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zaterdag 5 januari 2013

first week and I have a finish

For my January heart shape it's snowdrops, one of my favorites flowers
There are many beautifull patterns.. felted patterns so many..
How do we choose :O
I started my first felted and finish it!!
Look at my new years girl... 
So darn cute   =))
 bad pic's  ;((((
Isn't she sweet?      =))))
I need to make something else and find the two things I made last year.
She is felling so lonely :/

Then in two weeks my little girls has her B-day.
I;m making her, her very first walldorf doll.
I hope she will be beautifull
Here a sneak peak
You will see more soon..

Today it was rain rain rain..
Also bad weather for taking pic's...
But sometimes it just was a little bit of rain.
And what do you do then??

Night night =))))))

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

♥ Nia zei

That's the cutest thing!!! I love love looooove your snowdrop fairy =) Can I call her snowdrop fairy?? heheheeh Sooooo cute! Lovely lovely lovely =)

And then you close you post with little Kira in her little pink bike??? Cuteness overload!!!!!! :D

Ranae zei

I love your felted cutie and I bet that doll will be just as adorable.
Stay dry

Anne zei

Very cute little doll with the snowdrop. Love it. And I bet your doll will be very cute too!! Looking forward to seeing it completed! Felting is a great idea! :)

olifantje68 zei

Wat heb je dat erg mooi gemaakt
daar heb ik dus geen geduld voor.
En heerlijk even met de kindjes buiten
Fijne zondag, groetjes Annie

Pauline zei

Wat knap gemaakt dat popje!

Carol zei

Oh, I love your first creation of the new year, Annette--so cute!! Can't wait to see Kira's new doll, too--hard to believe she has another birthday on the way. I still remember when she was born :)

Marion zei

Wat een schatje staat daar!!!!! Ach zo alleen wordt zeker tijd dat ze gezelschap krijgt.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Valma zei

this is OVER cute !!!!!
very well done sweetie
this new year starts well =D
I love this little fairy
can't wait to see your doll =D
Big hugs

Carla zei

Beaituful doll!
Can't wait to see the one you're doing for Kira's b-day! :) Can you belive are little girls are about to turn 2!

Mylene zei

soooooooo cute!!

And the kids pics, wonderful! Kira looks so sweet...