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maandag 31 maart 2014

A weekend with lot of fun, but also not so

As it's the last day of the month, we begin with showing the progress of the beautifull piece of the SAL Jingles that I'm doing with Rita, and so many others!!

Here you can see the parts of January, February and March. They are looking so great. I'm totally back on schedule. I'm so happy with it.
It looks so great isn't??


I was telling you about the great weather past weekend!!

It was also because we would go away on family weekend with Dh's father and family.
We had a great time.
Kids had a blast, playing with grandpa and grandma, there nephew and two uncle's
I made a little collage of it all
Doesn't that looks fun!!!
Mini-disco, swimmingpool and a big playground

We had awesome weather!!
Still are having, and I hope it keeps that way!!!

Kids where tired so tired
Here we just got home
They slept all the way in the car back, en even still when we got home.. Noah just woke-up before this pic!!
Can you see the big cuddle with Sausage from Kira =))


The not so fun part started Friday morning at 5.00 a clock the morning that we would pack and drive off.
I wake-up with a terrible pain, I gave DH a big scare, including myself.
The pain was so much, I was getting in panic we called the doctor and my physiotherapist.
I needed to wait, because it happend all very early.
I could only lie very still, no moving, no talking nothing.. and for those who know me.. that VERY HARD TO DO

At 9.00 a clock my physiotherapist came, and Dh just got some morphine from the doctor.
It looked like it got better, so we packed and went away to the weekend off.

But the morphine was only working for to short of a time, and the bad pain attacks got even worse
Went to the hospital there and got some better morphine, and other medication also..
hihi I can smile, walk funny, talk funny.. you name it I do it.. (oke not all but more then the day before) I don't feel the pain anymore!!

I have a bad muscle spasm in my neck. ;((((
We got back a day earlier ( dh didn't wanted to stay with me like this, reither be at home), so this morning whent to a double appointment to my physiotherapist, the good news is, it's getting better.. the bad news is it can take over 2 weeks still..
Tomorrow I should have worked in the night shift  for 5 days, I don't think that is going to happen.
I walk funny, can't think straight, can't ride my bike, may not drive my car, sleep a lot.. REALLY a lot.( that's the only good thing about this). so for now, I see my kids (only can't play much with them to bad), house and the sun(thankfully) very much!!

Crafting??? what is that??? I can't do that too..
So what do you think how it it for a craft addict to not craft for 5 days??? it's even more pain.. hihi

But enough about the bad things..


I have a fun picture to show you..
They are both made on the same day! =))
Can you see the difference????
It's not the clothing.. first was with neat clothing, second with play clothing
Can you see how a proud mommy I am???

She just turned 3 years and already riding her bike with only 2 weels..
She is loving it so much..

I made her a promisse, that when she can totally do it alone, also start and stop, she get's a cool helmet like her brorther..
She really wants that!!!

So I need to take some new morphine now, and the sleep will came!!
have a great day/night all!!
Have a great April fool

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

You poor thing! Mommies don't have time to be in pain. Those kind of things really hurt. Hope it gets better more quickly than they say.

So many good times with those kids. I love how angelic they look when sleeping. And isn't Kira the big girl on that bike!

Hoping yesterday was the last snowfall for us (can you believe it snowed on March 30?). Beautiful today.

Rest up and feel better soon.

Nina Hobbysite zei

Zo mooi weer. Vervelend van de pijn, en dat je niet kan handwerken. hoop dat het snel overgaat. Knap hoor zonder zijwieltjes.

cucki zei

Oh no dear..I know how you feeling..sending you big hugs dear
Rest my dear and get well soon
Big hugs x

Carol zei

Oh, dear, I'm so sorry to hear about your pain--that can be so hard to treat, too. I hope the medication helps and that it goes away very soon.

Lovely photos of Noah and Kira--they sure look like they had a wonderful time! And, I'm amazed that Kira is riding a two-wheeler already at the age of three!! That is amazing :)

Feel better soon, my friend--don't push yourself--those neck pains take a long time to heal...

Dani - tkdchick zei

Jingles is looking great!

Angel zei

Werkje ziet er mooi uit!

Mooi weer om een weekendje weg te gaan maar spijtig om te lezen dat je je niet goed voelt.

Wow, 3 jaar en dan zonder zijwieltjes fietsen!
Wat een knappe meid!!

Geniet van de zon.

Valma zei

that's such an awful pain :(
I know you're getting better, but it's a pity you couldn't enjoy 100% that weekend that seemed to be terrific for the kids :D
Hubby was right, you were better at home :-/
I think we would have been back earlier too
your pictures of the kids are always so lovely, I want to come and cuddle sausage with Kira :)
is it my old eyes or I can see Noah in green at the mini disco ??? :D
big hugs sweetie, take care, go slowly, craft can wait

Mylene zei

The Jingles SAL is looking beautiful!
Pictures from your outing looks great, sorry to hear you were not well though hope you are feeling much better each day.
Kira sure a big girl, at 3 riding the bike without the 'side wheels'.

♥ Nia zei

Ohhh sweetie! I'm only reading this post now :( how are you feeling?? I had no idea you weren't ok :(
I had a load of pain killers one month ago :p heheheh after the c-section we get loads of medication at the hospital :p i used to say that it was cocktail time.. A cocktail of meds each time the nurse came with a new dose hehehehe
Hope you're feeling better by now!!

Ikea looks adoooorable sleeping =)
No extra wheels on her bike :D good girl!! :D
I should start my jingles soon!! :) you're doing a great work!

Rita zei

I feel very blessed for already know about your nwes before you post it:DD

I hope you are feeling better by now!! That kind of pains can be really horrible:((

In fact it shows that you had a great weekend...specially the kids...what a fun they had!:))

Kira without wheels on her bike <3 <3
Guilherme doesn't even got up on a bike with wheels lol Boys are more slower:p

The jingles looks fantastic! I should start the new block this week!!
many kisses my dear!!

Preeti zei

Oh! I can understand the muscle spasm. I had it for a month. It's very bad. Hope you are much better now.
Lovely pics of your kids enjoying !! :)
Great progress on your SAL !! I know how painful it is to be away from crafting ..I have been like that recently quite often.