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dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

The craft mood is back :)

Finally, but it was long gone, so it got time.. =)))
It started this weekend.
I was ill, so sat on the couch or in bed whole day, and I got bored.
My mind was working overtime in the meanwhile
I had the luck that my MIL was here for a week, so I could stay on the couch and she took care of the kids and the house.. That felt awesome....

So slowly when I got a bit better, I started to get my needles in my hand and did some stitching on Jingles... YEAHHH. I think last time was June ( bad bad me)
Silent Night was the one I started.
It's a small piece, so easy to do will lying on the couch.
I even finished it today!!
Isn't that a cute cute owl!!!

I;m back on track with my stitching part, Friday we all have vacation here, so time to craft, cook and do all fun things with the 4 of us..
Hubby and I also have vacation,  so who knows another part will be finished..

I still need to catch up 3 more parts..
I wanne finish it in December together with Rita, Nia en Noni.

As Winter is coming the kids are need of a new hat..
So lets make something.
Here is my start.. not much yet but it will come
With needle 9.0, it's very big, and going quickly
Loving it!!

As I told my MIL I had a fun idea with the little apples in my garden, she picked them for me..
isn't she the sweetest.
Soon you will see what we will do with them.
I hope it works out as great as in my mind.

♥ * * * ♥

Then something very cools..
As a child I loved horses, as teenager I love horse riding.
For many years I haven't done it anymore.. I think about 15 years.
Last time was in collage years years ago.
My SIL has a horse and told me often to get on it, but since I have kids I'm to scared.
But really wanted.......
I also have a sweet colleague with a  horse. I love her story's about it.
The idea riding a horse kept sitting in my mind.
2 weeks ago we both had the night shift together and I asked her if I could try and ride her horse.
And so last week I did it.
I can tell you it was AWESOME, I missed it so much, it felt so GREAT.
Stupid that I didn't do it in all those years, why scared!! for what ( oke she fell down it a few years ago and broke her back, but we are not thinking about that.. hihihi)
She made some pic's of me..
look at how cool it looks
It was such a AMAZING morning.
We talked about doing it in the Spring again.. ( as it was cold that morning)
Also Kira loves horses, and my colleague has a little pony, so she is going to ride one time too.
It was a experience to never forgot. and for sure never to wait 15 years with it again

Hope your all will have  agreat week, stay healty ( I will try too) and have fun crafting

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Sorry you were sick, but so nice that you had some time and interest in crafting. "Silent Night" is looking cute.

How cool that you have re-discovered riding. You look great on horseback. Looking forward to seeing Kira on a pony!

Nina Hobbysite zei

Het is er ook het weer voor om lekker creatief bezig te zijn. Ziek is altijd zo vervelend. Hopelijk ben je weer helemaal opgeknapt. En leuk om paard te rijden.

Pam in IL zei

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. Your stitching looks great! How exciting that you got back on a horse and had a wonderful riding experience.

Mylene zei

Hello Annette, sorry to hear you were sick, hope you are feeling much better now.
Great picture of you on horseback!

Stitching Noni zei

So sorry to hear that you were so sick.... Good to hear that you are on the mend and even better that you found time to stitch again! Your Jingles is looking fab!
I love horses... But was never lucky enough to learn to ride.... The 3 times I have managed to go horse riding have been the best fun. I do hope you get back into riding again soon :)
Big hugs xx

Preeti zei

Hope you are feeling better now . Your stitching is looking great !! You are a lucky daughter-in-law:)
So many apples from your garden !! How small are they ?
You are a sporting person. Keep it up!! Glad to know that you could enjoy riding :)
It takes a lot of effort for me to just go for my morning walk.

♥ Nia zei

Ohhh jingles looks so pretty :) i miss mine, i miss stitching! :) I'm so faaaaar from finishing! With me and Rita... Not a good year for SALs =/

I can only imagine how wonderful it is to ride a horse! Lucky you ;)

Marion zei

Bij mij nog steeds het gevoel van borduren weg, haken is wat ik alleen maar doe. Ook ik hoop dat het weer snel terugkomt. Je bent weer aan een mooi kersttafreel begonnen. Lekker doorgaan en het borduurgevoel vasthouden.

cucki zei

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. Your stitching looks so lovely
Big hugs xx

Mii Stitch zei

Nice to know you are feeling better and you made great progress on your stitching :)
My son has been horse riding since he was 5 and unfortunately had "a fall" a few years ago and is now petrified and had to give up on his lessons. I am really sad because he was good but can't force him. I just hope one day he does what you did, go against his fears and have fun again riding a horse :)

Carol zei

How exciting that you got to ride your friend's horse, Annette--you look like a natural!! I've only been on a horse once for a trail ride, but really enjoyed it :) I can hardly wait to see photos of Kira on the pony when she gets a chance to ride!

Love your latest finish and I'm glad you caught up even though you were ill. Hopefully, that is the end of sick days for you for the year, but it is hard when you work with all those old people...

Hope your little apple creation turns out well--take some photos for us :)

Angel zei

De jingles worden leuk!!
Oh, uiltjes wie wordt daar niet blij van!
Nog even in de craftmood blijven hoor, misschien krijg je het nog wel af.
Ben benieuwd!
Paardrijden, tja voor mij ook lang geleden. Vindt het knap van je dat je er weer op bent gestapt ondanks angst!

Rita zei

Great update :)) And great that your craft mood is back!
You are kicking of on jingles! ehehe i'm also on fire :p

So great that you were back on a horse..i also love them...only ride 2 or 3 times. But no i really cant:p

have a great weekend dear!!

♥ Nia zei

Here are the tiny apples! ;) hehehehe
I had seen this post but didn't remember seeing those!
Only two posts míssing to catch up! :)