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dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Help needed...

But first I wanne show you my beautifull finish =))) ♥
In my last post I shown you that I picked up Somebunny again.
And as my needles are still on fire I finished it.. YEAHHHHH...* ♥ *
Still need to wash and iron it, but I will show you my beautifull piece
 Aren't they CUTEEEEeeeeeeeee?
I'm very happy, that it's finished, I loved every stitch on it.
The colors, the bunny's, very cute piece.
Next month will be my sewing month, I hope too finish it of in to a pillow case by then, so next Spring I can show it on my couch.

♥ * ♥

About the help.
The web is a very big thing, and for months 'm looking for different pieces of fabrics
As I told you November is my sewing month.
I just took all my vacation days, so the whole month of November I'm free/off, and at home sewing..
Many projects in my mind.
As you all know Kira is totally crazy about Frozen and princesses, so going to try and make her some dresses and normal clothing, also for me and Noah.
A few pillow cases are on the menu
For special fabrics for the Frozen dresses for Kira I gave up, to hard too look nearby

But for a other special project I'm looking for Chevron fabric.
In holland, I can't find them, only some knits, but I don't need them.
I wanne have cotto fabrics
I'm looking for the color Yellow-White and Grey-White.
Here I found a pic of both fabrics
So here is very hard too find, I know USA and China are full of them, but with very high shipping costs.

Does anyone have a tip of a store for me, maybe closer by or cheeper shipping costs where I can find these fabrics.
You would help me a lot, and maybe I will find many more projects there.
My mailbox is open ... =)))

* ♥ *

Then as My needles are really really really on fire, I'm crafting like crazy.
Yes kids still get food, house is clean and I sleep every night, but in my crafting time, projects are rolling down my sleeves...

I made pictures of the crochet hats and scarf for a next post.
I'm up too date on Jingles..

I even started up a new stitching piece, and it's getting a long very good.
But more of that all in my next post.

As last I wanne show you a crochet piece for me.
...A shrug...
I see many question marks on your faces I think..
What's a shrug??

A shrug is like a vest/ bolero, I think that's the best explaning for it.
And here my pogress..
The pic below is the right color
I'm making it from a  bit brown wool with my awesome favorite Amour needle nr 5.0
Last night finish the first ball of wool.
Also more of this in my next post.

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

16 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Je borduurwerk is super! Je bent echt weer creatief bezig. Leuk.

Annie zei

Your bunnies are the sweetest.

Shipping costs have really gone up over the last few years. It really can drive you crazy seeing something you like, but the shipping costs make it too impractical. I assume there must be a store in the EU to buy from that would be better for you. Hope someone helps.

Olga Visser zei

Ah, die konijntjes :)))))

Annett, ik besteel altijd via

ze hebben redelijke prijzen, goed bezorging en ze zijn heel klantvriendelijk, een aanrader dus.
Bij ze kan je alles vinden en voor Kira, en voor Noah, en ook voor je ander project.


Preeti zei

Cute somebunny finish !! Good luck for your sewing month:) your shrug looks very nice !
Enjoy your vacation and crafting :)

cucki zei

Your bunnies are the cutest..
i hope someone helps you..with it..
big hugs xx

Anoniem zei


Your Somebunny finish is really sweet and your crochet looks lovely too!

Pauline zei

Je borduurwerk is heel mooi geworden!

Mii Stitch zei

Absolutely beautiful bunny finish!!!
Sorry, only buy fat quarters in my LNS so can't really help with the chevron fabric..

Manuela zei

Your bunnies are so cute.
I like them.

Greetings, Manuela

Anoniem zei


Carol zei

YAY!! An adorable new finish!! I'm so happy for you, Annette :) And I love the shrug you're making, too (I knew that word :)

So glad you have some extra time this month for your crafts and I do hope somebody in the EU can find the fabric for you. It would be very costly to mail it from here...

mARICa zei

Yeah, the bunnies are very cute

These chevron patterns are very popular. It looks like that I saw it somewhere recently, but don't remember where..
What about to call in quilt or fabric winkels to ask do they have these chevron pattern fabric? Maybe they don't have everything online. but you could come in shop.
I know only 2 shops in Amsterdam: and And 1 in Haarlem

I want to find a good online shop this fabric, but didn't tried yet.

Angel zei

Ah, wat supersweet!!!!
Voor volgend jaar staat er zeker ook somebunny weer op mijn to do lijstje.
Ze zijn zo leuk!
Nu nog de jingles;-)
Succes met het vinden van de stof!

Hetti zei

Hoi hoi Annette eerst heb ik heerlijk je blogjes gelezen en ervan genoten!
Voor je chevron stof heb ik dit adres voor je waar ik vroeger vaak quiltstoffen kocht;
en ze hebben het voor je;

Meestal bestelde ik onder de 25 dollar dan blijven de verzendkosten laag en geen dounakosten.
Hopelijk heb je er iets aan,
liefs en XXX Hetti

Anoniem zei


Congratulations on your Somebunny, they are so cute!
I hope you find the material x

♥ Nia zei

Hahahahaha kids still get food! Lol! No one ever thought the opposite :p lol!!! We'll do e sweetie! Craft a lot! Take the best of that mojo! Hehehehe :D
You know I love than somebunny design, I stitched it for Carol :) it's so sweet, has such pretty colors :) čongrats on your finish sweetie :D
And a little time here, little time there... I've read all your posts and saw all your amazing crafts :D now just missing more time to actually talk to you! Hahahaha Ohhh i miss our long talks :) and now with christmas coming... Even shorter time :( i promise i will try to make more time for my friends :)))))