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zaterdag 25 april 2015

Kingsday decoration and more

Hi all, so there I am again with a mostly crochet post
But first have you all  seen Valerie is back in blogland?
Go over there and leave a sweet comment to welcome her back

  * * *

Then in 3 days it's Kingsday
The days we celebrate the birthday of our King.
My decorations are done, I'm very happy with them, and have all kinds of plans what to make next year. But first enjoy this for a while. It will stay in place till the 5th of May. That's the day we celebrate to liberated from WWII. It's already 70 years ago since we where liberated.
Time flies.

But first let me show you the decorations

 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.
Pillow made by Carol

 red-white-blue tulips

What do you think aren't they a beautifull couple??
I made them for a pattern from a book.

The tulips are felted, and so fun to make
The details form the dolls are so perfect and really look like our King and Queen

At the other side in my side window I made Frau Antje
Frau Antje is a Dutch character used in the advertising of cheese.
I forgot to make a close-up of her, but maybe you can see, that she is holding a piece of Cheese underneath her arm.
And the where's special dutch costume.
I need to say, before I looked in this crochet book, I hou van Holland ( I love Holland) I didn't know about her, I googled her and on Wikipedia I came across some information about her.
That fun about blogging, you come across new things and I love to know more about it.
More on the photo is the bench with again the tulips in red-white-blue, and in the middle a gift I got 2 years ago from Valerie and her SuperHubby

In my front window, I wanted also tulips
Next to my big white pots I put the one I shown in my last post, but this time completed with crochet tulips in them.
Kira likes them so much, so often I need to look for teh flowers, and I will find them back on her room, so I promissed her, that I will ame her in hetr favorite color.. 
Above in my front window I wanted a Dutch Garland. Kira helped me making it

She made them from hama beads, I made it in to a garland and hang in on my brench.

I just went looking on my laptop and found this photo, here you can see the three better.

You can see Frau Antje better too.
The basic of all dolls are the same, is even the same als the ones from Xmas and Sinterklaas, only the details and colors are different.

* * * 

Today is the last day off school before two weeks of vacation, and as always in the whole country it's Kingsday-games.
This year at school it was a bit different, as always they start with a Kingsday breakfast, then on the schoolyarn they song and dance the Kingsday 2015 song ( every there is a new one). I have photo's but so many other kids on them, I can tell you it was so fun to see.
After that they organized a sponsored run with teh whole school.
Hubby and me helped to stamp when kids came, it was so fun.
I had no time making pictures of the kids, but a teacher made them. I need to cut the other kids, this one where a bit easy.
40 minutes of running rounds, it was so fun.
Today we had a warm day in the afternoon it was 20 degrees, but in the morning still to cold.
They where asked to where sport-clothing, and I gave them a sweater on it. Look at them running..
The 5th of May they organized a Kidsrun here, so they can do it again. ( pic's will follow).

* * * 

A cooking collage.
When I was making the collage I came across a collage from 2011 I was making the same with Kira.. hihi They looked better then :(   but the tast still yummy ;)
* * Poffertjes * * 

It's a bit the same as pancakes but also not.. LOL.
You used almost the same for the batter ( beslag = NL) only the measurements are different. You eat them with butter and sugar... so yummy.. and in the recipe I found this time they written to bake pieces of apple in butter with cinnamon and sugar... mmmmmm yum yum.
Then as dessert I made carror cake ( we need to eat veggies too..hihihi)
After finding a better spoon to put the batter on teh Poffertjes-pan I hope they will look better again.

* * * 

I have told you Noah was in the newspaper for teh new playground that we are getting across the street.
Monday the started ( too early in the morning....) with the work.
They where told to get it finished by today, I didn't watch today but yesterday it was almost finished.
No we need to wait on all the things they orderd, but in the meanwhile kids are still having so much fun in the sand, dirt, mountain etc etc
And playing football. we are getting a street-court on the right picture you can see the street part is done, only teh fence around it needs to come, but kids are already having so much fun.
Our kids sleep good every night, but now after playing every day there running climming they really sleep like a baby.. hihi

The work people are going to try to finish it totally before summer.
So fingers crossed, that would be so awesome.. I think I need to move to the playground to see my kids then.. hihihi

* * * 

The warm weather was also good so the garden could get greener..
It has
 green green green with some white flowers
 I cut the tree's, above the swing and on the rght the clematis are getting in bloom
Look at this tree.. it's getting there.. 
Next post a picture totally in bloom

I see it's after midnight.
Tomorrow morning the alarm clock will go off for swim class for nOah, so I'm off to bed.,
Have great weekend all, and please help me with some more sun.. we will get rain rain rain.. I know my garden needs it.. but kids are having 2 weeks of vacation.. please no 2 weeks of rain.........

I Wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

9 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

I love the KIng and Queen, and beautiful Tulips , and all the decorations you have so much talent .
Lovely flowering tree.
Have fun with the children in the holidays such wonderful times hugs.

Nina Hobbysite zei

O, ik heb zo zin in koningsdag. De sfeer vind ik geweldig. En ik hou van rommelmarkten. Hoop echt op mooi weer. Maxima en willem alexander zijn erg leuk gehaakt. Veel plezier met de twee weken meivakantie!

Preeti zei

Your crochet dolls look so cute!! :)
Like Kira, my favourites are also the tulips :) they are so bright and lovely !!
Wish you and your kids, a happy vacation!!
I loved the view of your green lawn from the front window :)


What an exiting week, I love the dutchie projects you made and wish you al a happy konings- and bevrijdingsdag. Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

♥ Nia zei

Ohhh your king couple is so cute :) so is the cheese girl :D
And those tulips! Oh my so tiny and darling!!!! Very very sweet :) how did you make such tiny thing?! :D
I've been crafting a lot :D i miss my needles a bit...
I also miss baking! Lol :p
I made Lourenço's bday cake and 2 weeks after two cakes for a playdate... Nothing more :( i miss baking more too :p it's just so hard to find the time :(

Your kids always have lots of activities, that's very cool :)
Hope the playground will come in time for they to enjoy it this year :D

Your garden is looking good :) here nothing... No time for crafting, baking.. Taking care of the garden is even further away =/ Oh well.. At least we go to the park every sunny day :D no matter what's to clean, i don't stay home if it's sunny outside, we take Lourenço to the park and he really loves it :D he loves watching small kids like him hehehhe he goes to everyone and starts 'talking' to them :))))

Carol zei

I'm always so impressed with your creations, Annette--your attention to the little details is wonderful! Love the Kingsday decorations and teeny tulips. I can see why Kira wants them for herself :) And I'm honored to see my little seaside pillow included in your display!

It looks like Noah and Kira are taking after you--they will be good runners, too :)

Love the tasty looking Poffertjes--and I'm sure the kids did, too. I'm sure they can hardly wait until the new playground is finished! They will love hanging out there with their friends :)

Enjoy your spring flowers and sunshine--everything is so green and lush! Things are greening up here, too--finally!

Happy Sunday to you, my friend!

Mii Stitch zei

King & Queen are simply tooo cute!!! What lovely crochet work... and the food, yum, looks delicious!

Pauline zei

Leuk al die decoraties voor koningsdag!
Ik vergeet elke keer de familie neer te zetten..

Angel zei

Zo leuk dat paartje!
En die tulpjes..geweldig!
Lekker bezig blijven want je maakt mooie dingen, erg leuk om te zien!!