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woensdag 23 januari 2013

♥Kira had a wonderfull B-day♥

I wanne thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes.
Also a welcome to my new readers and followers.
Thank you so much for visiting my small blog.

Kira had the time of her life.
She is spoiled so much, and played a lot.

The morning of her birthday she looked at all the flags and balloons so great
And unwrapped her presents

She was so happy with the gifts...
So much fun too see.
I put her in her new dress, it fits perfect
It was also her first day for school..
Look at this, my two little kids are big now...:((((
Right below is at school, she loved it.

I baked a few cakes for her birthday
I got some tips about the hello kitty cake.. I love it!!!!
All was yummy yummy

Kira had so much fun
Every year on there birthday I make a pic, that the eat the whipped cream.
The dress is so adorable on her!!

Sweet Saskia, made her some beautifull presents..
I love the Hello Kitty window colors..
Sunday I put them on her window, Kira was so happy.
Also the little bracelets.. Kira never want to wear them, but this she love.
Saskia even made one for her new doll..
So cute, thank you so much Saskia

I'm off to work..
Finished some beautifull pieces... all for next post

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Nou, ze is heerlijk verwend zeg
Erg leuk van Hello Kitty
groetjes Annie

Annie zei

Looks like so much fun! Kira is really growing into quite the young lady.

Do you think you baked enough cakes? ;-)

Carla zei

Looks like she had a great time and lots of cake too ;) !!

TIO zei

Wat leuk! Nog een hele fijne verjaardag voor haar gewenst!!!

cucki zei

aww looks like you all had lots of fun..
big hugs x

Carol zei

Oh, what a big girl you have there, Annette--look how happy she is to be going off to school!! Does she go every day? Do she and Noah go to the same school?

You sure baked a lot of birthday goodies--love the Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes. Kira's little dress turned out so cute--glad it fits her perfectly!

Give her a big birthday hug from Auntie Carol :)

Valma zei

WONDERFUL pictures Annette !
the one when they are ready to go to school is adorable =)
a real little woman =D
and you thought her bag was too big, it's perfect, everything was perfect super Mum !! =D
Congrats for everything you made, starting for these two over cute kids =D
Your cakes seem ready to go in a window-shop !!!
I love this post =D
Big hugs

♥ Nia zei

OHHHHHH!! they look so cute, together, ready for school and with a biiiiig smile on their faces :D Adorable! Save that picture forever!! :D
Kira looks adorable, so cute as her little doll =) and both have the same bracelet! how adorable is that??? :D
she's big! She's prettier every day! :D
Pettie Anne = Proud mama !!!! :D

♥ Nia zei

ops.. Petite Anne*

Anoniem zei


Just found your blog.
Lovely pictures of Kira enjoying her birthday. I love the dresses!
Your blog is lovely.

Saskia zei

Graag gedaan, ben blij dat ze het leuk vond

Marion zei

Wat een heerlijke verjaardag heeft ze gehad. Lekker verwend en ze ziet er geweldig uit in haar Hello Kitty jurk.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Hetti zei

Dat was een verjaardag om nooit te vergeten Annette! Wat een geweldige dag met mooie kadootjes en lekkere taartjes heeft ze gehad en ook nog naar school ;-)))
Ze ziet er helemaal gelukkig uit!
Liefs en fijn weekend,Hetti