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zondag 6 december 2015


So .... as you all know Sinterklaas is my favorite time of the year. 
Every year it makes me feel like a little child again.
And my children love it too very much
Here are some pic's

 I did a lot of face painting the last weeks
These pic's are from Yesterday, it was the birthday of Sinterklaas, and then he gives the children gifts.
In the afternoon, I asked the kids with kids of my colleague to play for Black Pete to help Sinterklaas at my job, They brought gifts to all the patients, and they loved it.

Kira asked for the horse Amerigo of Sinterklaas, and a unicorn, her favorite horse
I did my best
Noah made this picture of me painting Kira.

* * * 

Look at what we did with this box, I thought I put the pictures from this DIY project on my laptop, but can't find them.
But you can imagine, kids loved painting it. First light brown, then with a sponge we made the red bricks on it.

We went to the playground across the street to look for branches, I bought some red Xmas light..
And taaadaaaaaa out very own fireplace.

Kira made the white horse of Sinterklaas. 
So fun.

Today Sinterklaas went back to Spain, next year November he will come back
So all the decoration is back in the box.
Till Next year !!

* * * 

In the meanwhile I have been crocheting for Xmas
I put my nativity upstairs in the hallway
 This is what I made last year.
I'm working on the donkey right now,
 also some other pieces, forgot to take a picture, thats for my next post

* * * 

 My orchid plant is coming in bloom
And look at this beautifull amaryllis.
Already four flowers in there and new ones are coming.

* * *

Noah is having so much fun at Judo
Here he got his first emblem.
And last week he got a third place medal on a tournament, it where all groups of 4 kids, so all kids got a medal. Great organized
We are so proud of him.
Next week he has a exam for a new color for on his band, and the week after another tournament
The weekends are very busy at the moment.. hihihi

From Kira's dancing tecaher I got this awesome picture of her
It just looks like she was flying.
Little fairy

I wanne end this post with such a cutie
Kira her love for horses is growing by the day!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

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♥ Nia zei

Hello my sweet friend :D #ImissYou
Trying to update my blog reading while my boy sleeps ;) I will talk to you on viber soon ;)
Congrats to little Noah!! Well done :D And Kira having fuuunnnn!!! :D
Already taking decorations back to the box...? Oh my! these last weeks went by really fast :p As you know, I loooocve love love Christmas =) but this year I can't really enjoy it as I wished...time is going so fast! Not having the chance to make things as I always did... hopefully next year I will have more time to make things! This December is very different, since we just moved to Lisbon :p It's not the same thing for sure! My plan is to enjoy the most of the season, have fun with my boy, take him to watch all the lights and decorations in the city, play a lot with cousin Carol :D I think we will make the best of it ;)
Wish the same for you, hubby and kids, enjoy!!! Take the most of this special season :) hugs my friend!!! ♥

Mylene zei

Lots of happenings and beautiful pictures of you and your lovely kids.
Congrats to Noah with his first emblem.
Have a happy week.

Carol zei

What fun your kids are having this time of year, Annette :) Really love that photo of Kira "flying!" She is like a little pixie--so sweet and cute!! And your face painting is very impressive!

I love that nativity set that you are crocheting--so beautifully detailed :)

Enjoy the countdown to Christmas with those dear children of yours--what a fun time of year!

Annie zei

Anyone can see why you love this season so much! Outstanding unicorn painting on Kira's face. And she does indeed look like a fairy in that dance shot. Noah looks so grown up in his Judo clothes. It's nice to see you're training him to be your photographer too.

Enjoy your holiday crafting... you always make the nicest things.

Nina Hobbysite zei

Sinterklaas blijft leuk! Leuke foto's van je kids. Maar kerst vind ik ook altijd gezellig. Elk jaar een beetje meer kerststal aan het haken. En mijn amaryllis doet het nog helemaal niet. De foto van een vliegende kira is erg gaaf.

Linda zei

Beautiful, Annette! Warm greetings and Merry Christmas from Montreal, Canada. :)