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maandag 28 december 2009

So the Christmas day's past..... still a few busy days and then we all can start on a new year.
First Christmas days we spend at home, with the three of us.
Noah on the photo was waiting on his special dinner.

And the Christmas gift he got from us, a toll box, and he loved it....

The second day we went to my SIL in Belgium, and spend it with to whole family, we had a great day with lots of wonderfull food and gifts....
Noah weared his Christmas outfit, it looked so darn CUTE, but forgot to take a photo. I wore my Christmas dress I had made, and also forgot to take a photo. So when they came out the washing machine tomorrow I wil make one and show you as soon as possible..

Then third Christmas (yes when you have many family parts you have many Christmas days....) we whent in the afternoon to the Ardennes for the snow, It was a hour drive, we walked in the snow, drank a glass of warm chocolate milk a drived a hour back (my BIL wanted to see some snow for a walk and before I knew we sat in the car on the way :)hihi), then we whent to his mother to celebrate Christmas and at a lovely dinner.
I made a photo with my foon in the Ardennes, but need to asked DH to put them on the laptop, so I can show you.. It was my first time in the Ardennes, it was beautifull and very very very cold..... and with a pram through the snow isn't easy....

Still a few days and it is 2010... I wanne make a to-do-list for 2010, so need to think very hard for the goals....

Noah is sleeping, so I hope to do a bit stitching this evening,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas days, thnaks for stopping by and leaving a comment..


4 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Ziet er een leuke kerst uit die je gehad hebt. En je bent naar Belgiƫ geweest :)

Ik wens je nog een fijn eindejaar en een heel gelukkig nieuwjaar met vooral een goede gezondheid.


Daffycat zei

It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. Noah likes his tool box ~ look at him work!

Annie zei

I haven't seen one of those tool boxes in years. I even had one as a little kid. Nice to see that kids still enjoy them.

Katrien zei

Noah ziet er weer schattig uit, met zijn gereedschap.
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar