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woensdag 26 september 2012

Noah's birthday party!! (long post)

I wanne thank you all for the lovely birthday comment on my last post!!
Always love reading your comments =)))

I have had a little blog break, I had some day's off and some project in around the house that needed to fbe done.. so that's what I have been doing.
I know you hoped on a craft post.. But I haven't sit still, and have many craft post to come!!
So have a bit patient with me ... ;)

I would like to share some things from Noah's birthdays partyS.
Yes he had 2.
Last Friday was his child-party. we invited a few friends of his.
We got home al from school to our house.
Then did the gifts and started eating pancakes!!! :))))))))))))))))))
Which child doesn't like pancakes... hihihi..
Then while they where playing outside I put the activity on the table.
The night before I did this
And the kids did this:
They had so much fun... The little one below is for little Kira.
And as you could see the theme of the party was Super Mario!!!
And this is what I made for the kids.
For the boys a Mario hat, and the girls a Prinses Peach crown.
They loved it.

After painting and playing.. we eat Mario cupcakes
mmmmmm yummy yummy..
and after some playing the kids went home again..
Noah had the time of his life. his best friends al togheter doing funny things and eating a lot of yummy yummy.

Then the next day on Saterday it was time for the "big Party".....

And as always I baked some pie's =)))))))

Hungry yet??? :))))))

I have more food
I always forget to take pictures of dinner.. but not this time...

The last few time I love making Italian food.. It's easy yummy and when I have much over, I keep it in the freezer.
This time I didn't make much.. I still had a litle bit left.. 
not any more... hihi

Oke in a way it's still a craft post...
yummy yummy crafts..

I hope you all liked it... next post crafting. ;))))))

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

You are incredible party producer! Wouldn't every kid love to have a Mom like you. Wonderful crafty items and such yummy food! Congrats on your success and birthday wishes to Noah.

Pauline zei

Wat heb je er een geweldig feest van gemaakt!
Knap hoor, ik vond het altijd een ramp om kinderfeestjes te organiseren...terwijl ik toch creatief genoeg ben, maar er komt meer voor kijken om zo'n stel bezig te houden!
En dan kan je ook nog lekker koken...mmm.

♥ Nia zei

Hi sweetie!! I saw you sent a lot of emails yesterday, I will try to reply today ;) now we can see why you were away, you were busy as always!!! Hehehe :)
I bet Noah had a great time because you go beyond everything to make sure of that :D someday I hope to be a Mum just like you :)
I loved your idea for the kids to paint :) and that super Mario cake! How awesome is that?! :D amazing!!! :D
Hugeeeeee hug to you :)

Valma zei

Ho my !!!
I wish I was a little girl in Noah's classroom !!!
You prepared wonderful things, and great ideas you had !
Noah will remember this party forever
just like Annie said you're an incredible party producer !!
And a wonderful Mum (and cook also =D each time you post pictures of things to eat I want to cross my screen hehehehe)
big hugs

Vinniey zei

Happy belated birthday to your handsome boy! :) Looks like the kids have so much fun painting the t-shirt! Those party foods looks so yummy! :) Have a great day to you, Annette!

Carol zei

Oh, my sons would have loved to have had a Mario party like the one you planned for Noah, Annette! Everything is just adorable--from the t-shirts to the cake to the little hats. What fun :) I'd love to see a photo of Noah in his little Mario hat!

Have a great week--will look forward to your next crafting post :)

Saskia zei

Helemaal leuk het Mario feestje, zal ik dat in December ook maar doen als manlief jarig is....hihi


Ranae zei

Ohhh!!! Looks wonderful
A big shout out to Noah for his birthday!!

Dani - tkdchick zei

Noah must of felt so special having two fantastic parties!!!!

Ingrid zei

Ik wil ook zoon hemppie super leuk zeg!!