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zaterdag 12 januari 2013

Gifts made and baking

Yesterday was the birthday of Hetti.
I know Hetti for years now, she is a lovely woman, with so many talents.
You really need to take a look on her blog, she makes many patterns and SAL's

I got in touch with her by the EMS Forum, that was my very first 'stitch internet thing'.
After that my time behing my laptop increased, my crafting time decreased.. 
but idea's/plans etcetc...... also increased..=))))))

This is what I made for her
I found this freebie here for the Home Sweet Home.
The finish off idea I stole from Nia (sorry sweetie ...hihihi). 
She is such a big inspiration for me, with also many talents
The pattern for the yarn spool I found here.

She just let me know that she arrived it, and reallt loves it =))
I'm happy ♥ ♥
It was a really fun projcet to make.

More gifts...

In the week I started with the Christmas gift I made a few and send them away.
This was just before my total Mojo burnout

They are small but so cute
The where much fun too make..
I love giving gifts..
At the moment more small gifts are in the make... ♥ =)))

In the Netherlands it's normal too get a Christmas present from your boss.
Dh still didn't hadn't spend his.

Many company work with a total of point/stars/money amout you can spend at a website full of gifts.
For a long time we wanted a Poffertjes baker
And at his website for choosing, we could order one.
This week it arrived.
I foudn a recepie, and tryed it with the kids.
Kira is taking Noah's place in the kitchen nower days.. hihi.
And she is doing good.
Poffertjes is a Dutch thing, but to explain, it are special small pancakes, you eat them the same as pancakes
Valérie there where still some left but after 2 day's I eat them all.. sorry.
Next time I will let you know when I will be making them again.. LMEO =)))))

Kira's doll is finished, her B-day dress is finished.. now making her a school-bag.
Ill hope to finish that tomorrow night, then still have a few things I love too make...
Busy busy... love being busy....

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

What a sweet gift for Hetti!

Adorable little ornaments and I'm very proud to own one of them!

And little Kira is now the big girl Momma's helper! So cute!

Nima zei

lovely ornaments..Kira is moma's big girl now. i remember the picture of the little bundle of your joy, like i saw a few days

Anne zei

Love the bright colours in Home Sweet Home stitch. Yes, Nia has wonderful finishes ! How nice to have your daughter baking with you!! :)

cucki zei

Beautiful finish and most cutest ornaments
I love mine so much
Hugs x

olifantje68 zei

Heel mooi gemaakt
En poffertjes.....hhmmm lekkerrrrr
groetjes Annie

TIO zei

Heel erg mooi en datz iet er ook heel lekker uit!

Carla zei

Love how you finished Home sweet home!! And your xmas ornies are lovely too!!

Cute pic on Kira with the mixer :)

Pauline zei

Wat een mooi afgewerkt cadeautje heb je gemaakt voor Hetti!
En wat wordt Kira al groot, dat ze al mee kan helpen in de keuken..

Marion zei

Ik zie Hetti al glimmen bij het openen van het pakje hihihih. Donderdag ben ik aan de beurt om haar de verjaardagskado'tjes te geven die ik gemaakt heb voor haar. Ook ik ben benieuwd hoe ze zal reageren.
Leuke ornamentjes heb je gemaakt. Hahahaha die kleine keukenprinses. Yammie lekkere poffertjes.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Valma zei

OK so you ate them problem, I'll come next time then =D
Very beautiful birthday gift you made for Hetti
When it appeared in the blogs list I thought it was on Nia's blog, hehehe
very well done sweetie !
and your Xmas lovely
I love my butterfly , really =)big hugs

Dani - tkdchick zei

Home Sweet Home is adorable and so perfectly finished!!!

Carol zei

Your gift for Hetti is so cute, Annette--and beautifully finished, too!

Those Poffertjes look so yummy--I'll bet little Kira just loves being the assistant chef. She looks so determined standing up and mixing the batter... Lots of cute ornaments--thank you again for my little stocking one :)

♥ Nia zei

hhahahaah you can steal everything sweetie! my blog is your blog :)
Lovely finish sweetie!! I'm happy to know that I inspired you to make something new =)
I love my little blue angel!!! =) I can't remember how much we talked about that.. I was in Lisbon, not sure if we talked by emails or twitter.. Carol took away all my attention!! :p ehheeh I love my little angel =) and I know you made blue for me ;) hope to finally add some blue on my xmas tree for next year! But I have other colors all around the house heheehhe I'd like to make a special place for all the handmades I got from friends but no idea yet! I need to find a great way to display my gorgeous gifts :D
Wow!! Little Kira can already hold the mixer?? Another cooker coming on the family :D
"LMEO" made history!!! aahahahaha :D

PS: nice change on your blog layout ;)

Hetti zei

DDDDDDDDDDDank je wel Annette!!
Het was zo'n verrassing toen ik de envelop open maakte en wat ben ik er blij mee ;-)))))
Echt in mijn kleuren en zo mooi afgewerkt! Dikke zoen!

Leuk zijn je ornamentjes geworden. Maakt niet uit wanneer je ze krijgt....altijd leuk om te ontvangen.

Leuke foto van Kira als keukenprinses ze is echt proffesioneel bezig en de poffertjes waren zeker zoooo weg ;-))
Liefs Hetti