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zondag 27 oktober 2013

Few things to share.. ♥

Let start this post with another cutie from my felt Sinterklaas collection that i'm making.
Here are the letters with little faces on them!!

It needed to be wouden head's, but i don't like those, so I used woolballs...
Very much in love now..
I love the colors also..
It will get a wonderfull place in my heart shelf.

* * * 

Then I've been making a few felt gifts and send them around.
This is the first I can show you

The reciever was very happy with it..
I like it so much. 

Next year I'm going to make al kinds of things for Autumn, this will be one of them

♥ ♥ ♥

Last week I finshed a order, and deliverd it.
This is what I can show what I did with those 100 ribbons I talked about a while back.
I can tell you before it was finsihed I cut 250 RIBBONS.. ... ... ...  yes that much.
And now busy working on another order.
It's almost finished, just a few little things
This is what Im using

Í'm trying to finish it this week. 
But tomorrow I have the night shift again, so no carfting time, work at night, sleep during the day.... 
We will see.

~ ~ ~

Friday a daycare her in town celebrated his 10th anniversary.
I'm a member of the parents association, so agree to help.
This is what I was doing all afternoon 

Noah had the first turn.. he became Spiderman..
Kira went looking for other colors, for her purle butterfly face ( so sorry Valérie no pic) .. lol!!
They where having so much fun to come along too.

# # # 

I'm still cooking and baking, not much pic's here of that..
So i thought, I will show you what I made last night.

( don't pay attention on the first pic, it upside down.. hihi)

Beef Wellington, Pom duchess, Mushroom sauce, Leek (prei) gratin. 

Stewed pears ( as you all know my favorite), Applesauce
Special speculoos dessert

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

9 opmerkingen:

Anne zei

Love your little felt!! I also love the little felt windmill you sent me!! It's adorable and I am adding some thread to hang in my tree this year!! :) Thanks again Annette!! :)

Preeti zei

Lovely felt creations!! :) glad to know you had great fun with kids.

♥ Nia zei

You are doing such a wonderful job for Sinterklaas :D making a lot as you wanted to and all so cute!!! Can't wait to see what more is coming!!! :)
Such a cutie that Mushroom! :D
I never had my face painted... One day i will go into a kids party and i'll pass as a little friend hehehe just to have my face painted :D lol
I think all foods look so different between countries :) it's very interesting to see foreign cooking habits! I don't usually take photos of what I cook.. I don't really enjoy doing it, i do it well but i would prefer to have someone else cooking at home every day hahahaha I do enjoy baking, that's fun for me :)
Have a great week sweetie! Xoxo

cucki zei

wow beautiful creations..i love them so much..
glad you having so much fun.
big hugs x

Annie zei

What a lot of fun crafting. You were the perfect person to be the face painter.

Wonderful dinner at your house. Better than a restaurant!

Marion zei

Annette wat een leuke Sint en Piet. Je maakt zulke leuke dingen van vilt.
En wat je gekookt hebt?????? Mmmmmm lekker!!!!!!

Fijne week lieve groetjes van Marion

Carol zei

Wow! Annette--it looks like you are a gourmet cook in addition to being very creative! Just look at all those goodies (although, I will pass on the mushrooms--not my favorite food :).

Lovely new additions to your Sinterklaas decorations and the little mushroom is very cute. So many ribbons--I'll bet your hand hurt after cutting 250!!

I'm sure Noah loved being Spiderman and I'll bet Kira was the perfect pretty butterfly :)

Have a wonderful week!

Angel zei

Ziet er lekker uit!
Zelf de letters van zou ze bijna op willen eten;-)
En wat een schattige paddestoel!

Valma zei

hoooo I wish you took a picture of Kira's make up =)
it seems you had great fun, so super
like Nia I never had my face painted...maybe a day I will try, but definitely I won't do like her and pass as a little friend in a party hahahaha, I'm too tall, but I'm sure she can do the illusion =D
Naughty me =)
cute pieces you've done again
can't wait to see more
big hugs