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maandag 28 november 2016

... and there I am again..

Yes yes... one week later.. and here I'm again..
Thank you for visiting my blog :)

~ ♥  Family Time ♥ ~ 

Many of you said that the kids have grown so much!!
What I love about Facebook, is that you get older post to see as a memory 
Look at these:
♥ 4 years ago! ♥
( we went to the woods because it woud be lovely weather.. but it rained... Noah does not like that.. you can see it :) )
So cute are my sweet kids.. love them so much

Then a while back my joungest brother put a piture of us on Facebook
There you can see the younger me... :O
It was in my first house. 
Hubby just moved in. 
We had a Party. 
I think it was for his 24 birthday.. 
So this is me about 10 years ago.. 
I was in too the long skirts at that moment..
My little brother was in his Skate-board phase  :) :)  whahahahha
So funny to see old pictures

You all know Noah is doing Judo.. He still loves it..
Now he is 8, so he is in the U10 group
That means when he has a compitition he needs to go up to kids who are 8-9-10 years old. 
That's hard fo him.. but so far he still likes it!!
Here a picture of that one of the last compititions he did. 
After he lost all his matches.. we went to the real Judoka.. 
Noah got his signature and I took a picture
 It's a very big men... while we where there he talked.. and a host asked him to take off his shirt...
Ow my.. .......
I need to go more to Noah his mathes.. hihihi

Little Kira is done with swimming now she got her second diploma just before the summer..
So she wanted to do Judo too.
And she loved it!!
2 weeks ago there was a compition.. and after 1,5 months judo training so wanted to also join it.
So she did it!!
Togheter with Noah
She got her first diploma, she had so much fun.
2 lost and 1 a te.. I'm so very proud that she did it!!
That day we also baked Sinterklaas cake... as you can see here and carrot cake.. my favorite cake to bake.
It was a fun day.. soon both have another judo compitition.. 
can't wait!! the day for Xmas..

~ ♥  Running ♥ ~ 

Last post I told you I was going to enter my first ever Half Marathon!!
Yesterday it was that day

From around May I started to train longer runs.. Slowly was running more km's each time
3 weeks ago I did the 21.1 km.. for the first time
I walked from water to water... I live between it... so beautfull to walk...
AND...... I run it in 2 hours!!

So yesterday when I had my real run that was my mission
BUT... last monday I got sick... wednesday I got even sicker, and also had 2 night shifts... 
I worked them... then saterday evening I had a evening shift also.. but was feeling a bit better, only tired..
Then sunday (yesterday) it was THE DAY

Together with my running-friend we went to the place. got there in time..
The plan to run in 2 hours wasn't in my mind..
But I wanted to run the first hour in the pace then maybe I still will get it in time.. and it was going so well. so after 1 our of running I tryed to run a little bit harder..
I can tell so many thing how I felt the last 5 km...
But let me tell you I DID IT!!
Hubby made this picture of me..
You can see the time..
My official time was 1:57:11....... In the 2 hours..
And without any pain...
When I was training I had a lot of troubles with my knees a few time I could not run for a  few weeks.. This was only the secoond time I run without pain a long distance..
I 'm so happy I run the Half Marathon.. and also so glad without any pain!!
Really hope I can keep it up

Next run is in 2 weeks.. it's in a very big city. and it;s at night...Two of my least favorite things...
I don't like big city's and Im afraid óf being in the dark outside =)..
I will run 15 km. over 7 bridges... 
This one I also hope to run in 2 hours.. hihihi
You will see more in a next post

~ ♥  Stitching ♥ ~

Still need to look for another picture of my stitching piece.. but I do have one of the kids.
Kira is working on her piece for a few months new.. some time she pickes it up does a few stitching and put it in the basket again.. Slowly her Horse piece is getting there.
And she got a new one from her Grandma.. so for a while she will be busy.
With Noah I started a little dolphin.. but still have to finish it... will look to it this week!!

~ ♥  Crochet ♥ ~

I was working on a doll for Kira, and her dance teacher asked me to make one for the dance-school
As a Mascott
This is what I made for the Dance school.. and Kira in her dance-outfit
The wig, is a wig the dance-school used a while back.. but was sitting in a box.. 
I needed too cut it a lot to it.. but she is finished
She is so beautifull!!
Now deed to finish the doll for Kira.. she only still needs hair.....

~ ♥  Sewing  ♥ ~

Last year my neighbor got her 4th baby, I made her a surprse.. she asked me to make another one.
2 months ago she asked me to make another one.
And I did!!
It's such a cute - pie!!
I wanne make more of these!!!

~ ♥  Sinterklaas  ♥ ~

Just a pic to show some of my Sinterklaas decoration.
I put it all in one pic.. 
I love t so much

With this cute pic, I end this already to long post!!
Have a great week all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

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Preeti zei

Congrats on your your children's achievements !! The crochet doll is so cute :)
You still look the same even after 10 years. 21km is a great success , congrats ! And good luck for the next run:)

Carol zei

Oh, you're back so soon!! I loved seeing the old photos of the kids--and especially you and your brother! Ha ha!! The styles of that era :)

Good for Kira for wanting to do Judo like Noah does--girls need to know how to be strong, too! And what a great example you are setting for her with your running, Annette! You go girl :)

Your Sinterklaas display is so adorable--you did a great job on each figure! Have fun!

♥ Nia zei

Oh my! such a long post!!! :D
Wait.... wait... I'm giving you some time to get up from the floor again ;) LOL! Yes, I'm here heheheh Trying to catch my pace on the blog world and starting to tiptoe on FB heheheh
How is Noah 8 already?? How is my little baby almost a little boy with 3?!?! Times runs so quickly...I miss you my friend =) sweet hugs!!!