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zaterdag 5 december 2009


Today it's Sinterklaas, for all the people who celebrate's it have a nice evening with a lot of lovely presents, pepernoten and speculaas. Let all the children enjoy it, with singing songs and unpacking presents....
Noah got his present this afternoon. He is very pleased with it. It's a wooden puzzle, and when he puts a piece in it, it makes a sounds.
When he puts the airplane in it, you hear a airplane fly, there also is a police car, taxi, ambulance and train. Noah is still a bit to little to celebrate Sinterklaas, he dasn't understand it, I hope next year to do more with Sinterklaas

My inlaws just went home, they have helpt here in the garden to lay a path around us house, and to play and enjoy with Noah.

(Noah was watching DH)
Yesterday evening they had to babysit Noah suddenly. I went to work, but my furrow wheel broke. My car stopt at the middle on the road, I called DH, he brought the dragging service, but a second before there came another car and collide aganist my, then to a third car and again my car.
I was in shock......
Thank goodness I was alright, only my car had some damage. Now need to wait till he is made and teh bill naturally.

My best friend is pregnant of her second baby (Robbert gets a little brother or sister)
And this is the card I have made:

Yesterday was her birthday, also made a card

Girl, again congratz on both celebrations...

I have not stitched one stitch on teh snowmen, don't feel like it this week.
But I finished Noah's overall.
Yesterday and today he played outside several short time (because of the rain) in his overall, he loved it. And it look so darn CUTE with his green boots and hat

Last week I wanted to wash the pillows and bags for the remote's. So DH had empty them. When I wanted to get it out of the washing machine, I found this:

On two I can see tghe numbers 995 and 3325 , but the other two.. I saw a 5, and that was al so needed to figer out wat it was, but it was easy, it was a green and red color, not so many are there, after a few mintes I saw it was 911 and 349.

Hope to stitch tomorrow something, havn't stitched in 4 days, wasn't in the mood.
All have a great weekend, see you soon btw haven't comments a lot, the last few days, at the moment we have a good friend for sleepover, so hope to read your blogs this week...

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2 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Loveley cards made and cute pictures of Noah in his overall.

Annie zei

So sorry about the car. That must have been very traumatic for you. I would have been a nervous wreck after something like that.

Prety stitching. That mouse card is especially cute. And I'm sure Noah can cheer you up!