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dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

My boat.

♥ Thank you all for your wonderfull words on my last post ♥

I promissed you pictures of my boat for Sinterklaas for weeks

In the meanwhile I finished the boat.
I made a lot of pictures of it...... beware.

 I put my table the other way, so I could move my craft and we could eat easely.. 
Now it back by normal.. lol..
So I sat every morning when kids where at school and every evening while kids where in bed

 The beginning. cutting bottom and deck
After handsewing the bottom and deck
Making both sides..
Everything is 2 layers for woolfelt with cardboard in between
 Cute and made the portholes
 Put the linchpen in them
 The text on the boat, this is how it is called  : Giftsboat 12
 Here you can see the sizes together
 The mast with the robes so Pete's can climb in them and chimney are on it..
 Then making the railing
 And Noah with the boat with a bit of basic crew, none of them are finished


The boat is a construction kit..
I will show that now

 Here you can see the chambers in the boat..
You can make the office and bed of Sinterklaas, a room where the horse can sleep.
But fo now I;m not maing that..

 The deck lyes on top of the chamber 'walls'.
 The mast with flag garland
 Also the wheelhouse with his rescue band are on it

AND TADAAAAA the boat is done!!!
It was a big project.. but I loved making it..

In the meanwhile I made a lot of other things and crew for Sinterklaas..
More of that in the next posts..

So if you don't like Sinterklaas craft don't look at my blog the next months... ;)))))))
But I also have some other things to show

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

16 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Wauw, wat een werk zeg de boot,maar mooiiiiii dat het is geworden
En wat heb je weer een schitterend plaatje van je kids op de voorgrond, heerlijk herfst sfeertje
Fijne week, groetjes Annie

nel wagenaar zei

wat heb je weer mooie dingen gemaakt, geweldig mooi

Pauline zei

Knap staaltje viltwerk! en ik kan het weten..heb net een caravan gemaakt,haha zat ook heerlijk te knutselen met karton en vilt!

Amarins zei

Wat is deze mega gaaf geworden, echt helemaal super. Is hier een patroon van of heb je dit helemaal zelf uitgedacht? het is een toppertje. Groetjes, Amarins

Petra zei

Hij is zoooo gaaf geworden!!!
Je hebt knap werk verricht, Annette en jezelf overtroffen.
Ben benieuwd naar de rest :-D

Valma zei

ho my ! this is a masterpiece !!!!
what a job on this boat
wonderful :D
so many tiny details
very very very well done
it's going to be an amazing Sinterklaas by your side =)
big hugs

PS: I love this new picture for your header

Annie zei

That is unbelievable! So adorable and so much effort. And the photo doesn't even include the whole crew? I hope Noah appreciates it and takes good care of it!

cucki zei

Wow it's truly so beautiful.
You did a wonderful job..well done
Hugs x

Fara Azmi zei

Very Impressive!! Love your boat.
You really have artistic hand Annette.

Anne zei

Your boat for Sinterklaas is wonderful!! Can't wait to see all your blogs showing more characters for the boat!! :)

Marie-Jeanne zei

Een heel pak werk, maar heel mooi. Proficiat.
Gr, M-J.

Carol zei

You made that???!!! Wow--it is just awesome, Annette... I love all the little details in it and especially the banner of flags. Noah will have so many happy hours playing with it :)

Love the photo of the kids holding hands and walking through the sand together, too--just precious!

♥ Nia zei

ohhh I miss Summer.. there's no more water on your blog banner =/ Autumn is there too!!! heheheh

Wowwww!! That's fantastic :D
Wonderful how you did it with cardboard in between ;) Well done sweetie!!
and it's big :D Love that photo of Noah with the boat next to him :D
hhahaha One of the crew members is stuck on the bottom :p LOL!!!

Amazing work sweetie!! Congrats!! Really wonderful :D

Mylene zei

wow! you are the creative one. Great job!!

Angel zei

Leuk dat je hebt laten zien hoe je het hebt gemaakt!
Het is erg mooi geworden.
Afgelopen weekend heb ik het toevallig in het echt mogen bewonderen maar het is groter dan dat ik dacht!
Vast veel werk maar supermooi!
Fijn weekend!

ricketyjo zei

Absolutely beautiful and so neat!!! What a wonderful project, you're going to have a very happy little boy playing with that! Great photo! :)