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vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Fillmore had to wait..

The blouse and waistcoast are also done, for Noah.
I'm so glad with the final result.
It fits perfect.
I love it.

Yesterday evening I was the sewing tired, so I wantted to start stitching Fillmore, but one of the colors is almost done, so I did some letters.
Now some.... it where many letters, but so you can see how large the project is becoming.
Here you can see it:
I hope to finish it soon, but after the cars and letters, I need to do the rocks and cactus.
So busy busy.
Thank for stopping by and for the lovely comments

2 opmerkingen:

Chiloe zei

I love the large view of the alphabet. Will you sell me the chart when you're done? I'd love to stitch it for Steb. Let me know ;-)

Cute outfit ;-)

Mylene zei

The outfit you've made for Noah looks great. Well done!
The cars is progressing very well.