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vrijdag 18 december 2015

Getting in to Xmas

Between working, school activities, sporting, cleaning, spending time with the kids my days are full.
The time to craft and read blogs is ...........
Today I started to be up-to date with my blogloving (again), almost done.
At which moment, time started to really be to short to do something???
But in the spare time, I did some fun crafting for Xmas and baby's 

Here you can see the 3 projects that I have been working on for weeks!!
I love crochet, but not to put it all togheter, it was terrible.. But I made it ;))

My little Christmas Navivity
It's looking so cute, I was very fast with my picture, its good that I did that, because Kira play's with it all the time.

Only the donkey is not yet finished, It needs hair, but I'm out of black yarn, before next Christmas it will be finished , I hope also with a shepherd, and maybe some more sheeps and ..........

The other project, is rudolph the red nose reindeer.
Only I made a little mistake with reading the pattern
Now working on the antlers.
But as you can see the nose is way way way to big. The white part of the nose is 7 rows to big, I changed the brown part as that was 7 rows to short, and after I put it on teh head I saw the white also was 7 rows to big.
It looks like pinokkio.... :O
From the front its a lovely Reindeer, but from the side... hihihihihi =)))))
The antlers...

* ♥ *

In our dinertable lamp I put some branches and christmas light, and asked the kids to decorate it.
I think you can tell which are from Kira, and which are from Noah..hihihi
I haven't took a picture of it will try to do tomorrow.
Do you have a Christmas 'tree' with horses in it???    no??    I do.. ;))

Then our Christmas tree.. Mommy why all white.. because mommy likes it, and I will not get crazy off al the colors after a few day's we have  small living,a nd when it's full of colors, I will climb of the walls after 5 days.. .. :")

I made this for my front window, a bit Frozen, as I saw it in the store we went a few weeks back

But just like every year at the dansschool from Kira they have a master big tree
So a picture there, and kids where happy again.

It's time to show some yummy yummy on the blog again.

Last week I got a bag, and when I opened it.. yummy mussels.
Not Noah, but the rets of us all love them. Kira. who can't get enough of them..They where so yummy

My friend gave birth of her fourth cute little baby boy.
And that needed a lovely gift
The baby room is ochreous/grey, so the gift had to be that color 
I made a little tag with his name in it.
She was very happy, so happy, that in the evening I got a picture of the little baby with the cuddle and the question if I want to make another one.
As its so cute to make, I made another one
I shown the picture to a other friend, who told me she was organize a babyshower, asked me to make a pink one.
Here I put a little tag on with the name I use for sell crafts. I still have no tags or something like that, but this was fun to make.
I love these little baby cuddle, almost makes my ovary rattle... almost!!

♥ * ♥

Tomorrow my BIL gave his birthday party, and as I didn't know what to gave, he asked my to make my apple pie he always loves.
It's done in the oven, and calling to be eaten...
I need to be strong

* ~~ *

Last week Noah had his exam for Judo.
He managed to get his green slip
We are so proud of him.
Tomorrow he has another tournament. We can't wait. it's the first time I can see it, last time I had to work. So great to see him.

I wanne wish you all a great weekend

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

♥ Nia zei

Your ami looks wonderful!!!! Congrats sweetie :)
Yes, it's more fun to make the parts than to actually join them :p but then we get to see it all in one piece and it's very rewarding for the trouble ;) hehehheeh looks awesome!!!!
Hahahahaha rudolph has been lying???? ;) lol no worries sweetie, still looks great :)

Love the white tree, always so charming :)
And that decoration on the window is beautiful :D

Congrats to noah, I'm sure he will continue to improve :))) and hope little kira will feel better soon...special kiss for her =)

Huge hug my friend!!!

Nina Hobbysite zei

Zo gezellig kerst, laat de kerstdagen maar komen. Stiekem vind ik je rendier met grote neus erg grappig. En van die appeltaart krijg ik honger. En leuk om je kerst stal elk jaar uit te breiden.

Preeti zei

Wow, you have made lovely amigo rump:) Congrats to Noah!!
Cute Christmas tree ornaments. This year horse, may be next year we might see a star wars Christmas tree skirt:)

cucki zei

Aww so truly amazing.
Sending you big hugs dear
Nerry Christmas sweetie pie x

Mii Stitch zei

I really like your little crochet nativity scene!!
Rudolph is cute too, coming along beautifully.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

butterfly zei

What a lovely family post full of wonderful makes and goodies.
Happy Christmas sweet friend.

Mylene zei

Busy-bee as always! Great post Annette!
Goodluck with everything and wish you and your family a Happy Christmas!
We are in center parcs Heidebos coming monday!

Annie zei

So much fun family goodness going on as usual. You are really good with those crocheted toys. I guess you've worked out a way to firmly join the parts!

The kids look so cute by the tree. And that apple pie looks so yummy!

Yea for Noah! Hope he did well at his tournament.

Have a great holiday!

Nima zei

crochet nativity looks lovely Annette

Hope Noah could perfume well in his tournament

Angel zei

Weer lekker bezig geweest.Leuk om elk jaar de stal een beetje uit te breiden.
Ah, arme Rudolph haha....komt vast goed met hem gezien jouw haken.
Mooi he, mijn boom is ook voornamelijk wit...hou er van.
De oplossing voor alle kleurige dingen is een eigen kerstboompje op hun kamer:-)
Fijne feestdagen en veel knutselplezier in 2016!

Carol zei

Your white tree looks lovely, Annette! I have all white lights and my sons STILL want to know why we can't have colored lights :) I love the peaceful look of all white lights, too.

I'm so impressed with your Nativity set, Annette--I think you can make just about anything with that crochet hook of yours! Lovely looking food and pie. I don't know how you find the time to do so much along with working at your job!

Noah and Kira must be getting so excited for Christmas--I can't wait to hear all about it :)

♥ Nia zei

Merry Christmas my friend =)
Wish you, hubby and kids, a magical night! Hugs!!!!

♥ Nia zei

And I'm back here.. again! LOL To write what I wasn't able to finish on the first time :p
I posted my first comment and forgot to write about the baby toy you made! Like the ones you made for Lourenço and even for little Bia =) Those are so cute!!! Adorable! A lovely gift, I know, my boy has two of them :D Thank you again my sweet friend =)