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zaterdag 11 april 2015

Late Hoppe Easter and my run

So there I am again.

My blogging is the same as my crafting. Sometimes I craft many days, and sometimes none.. lol.
But as last time  have much to show you all

Last weekend it was Easter, this blog post was then planned, but here we are.
We had fun, did great things, and my camera was there with me so let me show you what we did

As you see the weather is getting better. We had rain and sun at Easter. So we where inside and outside. Also a lovely bike ride at the dike/water. Is was lovely.
We painted eggs, baked bread  ( first time, it was fun so not the last time!!) and most important ( hubby got always says that my thing, but as you can see he is also good at it)

And looking for eggs that's still the most fun thing. At Hubby's job they organised a Easter-brunch with a easter egg hunt.. and also 2 big fake-eggs where hidden by the Easter bunny, as Noah was very enthusiastic he found one and also got a big gift.. lucky boy!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Some of you are waiting for my run-info??
oke, here it comes.. 
I had so much fun, the only bad things was the weather-> Hard wind and much rain.
But that didn't spoiled the fun.
Ow it was raining so much,..
When you hate photo's never let them take photo's when you are running.. lol!!

Then my finish!!
I have a little movie of that hubby made
ow yes I made it the 5km.
My very first time.
And let my show you how good I did it

Can you see the number 8???
!!!!  That was my place !!!!
After 6 months of running, doing a run and I come as 8th over the finish from all 233 runners

So I think you can imagine how I felt!

And as you can hear in the movie ( really hope it does it) hubby and my kids too
So now next to crafting, cooking/baking, working in the garden, I have  a new addition runnning..
HELLUP.. need more time in a day/week.year :P

♥ ♥ ♥

Last post I told you how proud Noah was that his name came in the newspaper..
It got even better last week.
Now he is again in the newspaper, BUT... with picture!!
And next to him his girlfriend looking at him ( you can't see that, but ow so sweet)

I love the picture so much, I emailed the paper, If I could get the photo, they gave me the email of the photographer, and she send me a email back with the beautifull photo that she made, and calles him a beautifull boy ♥ ♥ ♥.
I live across a little playground and  behind that is a football lawn.
This year they are going to change it to something new as slowly they are changing our district.
All the kids of our district could choose what they wanted in the playground, and the newspaper came to make pictures!!
Now choose the pirate-playground, and it won.. kids are all so happy.
!!! Now fingers crossed it will be finished before the summer !!!

We need to scan the papers both soon for the remember.

♥ ♥ ♥

We didn't only bake the Easter bread but also Eclaires.
mmmmm yum yum
I'm told we need to make them more often.. lol!!
But I have to much more idea's for baking.. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Yesterday we had our first summer day of the year!
Kids had so much fun, Kira even went upstairs to put on her swimming suit.

Today we had much rain, but this week we will get more beautifull summer weather.
I'm already working in the garden.. 

As you can see also with my crochet hook!!
hihihi =))

 The garden is getting greener by the day!

And my beautifull MAGNOLIA that I planted last year is in bloom for teh very first time!
I love flowers in bloom!!
More are coming..

  ♥ ♥

So I'm off to go watch my new addiction Nashville ( it's also a bit in my way for crafting) 

I really love the drama in it!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Jane zei

I'm so happy for you Annette ~ that's a fantastic achievement to come 8th place, well done you x
Lots of lovely baking and wonderful pics of Noah and Kira.
Your garden will soon be popping colour everywhere now the warm summer days are fast approaching.
Keep crafting, I love your creations

Nina Hobbysite zei

8ste plaats. Goed gedaan! Leuke paasfotos. En alweer de krant, erg leuk voor later. De eclairs zien er goed uit. En lekker zo'n dagje mooi weer. Hoop dat het vandaag ook weer een echt lente dagje wordt.

Preeti zei

Congrats on your running !! Well done :)
And congrats to your talented son :)
You are a busy and very active mom. How do you get so much energy to do all of these? I am amazed !:)
It takes too much time for me to convince my body ( not buddy, he is ever ready for walk:)) to go for a walk.

butterfly zei

What a wonderful post full of Easter goodies.
Well done on your run and congats to your son.
Your cakes look yummy .
Enjoy the sunshine this week hugs .

Mii Stitch zei

Lovely post Annette! Wishing you a belated Happy Easter :)

Mylene zei

Lovely post Annette and you did GREAT with the running despite the strong winds and rain.
You sure a busy-bee as always, send some crafting mojo over here...

Annie zei

You always have so many fun things to show on your blog!

Congrats on the race! You look great, rain and all. Nice form when you run and you were still going so strong at the end!

And congrats to Noah! He just keeps winning and getting publicity.

I love homemade bread. I don't know how you can make it and not eat way too much of it!

Carol zei

8th?! 8th?! That is fantastic, Annette--good for you :) I am truly impressed... Must be all the running around after the kids has put you in excellent condition, right!?

I loved seeing the photos of the kids and their Easter activities--they brought nice memories of when my boys were young. Good for Noah and hooray for the new playground. The kids will love the pirate theme...

I watch Nashville, too, Annette--I'm so impressed with the singing on the show. Lots of drama, too, as you say :)

Hope your week is going well and that spring continues to visit. We are finally getting some bulbs sprouting here (tulips, daffodils, and irises :)

Anne zei

Such a wonderful family time, and congrats on your run! Happy Stitching too!! :)) Oh and also Happy Spring!!

♥ Nia zei

First time reading here but I feel like I already know everything... Whatsapp! ;) lol
It's a good thing, we haven't talked as much as we used to last year but we are still much in contact :D that makes me smile :) love you my friend!!!!!