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zaterdag 22 februari 2014

Noah carnavals outfit. The start off

How are you all??
Im going to try again a post on my phone.
Last time I wasn't happy with. But Lets give it a try again. :-S

A few post back I shown a sneak peak from a outfit Im making for Kira.  ;-) For Noah I was working on one to. Noah wanted to be a Starwars Jedi. I told him that was to hard for me to make and his Super Mario outfit from last did not survived a day so I would make a New one. Hihihihi. Kidding ;))) B-)
I was making him a Jedi outfit. Totally as a surprise. I showed it to him today and he wanted to put it on. He Is so happy. He told me Im the best mom. BLUSH :$ :$

Today he had a birthday party from a girl in his class and Yeah all where asked to dress up. So proud as he was I put on his outfit. :-D
Mommy made a little gift quick and off he went . ;-)
I also crocheting a Light saber (papa smurf thing right Valerie and Nia LMEO ;-)) But with my phone I only can attach 2 pictures in a post so When I finished it totally next week you Will see it. :-)

Also the pictures are only below on this post. :@
Grrrrrrr I really hope there Will be a great Update for the Blogger app. Its a day and night differents with on the laptop. >:)

But for now it works . :-SS

Have all a awesome weekend. Lets hope for many sunshine B-)
Im going to stitch my Jingles SAL, sew the outfits and work on my Voldemort piece. Hihihi :-P
Happy crafting !!!

<3 :-* Hugsssss Petite Anne :-* <3

8 opmerkingen:

Stitching Noni zei

Oh, Papa Smurf has grown so big!!! ;) ;)
I just love Noah's outfit - he makes a wonderful Jedi ;)

It is very frustrating that you can't use your phone to do a post easily. I have Blogsy on my iPad and that does work ok... But the easiest way is still on a laptop! Unfortunately Blogsy doesn't seem to be a phone app... I really don't know why Blogger can't get their app to be a lot more useful... A lot more of us would use it and I would certainly post more often if I could easily post on the go!!

Keeping working on Papa Smurf :)
Hugs xx

Carol zei

Noah's right--you ARE the best mom :) His little Jedi outfit is so well-done! And the gift for the little girl is very cute, too...

Have fun with your SAL stitching--hope you don't have to work this weekend, Annette :)

Preeti zei

You made a very nice outfit for Noah!! And the gift with dollis very cute:)

Anoniem zei

Love Noah's outfit - he looks great in it (:
Lovely letter N too!

Angel zei

Stoere Noah!
Hij zal er trots bij lopen deze carnaval!

Rita zei

Noah is so cute!!! That fantasy is just the coolest!! You are really the best mom!!
I'm not very found of carnival and i don't have hands to do such things, so i will buy his fantasy. I don't know yet why and i don't know if he will want to wear it lol We will see...maybe a pirate:p

blogger app just sucks! I really don't like it...can't use it. You have to try the blosgy app...its awesome!:)
kisses my dear!

Valma zei

wonderful !!! this costume is wonderful !!
a real Jedi ! incredible. We immediately recognise a Jedi =)
may we say the same for the laser saber...I don't think so hahahahaha =D
You've done an incredible work again Petite Anne !
can't wait to see LRRH being protected by Obi Wan =)
(PS: don't know if it's because you posted from your phone, but I have the pic of K & N on the left arriving on half of the text you wrote :-/)

♥ Nia zei

Oh no, you didn't! You lied to him making Noah think that you wouldn't do it just to surprise the boy on the end? Hahahhaahah mean :p lol kidding!!!
Noni said it all! Papa smurf has grown!! Hahahahah that episode will be for history ;)
You did a great job for Noah, as always, you make wonderful things for both your kids :) kudos to you my friend!! :)
Have I told you I hope to be a crafty mamma like you are? i sure do! i hope I will always make so much cool stuff for my baby boy :)))) you are an inspiration my friend!