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maandag 20 april 2015

Forgotten Easter crafts, clothing and more

Hi all,
Do you see this much???
I love reading and looking on blogs, but in all the years I found to many blogs I like, and my bloglovin is still growing.

So from time to time, I love seeing this, also when it's just for 5 minutes..
Well, for now it's already a hour the same.. hihi..
But not for long I think.

So write some lovely post, the evening is still young, enough time to read.
I think I will write another post

# # #

In my last easter post I totally forgot to show you the Easter crafts I made, and put down for decoration, so here they are
 This is the wooden egg I got from my BIL last year, I painted it white, the decoration in the little Easter tree is what I made this year, In the collage below you can see them better
 In this Easter piece I put the same bunny's, and also made a felted doll, a little one, In the collage you see it better, it's holding a dallodil in his hands. so sweet.
I forgot to make a close up from the tulips there are in it, but I need them for a other project so they will come back

Kids always have there own easter tree on the diner table, they worked hard to fill it!!
I decorated the rest

Now it's all back in boxes.

And really new decoration is on the places

Net week we celebrate Kingsday, In the Netherlands is real tradition to celebrate the birthday of our King ( or Queen, for so many years it was Queensday)
I normally don't decorate the house, but as my kids love it all, and I love my kids ( I started making things, and by seeing some awesome pattern, i really need to start making things

Here you can see a thing what I've been making

 Tulips are really Dutch, I found a lovely pattern, to put it in a cover.
In there need to come also Tulips, still working on them..

# # #

Yesterday we had a communion of a nephew.
The very first time I saw one ( and more will follow) lovely too see it all.
I'm not religion, but my in-laws are Catholic.
It's also a fun way of seeing the family.
Next year my God-child will do his Communion, and then more nephew's and nieces will follow.

The only thing I know about a communion is that kids are always so beautifull dressed, so I found it a good reason to put my sewing machine one the table again ( really have to do it more often).
This is what I made for the kids
For Kira a dress white with red polka-dots.. only the fabric is super cute!!
Made a red bolero for on it. I found some cute white balet flat's ( her first one's, I always walk on those in the summer), with socks that have a lace.
Under a dress like that in my mind girls always have socks with lace.. hihi and I found them.
In her hair 2 lovely braids with red ribbon.
For Noah I had such lovely clothing in his closet, but I wanted to make also something for him. So made again a pattern for a gilet. This looks so simple but when you sew it wrong you hear a lot of *^%%*#E$@&#$W&ET..... I needed to cute it smaller, It just fit him, and he loved it so much.
Noah is a boy who can wear a tie every day, he just loves it.
I also found some lovely cheap neat shoes for him.
When they both put the shoes on, they where white.. Now BROWN.... 
Note to my self    -> never buy white shoes again
But the kids looked so pretty, and where so sweet.
Best kids of the world!!!

It was a drive of almost 2 hours and also back, we saw so many beautifull things.
Keukenhof  ( a Spring flower parc, still love to go there one day) is very famous in the Netherlands, we where near that, so many flowers we saw.
On the way home we went near by Schiphol, our biggest airport.
So we saw enough
In a town nearby where we needed to be was a celebration weekend it was 70 years ago when they where liberated so with flowers where made many special things, like this Zebra, all made of flowers. I saw so many things, but we drove to hard hard for a good picture ( we didn't want to be late in church..hihi)
And special for hubby and the kids, at the end we went to BurgerKing for some French fries and Burgers.

# # #

I still have more things to show but that's for a another post.

I finally also finsihed this Shrug/vest this weekend, but haven't made pic's.
Tomorrow it will be 19 degrees, so I can wear it and will take pictures of it also on me..
More in my next post.
Need to think which clothing I will crochet now.. I love having a simple project..

Have a great evening all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

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Preeti zei

You have made so many pretty things to decorate :)
I love the dresses you made for your kids, especially , the frock :)
My daughter's school uniform requires wearing white shoes daily. No matter how much you clean, it turns dirty daily. Once in a while, I have to wash them but they are so big and heavy that they take lot of time to dry.

Mii Stitch zei

Really like your Easter decorations, especially the egg made by your BIL :)
Lovely clothes for your children, they look ever so smart.. perfect for the family day celebrating a communion!

Nina Hobbysite zei

Wat een mooie kleding genaaid. Vooral dat stippen jurkje. Leuk al die paasstukjes. En ik volg ook heel veel blogjes. Zo leuk om allemaal te lezen.

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette ! Yourester decorations were all lovely and the big wooden egg is a real treasure.Oh, how I admre your crochetings skils-You are so versatile crafter..Enjoy the spring and the coming Kingsday!
Greetings from Finland !

Annie zei

You've really done a lot of crafting lately. Don't know how you find the time.

Those kids are looking so grown up these days. Such cute outfits! It's nice to see a brother and sister enjoying each other's company!

Mylene zei

So many lovelies as always.
Your kids looks great on their outfits for the communion. Happy days...

♥ Nia zei

Your decorations are always lovely! Everything!!! =)))))
Kids look so cute in their clothes :D great work!!!

Carol zei

Aww... that photo of Noah and Kira in those beautiful outfits is so adorable, Annette!! How do you ever find the time to make clothes along with your crafting? Do you ever sleep--ha ha!!

Love your Easter decorations and they look great on the egg from your BIL. I really miss decorating and baking with my sons... Lots of good memories :)