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zondag 20 november 2016

Hi there......

So again.. as I hoped not to leave blogland to long, it has been more then 3 months again.
I just went looking to a few bloggers pages..
Blogloving is still not my friend.. every time i look i see very little new post..
Or just like me many have it to busy with other things
I will see.. but I really missed it, so again going to try to post more often.. not as often as I have done the last years..
I notice my Englisch got a bit worse too.. so need to work on it all.
In the last months I haven't sit still.
The ones who follow me on Facebook or Instagram ( btw I love instagram.. I learned so much in a year) Have seen some things I have done.
At the moment I work a little bit more ( just had a 42 hour work , normally I work 16 hours a week)
I have a few colleagues who are ill, some of them for a long time. 
As I can help a bit more , I work a bit more.

I will try to show you in this and the next posts what I made the last 6 months or so

~♥~  Stitching  ~♥~

A while back, my neighbor girl, celebrated her birthday, I always make something for her birthday, I really had now idea, so asked her what to make, she asked for a pillow, like Noah but then with dolphins. I found this alphabet in my stash, and started.
Used pink fabric so sewn it in to a pillow, only can't find that picture ( while I was looking found so many old phot's of the kids.. so it 45 minutes later that I started to type.. lol)
Really have now Idea where i put the pic.. who knows, I will find it again..
But I;m stitching a bit again as you can see

~♥~  Crochet  ~♥~

My neighbor boy ( brother of.. ) also had hs birthday and is crazy about dino's
Anyone seen the new move The Good Dinosaur??
He loves it.. so I made the Dino Arlo with the little boy Spot for him
You can imagine he was very happy with it 

~♥~  Sewing  ~♥~

Ow boy I found my love for sewing back.. totally back ..
The school picture was coming up last month.. and I wanted to make them both something new for the pic.. ( did the same they where 4 months old... )
I found the most aweosme STARWARS fabric for Noah, and horse for Kira.
Noah is sweater is only that fabric, the one of Kira is only the front horses tje rest the grey.
Both are made with the same pattern the Thor shirt from teh magazine La Masion Victor. My NEW favorite magazine.
For Kira I made it a bit longer so it's a dress
Just made a fast pic of one of the school-pic
Aren't they getting big??  ♥ ♥

~♥~  Running  ~♥~

I'm still running every week. Mostly I try to do it 3 times a week.. but with work and many appoitment in the week, sometimes I need to cancel a day
But I had a few races.
This summer had one a few towns a head.
Is was 10 km.
I did a awesome job.. ( I sat in the nightshift, but wnated to do that race)
I had the 156ste place from all man and woman
I had the 12th place from only the woman
And the 3the place on my age ( i'm still in 20+.. whahaha)
Also walked a PR .. it's my best time on the 10 km so far


Then I started to train with a friend on the beach For THE running event in the area
She took all the pics from me ( also the one from the 10 KM)

That training went vert well and the 30th of September I had 2 races on 1 evening.
First the 5 km.. that was the important one.. I was hoping to get a place in the top 10.. 
 I did a awesome job again!!!
I got the 7th place of this Ladiesrun!!
I'm really so proud on what I did 

A few ours later I did the other run, but that one was for run, did it with my running-friend
We just wanted to walk a fun time the 11.5 km..
As we got over the finish, we saw we did a great job
Last year did that race also in 1 hour 20 minutes, this year for the first time there was a time registration
I got 199th place from all the man and woman and the 41th place from only the woman..
So proud, as we just walked it to walk it

For that evening got two beautifull medals and flowers from my friends
It was so fun to run.. 

In between I was training fo my first Half Marathon that's 21.1 km long running..
Its next Sunday......   :O  :O
I'm so nervous..
Will let you now how it was!!!

~♥~  Family Time  ~♥~

In de meanwhile, we had some celebrations..
Noah had his 8th birthday on September the 16th
He is getting such a big boy, he started this year in the 3th grade ( groep5).
Here he is giving treat in his classroom
For the family party I orderd a dolphin cake.. 
Can you imagine he was very happy??
For his kids party we went with his friends to the wood. made wapens from wood and elastic, and 'tryed'to catch our diner.. his had so much fun.
Back home we had a little BBQ back home.
Noah and his friends loved it


2 weeks ago hubby and I where 12,5 years togheter
We wanted to celebrate it on a special way
 In front of the Castle in the sun
 The firework show at the Castle
 At diner with the Snow White
 Hubby and me at the Castle.. 
Noah the photographer
The last evening in a Diner called Annette's Diner.. we had to eat there

We stayed 5 days, and had the tiemof our lives!!!

~♥~  Sinterklaas  ~♥~

It's my favorite time of the year again..
Today we went to see Sinterklaas on Hubby's workplace.
So need to face-paint the kids.
I can sit very still.... ( sometimes) 
Kids where happy.. had a  awesome time!!

So I;m going to go to bed early tonight.
Hope you will have a great time reading my post..
It was so fun to write it..
Some things where months a go, some things just happen...
It's a long post I see.. have fun!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

5 opmerkingen:

Preeti zei

Hi Annette, nice to see you back on the blogland :)
You made so many beautiful things and your kids have grown up from the last time you shared pics. Good wishes to you and your family for all the anniversaries and achievements and wish you happiness in future events too:)
Nice to know about your running activities but I am always a bit jealous on that front, you know that :D

Stitching Noni zei

Hello again! Loved reading your update :) Your gorgeous kids are so grown up now :)
I find it hard to keep up with blogs these days... So I know how you feel :)
Hugs xx

butterfly zei

So good to find you back.
Looks like you are so busy where do I start !
Well first congrats on your running .
Lovely stitching and sewing .
Such lovely photos of the last few months .
Have a good week and hello to all the family.

Nina Hobbysite zei

Fijn dat je er weer bent. Je bent weer druk bezig geweest. En mooie dingen gemaakt. Leuk zo lang naar disneyland. En wat worden je kids groot!

Carol zei

We've missed you, Annette! So glad you are back :) I love IG, too, but I don't think you get the depth or connections that you do through blogging...

Can hardly believe how big the kids have gotten--they are both so darling! And that family trip to Disneyland Paris looks fabulous--they are the perfect ages for a trip like that :)

Well done on your running success! If I had a beautiful place like that to run, I might even take it up--ha ha! My son is contemplating running a marathon this summer. He has only done half-marathons up til now.

Loved catching up with all of your creative makes--the crocheting, pajamas, stitching, face painting :) Hope you have a wonderful December with Sinterklass and Christmas!