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donderdag 31 januari 2013

last day of January---> my goals

I can tell you I finished all my goals for this month and more
First my goals for January:

*Finish the doll or Kira with 1 set of clothing and maybe a PJ -> No PJ, but doll is finished
*Finish a January felted doll -> Yep
*Make a snowdropn -> Yep
*Get fabric's for my SAL's -> Ordered, bought and recieved
* Start a Valentine piece stitch, crochet or felt -> made 4 pieces lol

I'm proud of my self
Here you can see my beautifull heart shape with a few of the January decorations:
it was so empty, I put some other things in it!!

Then for Fabruary my goals:

* Have two February piecs for my heart shape -> already finished =)))
* Make February Piece from Mieke Stender
* Start on HMSAL
* Start a stitch piece for Noah
* Start a stitch piece fro Kira
* Start a stitch piece for myself.

So that will keep me busy.
Still many things too show you, have been very busy crafting
watch out for my post... there is cuteness overload coming.. ♥ ♥

I have some cute pic's off the kids
Here in the Netherlands many people have the flew.
and very bad too.
Also we got it..
Noah has got a fever for a few day's, finally he was better and now he back sick with Asthma.
Poor boy.
On the above pic they are in bed watching a movie, eating chips, because they didn't wanted to drink.. hihi now they did.. lol.
The rest is from playing with clay cookies dough. It's special clay douch and after your done put them in the oven and you have cookies
The last pic is the cutest.
After we put Kira in too bed so comes done e few times.
Mostly will stay in teh hallway, this evening is was getting so quiet, and when we looked, she was sleeping on the floor...
so cute ... poor poor girl

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

Carol zei

Congratulations on meeting ALL of your January goals, Annette--your January shelf looks so pretty with the two little felted dolls you made... Are you going to do a new display each month like I did last year with my "bowl?"

I'm so sorry to hear the flu has hit your kids :( I hope they feel better very soon--even sick they look adorable, though :) Love the photo of Kira sleeping on the floor! Hope they feel all better very soon--and I hope you don't get the flu, too!

Jane zei

Hi Annette
Well done you for reaching your goals, you're very organised to have done so and you make such lovely & pretty things, I love seeing them.
Hugs to Noah and Kira and hope they're feeling better again soon.
Take Care xxx

Dani - tkdchick zei

YOur shelf is just lovely.

cucki zei

Your shelf is so lovely pretty xxx

Valma zei

so super, you've been very crafty sweetie
and you did great things this last month
you're shelf is pretty but Kira's doll arrives first =D
Happy crafty February, only 28 days =)
big hugs

Marion zei

Het ene lijstje is af en het volgende ligt alweer klaar. Heerlijk knutselen en je niet vervelen.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Mylene zei

Great job, Annette on finishing your goals. You sure been busy crafting too.
Do hope you all are recovering now...

Love your shelf filled with such cuties!!!

Unknown zei

Wow, jij bent weer creatief geweest !

Je hartje ziet er netjes en knap uit, een beetje foefelen met wat andere stuks er in mag best ;-)

Veel beterschap daar, eens de griep binnen zit in huis...duurt het even dat ie terug zijn biezen pakt, dus hopelijk zijn jullie er snel van vanaf !

Veel succes met je nieuwe projectjes !

Nima zei did it Annette...good to see that you could work according to your plan

♥ Nia zei

LOL! Kira fell down half way out of bed or into bed?! hahaha Sweet little girl =)
I hope you all feel better soon! Go away flu!! =/
You did so well last month, and don't forget the awesome birthday that you made for Kira :D Congrats sweetie! I'm sure you'll meet your goals for this month too and you'll do awesome again!! :D

Doni zei

Great job on your goals Annette! And I love the pictures of the kids. The one with Kira asleep on the floor made me laugh. haha! So cute! :)

Hetti zei

Je gaat als een wervelwind tekeer Annette met al je creativiteit! Hopelijk zijn de kids alweer opgeknapt en jij zelf ook inmiddels??
De hart wandbak ziet er zooooo leuk uit met de januari spulletjes ENIG!!
Liefs Hetti

Anoniem zei

Mooi ziet dat uit, je hart!!
En je mag er toch in doen wat je wil??? Niet dan??

Groetjes Thea ♥