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zondag 10 augustus 2014

The big 3-0

Hello everybody!
How are you all.
It has been a while seen I wrote here.
We went on vacation too France to the Ardeche ♥, but I will tell you more about that in a other post. This post is about today, and also about yesterday wich was a very very special day too me!!! =)))))

Today I turned 30... =) ♥
Im now also with the 30 club.. they say it doesn't hurt.. I can tell you otherwise..  hihihi ;)
But let talk about the party..
As my birthday is togheter with my 2 nephews, I had my party yesterday.
Wednesday we came back from vacation, two day's of cleaning it all, and then Friday I was too see the whole day in the kitchen.
As Hubby know I wanted to bake a lot of cakes as a big surprise he gave me a new mixer, and I love it .. It´s so handy, and my cakes-pie´s are even more tasty and faster done.
Then saterday morning did the last apple pie.
And then hubby told me to hurry up as he had a surprise for me..
**** another one???****
But first the shower, putting on my party dress.
Hubby made a pic of me and the kids
The birhday-girl!!

Then not much later, hubby told me to go to the door, and who was there???
Sweet sweet Valérie and her Supperhubby came all the way from France to celebrate my birthday with me..
It was a suprise between them.. and the know about it for a month..a WHOLE month
I didn't know a thing..

I think she can still hear me screaming in her ear..
I jumped out of the door, run too her, jumped in her arms..

OMG, I can't tell you how awesome the moment was.. My make-up ( who was 5 minutes old) was running away with the tears
It was so awesome, to celebrate this special day with them

Look at us.. so pretty!!

Superhubby made a pic of me after blowing the candles
Me just after blowing out of my candles..
Wanne see the other pie's??
I made a whip-cream pie, a apple-pie, a carrot-pie, and 2 miserable.. 
The last are really awesome.. It's a Belgium pie, tryed it the first with my SIL who is from Belgium, really awesome...

Then for diner I made some things too.
I made so many things for Diner... I got many compliments of how much and how great it was..
I think was is most fames, where my Dutch Frozen Eggs.. hihihihihi
isn't that right Valérie and Superhubby???
My refrigerator was a bit to cold ( why?????) so the eggs where frozen, too bad because they where so yummy!!The leek pie was also very good eaten, all was...
What i don't see on the pic's was the rice with ragout, my FIL told me tonight how he loved it

Then giftsssssss.
I got many beautifull awesome gifts.
The first I got was from marion
Thank you so much Marion, or the sweet card and magnet.. it's always so awesome, how you find teh special things.

My other FIL, always makes a card

Thank you so much...

Then that morning Valérie send me a message if I got her gift, because there was also something in there for Kira.. know I didn't because she had it with her a few hours later..
and look at this..

I made a simple pic, because I needed to be fast, but soon I will show it better

Valérie made teh awesome sweet Little red riding hood pillow, as she know I love her and the pattern.. and look at that finish off..
But look even closer you see the little doll???
It is made by her SuperHubby..
Really need to make better pic's.. in the basket are cookies I think 2 mm big.. really awesome.. they made it speacially foe me in a bit of a secret. owke they shared it with two other lady's, who know about it all... and also kept there mouth closet... :(((((   he Rita and Nia????

But it's really awesome.. 

I;m really really happy with it..

Rita also send me a messages if I arrived something, and that afternood, it came
again a quick pic
A awesome garden scrapbook and a magnet clip..
the book is totally made by her.. it's really awesome..

the inside , the outside
So beautifull.. not going to write a word in there.. it's too pretty...

Soon will show it totally!!

And that was not all..
Look at what the kids got

Noah got a very COOL angry birds Starwars T-shirt from Rita, and a Lego Starwars package from Valérie and Superhubby.

Kira got a wallet, a book and two hello kitty hair clibs from Valérie and Superhubby en a hello kitty book and pencil from Rita..

Girls togheter with Nia, you made my day so darn special..
spoiled me so much.. and the kids also.. so very sweet.
I know they loved it very much., I love it very much..
It's awesome..

As you all can see my birthday was one to remember..
ANDDDDDD.. as I been told, more gifts are on there way too me.. isn't that awesome?? ♥ ♥ ♥

jajajajajajaja ♥ =)))

I'm now off to sleep, today went to the party of my nephews.. also awesome day, I had to stand on the table with the little boy's, and they all sing for us.. 
The table did not broke thnakfully... lol..
I'm tired, because of the awesome day yesterday, I didn't let all night, hope to do that tonight!!

night night all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

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Carol zei

Oh, I am just smiling from ear to ear as I read this post, Annette!! First of all a BIG HAPPY 30th!!! WOW! You are really getting old--ha ha :) And what an amazing surprise to see Valerie and her husband standing at your doorway--oh, I'm so glad you got to meet in person on your special day...

