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donderdag 23 december 2010

Different pieces and Merry Christmas

I'm working on a new small stitch project, I was forgotten about it, it needs to be done in January so need to stitch it up.. I can show what I'm making, so I have tryed to make the photo blurry, it's not how I wanted it but you can see what it is!!
When it's at the owner, I will show it, and that will that a while someone is going to make something off it.....hihi mystery.

My package to a dear stitching friend has arrived The pattern is so cute but the finishing off not that good, the ribbon not that nice on the ornie.. but the reciever likes it... but I need to practise a lot on it...

About bluury pictures I have another one... For quiet some while now I'm working on a pattern, at the moment I almost have finished 1 piece, but I'm out of stuffing so it's need to wait a bit longer... but this is what I can show you:

Then we had the stitching and the sewing... now for the crochet part.
The big egg has a little friend a little chick with a upper and bottom egg-shell. The chick only need some eyes, but also I'm out of glue too.My crochet book is full of lovely amigurumi's (what a word!!) and love the white color so finished another piece:
Because I made it in white it's a bit hard to see what it is, but Noah saw it at ones... I'm not satified with the face.. The face on the egg is not good for the opcoming baby so tryed to make ons with french knots... but I need to try some more..
Can anybody see what it is???

For a few years I hoping on a White Christmas... I love white... and every year the snow is gone before Christmas or/and is falling after Christmas... at the moment we still have snow but for two days it's melting... I need to be ther for 2 more days... PLEASE give me a White Christmas!!!!!!!!


Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love reading them..
Hopefully you will come back again.
See you all after Christmas

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

All sorts of cute things in the works. Love your little egg ornies.

Have a wonderful holiday! zei

Wat een leuke dingen zijn er hier weer te zien en ook nog eens twee geheimzinnige foto's ;)!Een fijne kerst voor u ook Annette en geniet maar lekker met je gezinnetje , straks is er eentje bij ;) !

Carol zei

I hope you get your wish of a white Christmas, Annette! You will have lots of fun with little Noah opening his presents--enjoy :)

Mylene zei

Your crocheted pieces are soooo cute!

Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

Nima zei

Merry christmas to you and yours Annette...lovely ornament finishes

Lainey zei

Lots of lovely bits and pieces Annette. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas. Hugs!

Saskia zei

Hmmm je maakt me nieuwsgierig hoor.
Fijne dagen, hoop dat Noah zich wat beter voelt en je zelf niet ziek wordt


Daffycat zei

Merry Christmas, Annette!

Lumiruusu zei

I just love all the crochet and stitched pieces you have done,the red nosed Rodolph The Reindeer
on a wreath was so cute!!
the cookies you baked seems to be very delicious!
Thank you for reading my blog,you are a lovely blogging friend ! :) :)

Katrien zei

cute ornies.
Ik moet ook nog veel oefenen met het afwerken van ornamentjes!

Hetti zei

Wat een leuke spulletjes heb je gemaakt Annette.
Je hebt een eindeloze creativiteit!
Ik wens je fijne en gezellige dagen toe,