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zondag 27 juni 2010

New start!

I noticed I was a bit tired of Panda Days, because I was stitching it every and every day. At one of my Yahoo Groups they started a new SAl from Lizzie Kate, and I love the funny pattern of her so I signed in...
Here is my first progress of January:With 2 pieces to stitch I can change a bit every night...

My friends with the baby was so very glad with the self made gifts..So I'm glad too!!
They where talking about a wrap top what was very easy too ware for the little baby. I proposed to make them and so I did.
The first I made is off white with dark bleu stitches
And I just finished the second off white with varations bleu stitches
I had already given two sets that I made for Noah when I was pregnant so now they have four, I hope that will be enough..

I so love to make that little baby clothes so starting another one for a colleagues: Noah loves playing and eating in my garden look at the pictures..
Before:After: HIHIHIHI... my cute little boy.....

Everyboy enjoy the lovely sunny weather, and till next time..

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5 opmerkingen:

Daffycat zei

What a wonderful new start, Annette! And your clothes-sewing is fabulous!

ROFLOL at Noah and his dirt-rimmed mouth! But he cleans up really well!

Lainey zei

Cute LK start and your baby clothes are darling.
LOL - great pictures of Noah!

Marion zei

En Noah wordt steeds blonder.
Wat is het toch een vrolijk ventje

Gr. Marion

Mylene zei

Cute cute pictures of Noah!

A very good satrt with the LK SAL and great job on the sewing!!

Wendy zei

niets is leuker dan lekker spetteren in het water met dit weer !