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woensdag 26 februari 2014

*~# Carnaval #~*

Hi all, here I'am again. ;))

Both Carnaval outfits are done.. YEAH =))
And they look super super cute!!!

Let's begin with Jedi Noah: ♥

Papa smurf ( LMEO :P ) is done, and now it's a cool jedi lightsaber!
Noah's wanted to scream from the roof that he likes it so much!!
And he can put it in his belt.
The robe makes it all even more cooler..

He is now a very very cool boy!!
♥ * ♥
Then little red riding hood Kira

Don't know what happend with the skirt, but it's upside down.. lol, I like the tule coming in under it out..
Wanne do that more in the further..

I like the pinny ( really that's the Englisch word.. hihi In Dutch it's schortje)

The red cape is awesome!!
And what do you think of the cookies and the basket..
The basket I braided out of eco-felt, got it from a friend, they use it for furniture... my first time.. but I love it..
And the little LRRH hair pin is the most adorable piece I made.. 
Both felt LRRH's are patterns from HuisVolKleur.

Here the original piece of the hair pin

She designs are so awesome.. really my style, Thank you Kristel for making these awesome patterns..
BTW The one on the basket is a free pattern, so if you wanne try it??

Already curious how they both look like???
Here I have another collage!!
Click to enlarge! ;)
Aren't they the cutest!!

Friday morning the will celebrate Carnaval on school, so mommy made also a outfit for the school-dolls
 Tis is a BUMBA outfit for Puk, he helped Kira at school
This is a Clown's outfit for Pompom, he helped Noah at school
His teacher put this pic on Facebook this week.
Doesn't Pompom looks cute!!!!

This weekend the most of the South of the Netherlands celebrates Carnaval, we also have vacation next week, so we will have a awesome time..
I will put my clown's outfit on..

But first some day's of work and school!!
Have a wonderfull sunny day.. here we have a lot of sun..

*~~~ SPRING is in the air!! ~~~*

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

19 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Ziet er geweldig uit Annette.Prachtig gedaan!!!

Groetjes Nicole

Petra zei

Jij hebt goed je best gedaan, het is superleuk geworden. En ze zijn lekker origineel :-)
Veel plezier met de carnaval

angelina zei

Geweldig annette!

Rita zei

Oh my God Annette!!! They are soooooo lovely!!! I love both the outfits...but the red ridding hood is just awesome!!!
They loook soooo beautiful on the outfits!! Just great..i have no words...i'm like your Noah...i almost feel like screaming from the roof ahaha No, i really loved it!! You are most talented!!! I wish i could do such beautiful things!!
They will have a blast in their schools!! :)

I bought a pirate oufit to Guilherme lol As he loves pirates...i just hope he wants to dress it in next friday ahaha I'll show it if i can get a picture of it lol

And you even did a little oufits for their cute they are!! Fantastic! :)

Here we just don't work on twesday, which is the offical carnival holiday, but i'm not very found of this party, but my mother will take Guilherme to some parties i think ehehe
Altough we are having rainny days, but they will enjoy anyway inside of the school:))

Have a great time my dear!!

Anoniem zei

Fantastic costumes - the kids look great (:
I hope you enjoy the carnival!

Mylene zei

Both kids looks awesome!!
You did a great job on their costumes.
And all those outfits for the are a busy-bee and very creative!

Have a wonderful time.

Preeti zei

My goodness!! You have done a wonderful job on the outfits!! They both look perfect in dresses!!
You have lot of patience and you are very fast in creating beautiful things. It's not easy to do so many things when you have small kids to look after and I guess you have a job too.
Those doll dresses are adorable !!
Well done, Annette !!:)

Nima zei

wow..Noah and Kira looks super cute in their carnival dress

Nina Hobbysite zei

Veel plezier met carnival. En wat zien je kinderen er super uit.

Annie zei

Not sure how you find the time for all of this! Such wonderful work and the photo collage makes those two look like good candidates for professional models!

Annie zei

Not sure how you find the time for all of this! Such wonderful work and the photo collage makes those two look like good candidates for professional models!

Carol zei

Oh, my gosh--they really are the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Kira and Noah look absolutely delighted with your creations. I just love both costumes, Annette--amazing that you can do these and find time to work, too! Do you ever sleep :) And little Pompom is adorable--Noah must be so proud that his mommy made it for his classroom.

Have fun with your vacation days :)

Stitching Noni zei

Oh wow! I am in love with your darling Jedi Knight and Little Red Riding Hood :) and I am totally in awe of your skills.... Amazing costumes! They look gorgeous and so happy in their outfits :)
And even the dolls have new clothes!!!
Fantastic :)
Enjoy Carnaval and your holiday :)
Big hugs xxx

Angel zei

Ah, wat een stoere Noah en een schattige Kyra als roodkapje!
Goed gedaan, ze zien er prachtig uit!

olifantje68 zei

Dat heb je prachtig gemaakt
Petje af hoor, doe het je niet na
groetjes Annie

Anoniem zei

oh pompom is erg leuk♥

♥ Nia zei

Ahhhhhh i wrote so much and blogger até my comment :((( i want to cry... Bad bad blogger...
I'll try to write the same but the original comment is always better... Hate when blogger does this to us :(

Little red is the cutest thing!! Adorable =)))))))
Noah looks very cool :D but Red.. It's a girl thing ;) hehehe mire detail, more cute stuff, easier to melt our hearts with sweetness hehehehe
Love the cookies! And the basket! All too cute =)))))
And Pompom! How cute and fun :D you've been working a lot on Carnival theme! How did you do all these???
Again, wonderful work from crafty mamma :)))))

♥ Nia zei

This time it was posted!
On the first sentence it was supposed to say 'ate my comment', a little after 'more detail'... iPad also doesn't help with autocorrect :p

Valma zei

incredible ! amazing ! awesome to use your favourite word =D
those 2 costumes are so beautiful and well done !! wow !!!!
Perfect !!
you're terrific at sewing costumes sweetie !
this collage of the kids is wonderful, so many great pictures of them, I can't just choose one ! maybe in the middle when Kira has a big banana smile =D
each detail is so sweet , the basket, the're a super mum <3