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donderdag 6 maart 2014

:( Frogs and Spring ♥

Thank you all for your lovely comment on my SAL Jingles piece.
I was stitching and stitching and stitching.. and then I found out I made a mistake.. but where????

Look at how far I got, but the snowmen, had no more room on the left.
I was counting, and counting, but could not find why :(((

Mailed with Nia and Rita, and then I saw it..
On the charts there are around the piece empty squares, that you don't need to count, and I did..

So I frog, frogged,was frogging some more..
I saw so many frogs.... :(((

You see where the stitches where??? :(((
So and then, start again.. but where.. I really had no idea..
There is also a count mistake in teh Cheer chart's it's not 56 high, but 55.

After founding that out I started again..
And look at this =))))))
( this is a good one for teh colors)

Then I also had another problem, Kira was coloring with markers next to me ( so much fun), and I wasn't paying attention, so I put my fabric on a marker, one big blue stain in my beautifull fabric..

But after washing it with special stuff, it was gone..


How is the weather around our globe???
Here it's Spring!!!!

I have a beautifull collage for you!!

We went bike riding to the dike, walking in the polder, looking for ladybugs..
Isn't that awesome, that we have this weather, while we are having vacation ( kids, not me)
This afternoon, I wanted to try and be creative in the garden..
♥ It worked ♥

I maked wreath out of branches
First I need to cute a little tree
and then braid the branches, I only use the branches, nothing else to put it togheter
The big round one, I made first, then the little round one, and I also wanted to try a heart shape.
It worked for me!!

Then I had some daffodils.
So what will I do..
 I got some idea's..

My garden and living-room are getting in too SPRING-style
...... ♥ TADA ♥ .....

I love it so much!!!
The left pic, the big round wreath hang next to my front-door.. I knotted with branches the daffodils on it, and put some robe to attacht it.

Then right above, in my living some daffodils with a few little branches.
And below, I got a wooden apple crate a while back, I hang it and put the two other wreaths in there with the daffodils.
I love it..


Now I need to get some sleep, in a few hours I start my last night shift for this week..
I have the weekend off, and they think it will be 18/19 degrees.. SPRING 

3 more tree's to cut, maybe will make more!!!
Or enjoy the weather.. we will see!!!
Also have a date with my sewing machine.. but when????

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Wat ben je weer heerlijk bezig geweest
Fijn he , dit mooie weer, lekker van genieten met de kinderen

Petra zei

I love this time of the year too, when I wake up early, I love listening to the concerts of the birds, it's sooo beautiful

I love your idea with the daffodils

Anoniem zei

mooi borduurwerk, balen van het terug uit borduren. Het is idd heerlijk weer.

Valma zei

such a beautiful stitching =)
it's good you discovered now your mistake, later would have almost meant to restart from the beginning !
it's really beautiful, and a great thing you succeeded to remove the marker !
wonderful pictures of Spring =)
I so love Spring...
I'm not a real fan if summer, when it's too hot it's not my taste, but those last days have been very sunny and that's great, very good fir the mind !
have a great weekend Petite Anne, kiss my nephews for me =D

Stitching Noni zei

Oh my goodness, frogs and marker pens.... Not a good start!! So pleased to hear both were sorted out :)
Fingers crossed those horrible frogs stay away from Jingles now that they have had their fun!!! :)
So pleased to hear that spring has sprung for you! So much nicer than winter.... I love your wreaths :) very spring inspired with daffodils :)
Enjoy your weekend :)
Hugs xx

Preeti zei

I can understand the irritation of undoing stitches. It takes more time in frogging than stitching the same area.
I loved seeing your pics!! Your spring wreath looks very nice :)

kronova zei

1 steekje verkeerd en je gaat zo de mist in he.
En dat van iets op een viltstift leggen dat ken ik ook. Alleen ging het er hier niet meer uit. Tegenwoordig zijn de meeste stiften uitwasbaar, maar toen oudste klein was nog niet. voel me ineens heeeeel oud als ik dit zeg :)

Carol zei

I'm so glad spring has come to The Netherlands, Annette--loved the photo collage of the kids enjoying the warmer weather. And your new spring decorations look fabulous--love the daffodils on the wreath. It will be a while before we have any daffodils here :(

In spite of a few problems, your Jingles SAL is growing nicely. Glad you got that horrid mark out and that you caught your mistake before you had progressed too far!

Have a lovely weekend with the kids--hope you don't have to work...

Rita zei

Hello my friend!!
So i started the Cheer graphic and understood what you were talking about...and i think i would do the same mistake if you didn't say to me! So, thank you!
I think that the chart should say something. Even because almost all the other ones has a limit around the charts, so its easier...but this didn't had, just on the free pattern. Oh well, at least some other girls can "learn" with this and not do the same mistake.
And it's looking beautiful!! it!! I just start snowmen last night...but i'm not having much time due to my secret project...but luckly i will finish it until the end of the month or, at least, righ on the begginning of april:))

You did such a beautiful wreath...looks great!! :)

Loved the photos!! You did great walks with the kids..that's so good!!To us and to them, right? The sun is wonderfull!!:))

Can you stitch with your kids around you?? I can't!:( Guilherme always wants to touch everything that i have! :p I only stitch after i put him in bed:p

many kisses and hugs****

♥ Nia zei

Happy Spring!! :D hehehehe
Here the weather is great too,
Spring came to welcome my baby boy =)))))
You are doing great on our SAL :D