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vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Happy Birthday dear Valérie ♥

Today is the birthday of my sweet friend Valérie    :)
Happy Birthday sweetie   =))

A birthday means presents, but what to make.. she loves purple and butterflies
Already made her a felted doll.... but she loved it so much..
So looking for a even more beautifull pattern.

Last week I send her it in a box.
I've been asking if she recieved it, because NL too FR takes about 2 or 3 days normally.
This morning she send me a terrible message that she got a letter that it was damaged =(((((((
The only thing that I could think was.

As flat as a pancake she said too me :(((((((((((((((((((

She went too the post office, and thankfully it wasn't that bad that we thought
This picture she send me
It was terrible too see this pic.. hated it!!

But thankfully soon after that came a pic with my present totally perfect 


Your all curious???

Here it is (can't make a collage, you need to see every pic very good)

I got many many many messages, that she loved it!! =)))))

 As she called it!!

It's such a beautifull pattern!! love it!!
Changed it a lot, but I'm in love.. wanne make more of these ♥

Her sweet Hubby had his birthday yesterday, and also is a wonderfull crafter... makes beautifull things..
We are whining that he need to start a blog too
I made him a cute little something 

SuperHubby happy birthday to you too!!!
Both enjoy your gifts.

Hope you both have a lovely dinner, and have a great weekend!!!

Hugssss Petite Anne

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tomorrow I'm going away for the whole day.
Togheter with a few Facebook friends I'm following a workshop from HuisVolKleur van Kristel the designer.
Sunday I will show pic's


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Valma zei

thank you, thank you so much once again for these 2 wonderful gifts =)
I can't take my eyes off of this wonder !
this is so beautiful ! what a job you did, and this just for me
I'm blessed. Over the moon, really, that how I was ! I made a happy dance as if I had taken some red pills =D
(maybe policemen thought there was something illegal from NL inside and the parcel was damaged during the control hehehehe =D)
we had stress with this damaged parcel but all is well that ends well =D
you're a gifted sweetheart
lot's of love my Petite Anne

Annie zei

What is up with the mail these days! At least it got there and it looks like the everything bounced back to good health just fine. What fabulous gifts!

olifantje68 zei

Jammer dat de post niet altijd hun werk goed doen
Maar wat heb je weer iets heel leuks gemaakt, super
Jij ook fijne paasdagen
groetjes Annie

cucki zei

Aww such sweet gifts...everything is looking super sweet..
Happy Easter to you all x

♥ Nia zei

I had already seen how cute it was by Valérie's picture but seeing every detail... Oh my! How wonderful! You are amazing with felt on your hands =) I'm always amazed by each new piece you make! You can see the love, the care, the attention in each detail... Their little legs, the shoes, even super hubby's tail! Hahahahahahahahahah I mean, the mouse's tail ;) LOL
Your gift to Valérie is really fantastic but what you made for Super hubby? Soooo cute too :) I can imagine how much those two were smilling yesterday :D both very special pieces!
And that felt on the wings?? Precious detail! :D
Congrats to the birthday couple and congrats to you on your amazing work :D stunning!!

Have a great day sweetie, I will be he playing wi Carol, painting eggs ;) heheheh Happy Easter!! :D

Anoniem zei

Gelukkig is het allemaal goed gekomen ... maar kan me voorstellen dat je als je de verpakking ziet enorm schrikt !
Annette leuk je 'live' te ontmoeten ... enorme leuke dag gehad !
Groetjes, Karina

Anne zei

Beautiful loving gifts!! :)

Carol zei

Oh, what a relief that your beautiful gift made it to France in good shape after all!! So much love and time went into making the little purple butterfly fairies, Annette--I'm sure Valerie shouted with joy when she saw your gift. And to make something for her husband, too, was so sweet of you--you are a wonderful friend :)

Wishing you a Happy Easter today!

Hetti zei

Ohhhh dat moet verschrikkelijk zijn als je een foto van de doos ziet!
Maar wat fijn dat die leuke paarse schatjes er goed eruit gekomen Zijn! Wat zijn ze leuk Annette!!!!

Fijne en gezellige Paasdagen,
XXXX Hetti

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette !
So lovely and inpirational to visit Your lovely blog again !1
The gifts a both very pretty ,what a talented crafter You are !

Greetings from the snowy Finland ,