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dinsdag 2 april 2013

The Workshop

Sorry, promissed this post yesterday, but I was crafting, and before I knew it was far after midnight
So here a retry

Saterday at 7.30 I was in the car to Karina and Ingrid, then we picked up Ellen (also a wonderfull designer, who's making for almost 25 years the most beautifull patterns) and so drove to Deventer for the workshop from HuisVolKleur from Kristel.

It was the first time we all met in Real Life, so great to meet new people.
We exchanged gift that we agreed before that, and also made some extra gifts.
 This I got from Karina
And from Ingrid, also jummy gifts for the kids

The workshop was so great, Kristel showed us a box full with beautifull pieces.
This was HuisVolKleur she said.
In the workshop musicbox also where some other things, as you can see above.

Then the Musicbox we would be making
We didn't finished it!
But we got far
I 'm trying to finish it as fast as possible.

This are gifts that I made

And as a Thank you for Kristel I made a pie with her logo
Picture is from her blogpost you can find here.
She made so much photo's, and wrote a beautifull story about it!!
It's in Dutch, but so lovely
On the second photo on her post, you can see my hands, I;m eating my pie.
On the third she was helping me glue the tree..

Go take a look.. She makes the most beautifull design, you really need to go take a look.
Even the wonderfull felt crafter Carla from Portugal makes her patterns

Oooooops again it's after midnight :(((

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Well that sure looks like fun. Love those cutie pie mice!

Anne zei

Happy to hear you had such a wonderful weekend. Happy April!!! :)

Saskia zei

Ik blijf me afvragen wanneer jij je bed ziet

Anoniem zei

Leuk omschreven Annette ... en met het Uiltjes hart ben ik enorm blij !
Groetjes, Karina

♥ Nia zei

How wonderful to meet other crafters in real life :D One day we will meet too and give each other a hugeeeee hug ;)
Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I have to take a look on that link :)
Your work looks sooo cute! You've been making amazing pieces with felt, that doesn's surprise me heheheh But I'm always amazed with each new creation! Can't wait to see this one finished :D
Well done sweetie!!
Hugs&smiles to you! Have a wonderful April!! :D

Pauline zei

Wat zijn jouw muisjes leuk!!!!
En wat een prachtige taart heb je gemaakt!
Erg leuk om te lezen allemaal, dat je zo veel plezier hebt gehad.

♥ Nia zei

Is that you on the 3rd photo?? I think I see you :D

Marion zei

Wat een heerlijk bericht om te lezen Annette. Die muizen zijn geweldig.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Nima zei

glad to know that you had nice time with fellow crafters

Valma zei

wow !
what a great moment this workshop seems to have been
so happy for you
I'm dreaming of meeting my crafts sisters too =D
Over cute pieces once again !
I have one of this mice here, I can say they are amazing =D
Your cake is a masterpiece as usual !!
lovely lovely lovely, can't wait to see the musicbox !!!!
big hugs Felt Fairy

Valma zei

yeeees, that's you on the 3rd picture =D
You seem very concentrate =D
So great
I love the rabbit made by Ellen !!! So Beatrix Potter, very beautiful
Seems you had a real great time
I'm happy for you