little bit of crochet.
It was time to make some things out of al those pins I did in Pinterest.
Here is Kira's new hairband
She wears it often.. she really loves it!
It also looks good on her..
I didn't know if a bif rose would be nice.. but I like it!!
Many of her clothing have this color, so she can wear it many days...

For me I made some bracelets
Bought where on the list to make for years.. finally did it!
Very happy with them

* ♥ *

Yesterday morning was a special moment.
It was the first time Kira try out on primary school ( is that the good word for 4years old?)
In January, she will turn 4 already, and 10 weeks before you can try every week a morning.
She loved it so much!!
And the first thing she did... was look for a table with a puzzle... hihihi
She can't wait for the next time.

♥ * ♥

Then lets look at what the kids did with all the apple's
It was getting dark when we finsihed them,, that's why the pic's are not that good...
But you can see what we did..
Kira put her wreath next to the front door, and Noah in the back garden in the table.
Look at how beautifull they made it all, it was so fun.. next year we will try again, and make also other things with it all.
♥ I enjoy them every day!! ♥

* ♥ *

Then to end this long post.
I have one pic from our Fall-vaction.
On Wednesday, we went to Lego-world in Utrecht ( middle of the country).
It every year, they say it's the biggest Lego event of the world
Kids had a awesome time.
They even got on the photo with the King and Queen
They look so cool.
They made this photo's, I needed to gave my email-adres, and then they would sent it.. 
How cool is that!!
We all, also DH and me, had a great day!!!!

I hear my oven.. time to eat... till next time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Mii Stitch zei

OMG!!! So jealous of your Lego day out!!! My hubby would be even more jealous :D
Love the apple work, it looks just fantastic.
Great work on the Soda design, it's coming along so quickly!!

cucki zei

Wow beautiful stitching project and it's so lovely..
Love the Lego ..super sweet ;)
Lovely pictures my dear
Hugs x

Anoniem zei


Your stitching looks great and gorgeous crochet for the kids too.
Looks like a good day out!

butterfly zei

Your stitching looks beautiful.

All the head wear for the children is just wonderful.

And tell the children they made a great job with the apple wreath .

Nina Hobbysite zei

Zo wat een hoop mooie dingen heb je gemaakt. De foto van lego maxima en de kids is ook erg leuk.

Annie zei

You really did make a lot of progress on that Soda Stitch piece. Looks really good.

Well the kids are definitely prepared for winter now. Such nice warm pieces.

Love Kira's headband and your cute bracelets.

Always so much fun at your place ... apple wreaths, Legoland and even going to school!

Anoniem zei

Beautiful work

Carol zei

I'm always so happy to see photos of the kids--love them modeling your creations as well as waving with the King and Queen. They look like they both have their "royal waves" down perfectly :)

Kira is in nursery school already!!?? Wow--where have the years gone? I'm glad she enjoyed her first day...

Looking forward to seeing your new piece of stitching progress, Annette--you are really flying through this one :)

I'm so happy to hear you'll have a month off--lucky you!! You'll be very busy with crafting I'm sure--but a happy kind of busy :)

Have a great week!

Hairy Caveman zei

Wow you've been busy! Your kids look like they enjoyed themselves, they're growing up so fast!
I'm not jealous about your trip to Lego world....Really, I'm not...Nope, not at all....Oh, alright I'm jealous!!!!! Great picture!
Kind regards, Brian.

Mylene zei

A great post Annette. You're a busy bee as always. Cute pictures of the kids.
Hopefully, i'll be able to get some stitching too very soon... quiet days or rather season's over here on the island.

Preeti zei

Your soda stitching is looking lovely:) you stitched so much in just few days.
Your kids made wonderful wreaths with apples. They both are crafty like you:)
Glad to see your kids enjoy the Lego Land!!

Pam in IL zei

Your Soda Stitch is looking great as do all the crochet pieces. Beautiful kids!

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette and thank you for commenting in my blog! Ihad so much fun to read many posts You had been written.There have beenso much going on your life including horse back riding ( i am a "horse girl" too end did it quite much espesially when my children had started to go school and I had again a little bit more "me time",In thesedays my knees a not well at all so I have had beeb forced to quit the ridung.I miss it a lot!! You have been busy little crafter as usually -I love all the crocheted pieces as well your Soda Stitching piece.

♥ Nia zei

Ohhhhhh so many wonderful pieces! Can't pick my favorite! Everything you made for Kira and Noah looks amazing! Love that chunky yarn look :) great great work!!!
Love your bracelets too! I've saved a lot of ideas on pinterest but still missing the time to make them... A Girl can't do it all... Well.. You do!!! Hahahahahahah how can you make so many things with two kids? I only have one! Lol :p
Such a cute wreath! Where did you Get all those tiny apples?! I need to read the previous posts, catching up on your blog ;)
I can imagine the fun you had on Lego world :D