I am in awe at all the goodies and wonderful dishes that you prepared for your celebration--you must have been up all night cooking in the kitchen. Everything looks scrumptious. And I love the photos of you and the kids and you and Valerie--everyone looks so happy and excited.

Dear Annette--I wish you every happiness as you enter your thirties... You so deserve it and I hope it will bring you even more love and laughter than you already have in your life :) Sending a big birthday hug your way!!

Annie zei

Happy Birthday! The big 30 ... a real milestone. Seems very young to me but it always takes time to adjust to the idea of a new decade!

What wonderful surprises you had to celebrate. And you are one wonderful cook!

Best wishes for a great new decade!

Nima zei

Annette..good to see you had a beautiful day. It was lovely to read ...May God bless you always

butterfly zei

Happy Birthday sweet lady , sounds like you had a gread day ,how lovely to have your friends there.
You look so beautiful.
Wishing you a wonderful week .

Hairy Caveman zei

Happy birthday Annette!! The big 3-0 is definitely nothing to worry about! In a couple of years I'll be at the big 5-0....I'll let you know what that's like!!
What a wonderful day of surprises! Having Valerie and Superhubby on your doorstep must have been a nice shock, I would have loved to have seen the look on your face!!!
Well done for all the food you made, it all looks spectacular!
So many beautiful gifts! Handmade makes them more special, one-of-a-kind things that no-one else can have.
Wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, you won't forget your big 3-0 in a hurry!
Kind regards, Brian.

Anne zei

Happy belated Birthday Annette! Sounds like it was wonderful! :)

cucki zei

Happy Birthday dear friend.. Sounds like you had a gread day ...
You look so sweet ...
Wishing you a lovely week..hugs xx

ricketyjo zei

Happy Happy 30th Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful day, the photos are so sweet, and your party food looks delicious!

Preeti zei

Dear Annette, Wish you a very Happy birthday on your special 30th one :) lots of hugs to you:)
It is a pleasant surprise to see Valerie with you and happy. I did not see her updates so was about to ask you and Nia about her. Glad to see you both had a great time together and with family:)
You sure have got pampered with gifts from your loving friends:)

Nina Hobbysite zei

Gefeliciteerd! Klinkt als een leuke verjaardag.

Mii Stitch zei

OMG! I can't believe YOU are the Petite Anne Valérie was always on about!!! :D So glad I found you thanks to my hubby (Lego Caveman).
Happy Birthday sweetie!! 30 is the BEST (well it was for me, I had my big 4-0 a couple of months ago). Such a wonderful surprise to meet Valérie & Denis. YOu are so so lucky!! I'm glad to hear they are both doing fine as she has been away from her blog since her life got more busy :P
Your husband is the best for having organised this wonderful surprise. Love all the fabulous gifts of course, and all the food!! Wow!! Very impressive, and it looks so yummy too :)

Mylene zei

Happy happy 30th..Annette! Such a lovely surprise from your friend and all the lovelies!! Happy to hear you had a great party.
So many yummy's you've made too. I am sure you're up all night for the preparations but it's all worth it when people appreciates it.

Lumiruusu zei

This post really make me smile and touched my heart!! What an awesome surprise it must have been to have your blogging friend on yourdoor! I can imagine how happy yu were.Our stitching friends are all so dear to us even thoughwe would know them only via internet!!

Yu are both very beaitifull and the green dress really fits you perfect!! Happy delated Birthday frr You :)

schloung zei

Indeed it was a very special day, a great birthday day!
We had a lot of fun, jajajajajaja !!!
And I'll never forget the frozen eggs, a Zeeland specialty , ...very special to taste ... jajajajajajaja ;-)
Thank you both for your welcome in your home !

Rita zei

ehehe what a great and sweet post! :D
I really felt from you how much you loved your birthday!! So now you really can't forget your 30's!! ehehe
So many lovely gifts you received...the gifts from Valerie and Hubby are just perfect!! We saw them also before eheheh
We had some sectrets from you in the last month ahahah But it was everything to mae you happy, of course!! You deserve it all!!:DD

Have agreat weekend dear....we talk later;))
kisses and many hugs*****

Anoniem zei


just found your lovely blog.
Happy belated birthday - looks like you had a great party!
Your craft work is beautiful.
happy weekend (:

Anne zei

What an amazing birthday my dear Annette!!!! Happy Belated Birthday! You are so lucky to hang out with Valerie!! Beautiful photos of you and your children. You are so pretty!! Lovely cakes to eat too!! xoxo!

Stitching Noni zei

Annette! OMG.... what a fantastic surprise for your birthday :o) Seeing Valerie and Superhubby would be the icing on the birthday cake for sure! It looks like you had the most amazing 30th birthday party!

Big, big hugs and happy birthday my friend xx

PS: love the Little Red Riding Hood pressies :o)

Daniela zei

Welcome to the 30 club :)
Happy birthday, a little bit late, but still from the heart!
what a big surprise along with a lot of gifts!!
The pies, I had to close my eyes... they seem delicious!