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dinsdag 9 april 2013

Easter 2013..

Time fly's when your having fun they say ♥
It's almost 2 weeks ago that it was easter still wanted to share some pic's with you.
I had to work the whole weekend, but still found time to do fun stuff!!!

First we start as every year with  ->>>> painting the eggs <<<<- p="">
 Kira still was a bit ill so in the PJ's
 Noah loves this.. but after seeing his dads egg, dad needed to paint his egg too
 but first he tryed it one more time
 Noah took this pic.. I told him  'make a few pic's of mommy' .. cutie-pie
These are the egg...
3 of Dh, and one from me... Dh needed to paint both kids there eggs... lol!!!

In teh afternoon, Noah and I bakes the Easter pie, that would be the dessert for after dinner
Tryed out a recipe.. and it was so yummy

How does it look???

Then for dinner I wanted to do something different.. Send Dh too the store.. this is what I made
mmmmmmm .. I love it... 
potato croquettes
deer steak
mushroom sauce

The next day FIL and MIL came to stay the night.
We had a big egg hunt

I made a easter brunch
Forgot some pic's but this is what we eat.
Started with a light vegetable soup 
Egg jar with salmon
also made some deviled eggs but now pic..

After that play time!!!!

We can look back at a wonderfull Easter..
And it still is a bit of Easter...
Look at what the mailman brought today
Gifts from england.. from Lainey..
Thank you so much dear!! I really love it..
Kids and I love the eggs.. never seen them here..
only 2 left.. will eat them after this post.. hihi

Next post.. your going to fall in love!!
Here you have a sneak peak

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

angelina zei

Dat zag er allemaal heerlijk uit!!

Liefs Angelina

olifantje68 zei

Fijn, dat jullie zo gezellige en leuke pasen gehad hebt
Hele mooie foto's, kunnen we ons een beetje inleven hoe het bij jullie gaat
groetjes Annie

Saskia zei

O nee, erwtjes ;-)

Valma zei

so sweet pictures...
The kids are growing ! it's great you found time to do something all together with hubby and kids, so precious moments
everything seems so yummy !
what a pity to do the eggs hunt with anoraks and scarves !!!
I love your pictures and can't wait to see what is on the blur one =D
It seems that it has a beak =D
Big hugs sweetie

cucki zei

Aww such sweet pictures...
Lots of love for you all x

Annie zei

Always fun at your house.

"Deer steak"? From real deer? At the grocery store? Did the kids like it?

Carla zei

Lovely pics, looks like you had a wonderful Easter...and ate lots of yummy food!! :)

Doni zei

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter Annette! And Noah and Kira did a beautiful job decorating their eggs. they are going to be good little crafters just like their mom! :)

Marion zei

Wat een leuke Pasen hebben jullie gehad.
Heerlijk genieten van de kindjes.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

♥ Nia zei

now I'm hungry.. LOL Looks delicious!! :p
So cute to see all the eggs together =))) I have an egg painted by Carol, she gave me her first :D We painted styrofoam so we were able to save them hehehe But yours looks prettier!! And I think it might be easier to paint on real eggs than styrofoam.. I'll tell it to Carol, maybe it will be easier for her ;)
hahahha I painted a little with Carol but then I had to 'mess it up' a little ;) heehhee If we make it too pretty, kids start feeling bad because then can't make a small line like us =/ So I painted like a 5 year old ;) hahahha
But I did teach her how to make small dots :) heheheh

I also did homework with Carol, didn't make it for her, just checked ;)
I was curious to see how it's hard for her to write between the lines on the paper, you know?
Then I remembered.. I have my notebooks from school! The beauty of being at mother's house ;) LOL
So we looked into my notebooks and it was so fun!!! hehehhe Carol loved to read what I wrote when I was her age :)
Ohhhh and the notes from the teacher??? hahahaha I was always a good student but also a good talker ;) Carol is the same!!! hahahaha