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maandag 7 juli 2014

I found my stitching needles again !!!!

These days crafting is not the thing I´m doing much, but when I do a bit i do it good!!!

Last week was the last day of the months ->>> Jingles times..
I was very late.
Started that night, and 20 minutes before midnight I finished, send a pic too Rita.
But as I already posted the day before and was to tired, I post it tonight!
I choose a small piece, so i could finish it on time.
Didn´t think I would make it.. but I did  =))))

♥ * ♥

Somebunny was shouting, that it needed some stitches too.
So lets make some on that too.

And the few, got a lot..
And now the bunny's and flowers are totally done ♥ ♥

Isn't it such a cute cute piece.. I still love it!!
Hope this week to do the back stitching on the pots, and then next week the grass..

I will finsih it off in to a pillow for on our couch..
Can't wait too see it!!

Tonight I wanted to stitch some more on it, but my sweet colleagues where telling about a fun game Hay Day.
I started playing tonight, and haven't stopped yet, so no stitching for me..  :((
Best is that I remove it, but it's fun.. hihihi, also still playing My smurg village with many bugs.. but it still works....

♥ * ♥

I put a little black on Kira's kitchen.. so now it's looking so great, and that means the big piece of the kitchen is done.
I painted the burners and the glass inside and outside of the door of the oven.
It just gives it the finish touch
And as we got a lot of rain, I put it inside. 
She is already playing with it, now I;m looking for a sink like I have in my mind..
But it will all come!!

Look at her..
She often picks lavender in my garden, and this week she grabbed a vase put them in, and put it on her kitchen..

It's mine she said.. lol.. little princes..
But still far from finished...
What will I make this week for it it!!

♥ * ♥

Then yesterday was a big day for Noah.
He needed to do his exam with swimming

He now got his first swimming diploma

Look at that face.. so proud!!
As is mommy... it was hard to keep my eyes dry.. 

he did so good..
Now the summer can safly begin!! =)))

Have you all heard about the new addiction Loombands???
I saw them last year on the big craft fair, but it was still not for sell here.

Then man told me to wait 6 month, they where out off stock in the USA.
At the moment whole the Netherlands is looming.
I bought a starterskit, but it's for the summer holiday, so Noah tryed it at his best friend, and he can do it..
Now he has to learn me this craft soon, he only has 4 days of school left
Look at his first bracelet
He is so happy that he found a craft to do..
I hope kira can do it too.. she wants to do something like mommy so bad.
And this is just like crochet...
you can make so many awesome things.. be continued..........

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

15 opmerkingen:

Pauline zei

Je borduurwerkjes zijn mooi hoor, vooral de konijntjes zijn schattig!

cucki zei

Such a sweet are so sweet and so beautiful :)
Big hugs x

Annie zei

Quite a frenzy of crafting! So much good stuff.

Love Kira's kitchen and obviously, she does too.

Congrats to Noah! He's making good use of his summer.

♥ Nia zei

Ohhhh the kitchen looks amazing :D
I'm sure little Kira will have hours and hours of fun!!!
Congrats to Noah!! Well done :D
i want to make those bracelets too :) very cool!!

Dani - tkdchick zei

So nice to see some of your stitching again! Its looking great!

Carol zei

Your newest LK SAL finish looks great, Annette, as do the sweet bunnies! I'm glad to see you stitching again :)

Kira's kitchen is looking darling--I know she'll spend many happy hours there creating delicious goodies! And how great that Noah is a good little swimmer-congratulations to him for passing his swim test. That is one thing (well, one of many!!) that I'm not good at--I can swim, but am really not very comfortable in the water, especially the ocean.

What fun new bracelets! I'm sure Kira will be creating alongside you very soon--she has a great role model :)

Enjoy your week, Annette--hugs to the kids!

Nina Hobbysite zei

Gefeliciteerd met je zoon zijn A diploma. Leuk dat je weer aan het borduren bent. Ze worden beide mooi.

Hairy Caveman zei

Very cute stitching! Well done to Noah, he's better at swimming than I ever was!! And now he's crafting too! He's multi-talented, like his Mom!
Kind regards, Brian.

Angel zei

Oh, begin niet aan dat loomen...zooo verslavend...haha.
Fijn zwemdiploma A, lekker voor de zomervakantie!

Marie-Jeanne zei

Heel mooi borduurwerk!
Gr, M-J.

Daniela zei

Hi Annette
That Jingles is getting bigger every month :)
oooooohhh so cute and lovely the bunnys, you made a lot of stitches these days, can't wait to see that pillow!
Ahahah, hay day, I've met that game, it's been almost a week since i don't play it because once i start, can't stop it...
Kira's kitchen is really cool, now she can "cook" like her mom :)
Well done Noah, he really looks proud and his mom too!!
In Portugal that bracelets are the new addiction too!
Have an amazing weekend!

Preeti zei

Some bunny looks adorable !!:) The kitchen is wonderful!! Kira is enjoying a lot :)
Congrats to your son for the swimming achievement !!
My daughter have made few bracelets with loom bands but I am not sure how good for health are these bands for kids to wear on their wrist.

Anne zei

Your needles have been smoking Annette dear!! It's a great thing to stitch again!! The LK is coming along and those mice are so sweet!! Kira will be a great little cook/baker. Her oven is amazing! Congrats to Noah for working hard to earn his swimming diploma. You must be a proud mama!! Hugs to you sweetie!!

Rita zei

yeahhh you did it with jingles!! very proud of you! I already posted it in my blog..little late:( My stitching is a little behind too, but i'm almost done with jingles...both months:D

Your somebunny is too cute!! Love it!:))

And the lovely!! Kira playing with it is too cute! Guilherme also plays a lot with his, but its not so pretty has this one;)

And congrats again to little Noah for passing is swimming test!! weee :D Very proud you must be!:))

Around here every kid is doing that new aaddiction too, the bacelets!! lol How cool:))

many kisses my good friend;))

Stitching Noni zei

Hello! Long time no visit - sorry.... I have been so busy at work and really struggling with blogging and stitching... my mojo has well and truly got up and left me! Slowly I am catching up on blogs today!
I have been thinking of you and hoping that everything is ok with you all. My prayers are with you all in the Netherlands (and the other countries involved) after the tragedy in the Ukraine.
Big big hugs to you all... xx