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zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Pirate flag and flower arranging

Thank you all for your sweet comments about Kira's birthday!
She is having so much fun at school.
The teachers says she is doing well... so great
♥Mom is happy and proud♥

For my nephew who had is birthday a long time ago, but we could not go, I have a gift on Kira's birthday.
I was feeling so bad he still didn't got something.
His mother asked about a pirate flag.
So I made him one.
His mother loved it... but he doesn't..
Poor boy.. I hope he was a bit overwelm't, and will like it.
Or they can use it as a cleaning fabric.. lol..

For my job I was asked to make something spring in a big basket who got with Christmas.
This is what I did with it all
Tis was made a few weeks ago.. at this moment in the big basket many are in bloom, and the two amaryllis at the side are much bigger..
I had some left so made some for in my home.

~ ~Spring is in my house~ ~
♥ ♥Love is in the air♥ ♥

This morning we went iceskating.. first and last time this winter
We had so much fun, but today is such a cold cold day..
The kids where so cold, and mommy too.
After 15 minutes we went home again..

Today it has been snowing all today.
Tomorrow we will get rain and it will get warm.. 

so bye bye snow ;((((

I'm going to enjoy the sight of the beautifull white snow..

Have a great weekend

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

8 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

heerlijk om de lente in huis te halen, gezellig hoor
En ik ben blij als de sneeuw straks weer weg is, hahahha
Fijn weekend, groetjes Annie

cucki zei

Aww sweet flag..I love it ..
Enjoy the sweet flowers..
Hugs x

Siobhán zei

What a neat flag! Great job. The snow looks like it was fun! We had about 1/2 hour of snow and then it changed over to rain.

Unknown zei

Ik vind de vlag heel erg leuk gedaan ! Stoer en piraterig, maar toch nog steeds lief :-)

Hopelijk gaat hij ze nog mooi vinden en gebruiken.

Je bloemetjes heb je ook mooi gedaan, hier bloeit de orchidee op volle toeren, zo leuk !

We zijn gisteren ook gaan wandelen in de sneeuw, heb vriendje bijna gedwongen om mee te gaan ;-) omdat het dan vandaag ook zou gaan dooien.
Toch nog eventjes kunnen genieten van al dat moois.

fijne zondag nog annette !

Annie zei

Well, I like the pirate flag just fine!

15 minutes is about all I can take in the cold too, but the skating does look like fun!

Dani - tkdchick zei

Any little boy would love their very own pirate flag!!!

Valma zei

we said bye bye snow too here =(
rain the whole night and no more snow this morning ! only mud !!
we had a kind of Spring day ... lot's of sun
see you next year snow
we had some , we must be happy =D
I don't know why your nephew didn't like his's cute and really looking to a pirate flag...
have a great week sweetie
big hugs

♥ Nia zei

I just read your post with the snowdrop dolls... my heart beat is racing!! :D hehehe
Such a cool flag :D How could he not love it!? Oh kids! They don't like one thing now, they love it 5 minutes later ;) ehhehhe I'm sure he will see how cool your flag is :D

Lovely!! =) amaryllis will grow big, right?? but beautiful :D
hugs to you!!