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zondag 29 juni 2014

Kira's party dress, and new addiction

In my last post told you about a dress I was making for Kira for the party.
I finished it on time, and Kira looked so cute and super girly in it.
Let me show you the pic, there is a short story for this pattern
♥ It's perfect for her ♥
The mix of the 2 fabric's and my favorite ribbon a ricrac. The ballerina fabric I bought to make her a dance bag, but found a other idea, so this is perfect for the dress.
The story:
When I was pregnant of Kira, the Dutch designer Collie-Collie, designed this dress and I fell in love with it, I didn't know if I had a  boy or a girl in my belly ( secretly I was hoping for a girl.. hihi).
But if it would be a girl I would buy it.
So really 2 hours after I gave birth to Kira, ( I really didn't believe at that time, I had a girl) I bought the pattern..
Read 2 hours after!!!!
The smallest size is 86 for the pattern.. Kira had that when she was 2.
I made is for my neighbor girl, made it twice for a other girl, but still hadn't made it for Kira.
Shame one me.. I loved it so much, And now when is is almost 4 ( in 6 months.., hihihi) I made it for the first for her!!
But I'm in love!!
I really like it!!
For now the has enough dresses for the summer, so the next will be for winter.

As you can see she is all girl, with her hair and jewelry.. she really loves that..
Braiding the hair is my new addiction.. I really love it.. I have a pin board on pinterest, and often I get pictures send on my facebook, so I;m trying new things..
This braid I made so often with Kira, but I didn't like the end of the braid hanging like that, I tryed ceveral options, but it still wasn';t it..
But today I found it!!
I braided Kira again with the side braid and also braided myself
So the side braid for Kira, with a messy bun and then a little flower in it..

I wanted to crochet one, but i didn;t had time, it's on my to do list for this week..
I;m in love with this way.. need to try out some new braid, with  a messy bun..

I always have a bun in my hair, but not often do one with Kira... 
And what about my hair.. found the tutaorial last night. 
The total braid is called the Bohemian Side Braid.
For a first try I really love it.. 
It's a French braid and then in to a fishtail.. the fishtail, is my favorite.. need to try it on Kira one day.. I wear it often
No hair in my face, and it looks pretty I think. On her blog I found more beautifull hair styles.. so more to try out!!
And I love how long her hair is.. hope mine will grow a bit more!!!

BTW bad pic's of my hair.. all the pic's that DH made, where to close by, and mine to far away!!
Need to work on that!!

Soon will made a post full of braids.. I have done a lot.. I'm liking it a lot =))))

Back to the party last week.. I also did some cooking.. It was a long ago.. last September.. hihihi
Right below the pie's, a apple pie, whipped ice-cream pie and carrot-pie.
I also made a lunch this time.
We had a great day... 
Soon my big birthday party, so then more cooking pic;s...♥

This last weeks we often had beautifull day;s.. we are really enjoying them!!
Her some pic's of different day's
The dike is my favorite to go too.. 
Mostly I go with Kira, as Noah is often at school. but in the weekend, Noah and sometimes his friend go with us!!
I love to skate, every day Im skating minimum 30 minutes.. (longer when I have Kira with me)
I'm feeling so much better with my new working outs ,.... and loving it.

Kira also fell down this week, very hard with her bike
This is a pic made after a few days

This morning came out of the night shift, so now a few day's off.. next weekend I have to work again..
Hope you all enjoying your day's 
I know I do

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

16 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

The dress is beautiful, worth waiting for. Kira and you look gorgeous in those braids. I've never seen one with that fishtail effect. Fun to do these Mother/Daughter girly things, huh?

Anoniem zei

Prachtige jurk, staat haar goed. Wat sneu dat ze is gevallen.

butterfly zei

Lovely and pretty dress for Kira, she looks so beautiful .
What could be better out with your family having fun.

olifantje68 zei

Wat een prinsesje is Kira toch in dat mooie jurkje
En wat kan je geweldig mooi vlechten en leuke dingen doen methet haar, prachtig hoor
Zal het me dochter eens laten zien, die vind dat ook zo mooi om te doen bij haar meisje
Fijne vrije dagen nog :)

kronova zei

Leuk zeg dat harenvlechten. Mijn dochters zijn daar ook altijd mee bezig,maar jouw visgraat vind ik wel heel erg mooi. Prachtige jurk voor Kira. Wens je een mooie week toe. groetjes.

cucki zei

The dress is so beautiful and she is looking so
Pretty :)
Enjoy your lovely time with family x

Nina Hobbysite zei

Wat een mooi vlechten. En wst een mooi prinsesje. Jammer dat ze zo vervelend gevallen is.

Marie-Jeanne zei

Wat een mooie jurk.
Gr, M-J.

Carol zei

Oh, I loved this post, Annette--having no daughters of my own I have to "live" through other people's girls :) She is so adorable in that lovely dress and her hair (and yours!!) looks amazing! What fun it must be to make and do such lovely things with little Kira!! You are both so pretty, too :)

So sorry about her boo-boo--hope she feels all better very soon...

Unknown zei

Oh really wanted that dress hun?!? only two hours after her birth...:D

I must say that she looks fantastic in the dress...congrats for your work!

Sorry to hear about the bike accident.. :(

I never had hair enough for braids even though I find them so awesmoe! Congrats!

Somebunny is abandoned around here...eheheh


Hairy Caveman zei

Hi Annette! you really are multi talented! Dress-making, hair-braiding, cooking, stitching, skating...I'm getting out of breath just reading about all the things you can do!!☺
I hope Kira wasn't put off cycling after falling off. She did get a bit bruised!
Kind regards, Brian.

Angel zei

Zo leuk dat vlechten!Ziet er erg leuk uit!En je prinsesje ziet er prachtig uit....leuk he zo'n meisje meisje:-)
Alleen 2 uur na de bevalling...OMG ik zou er niet zo snel op zijn gekomen haha.

Mylene zei

Great post Annette!
Beautiful pictures of you and Kira.
and wow! such yummy foods!

♥ Nia zei

Ohhhh Kira looks so cute!! Beautiful :D wonderful dress that you made, congrats crafty momma :D heheheh looks really amazing! And her hair is so cute too :)))
What?! Almost 4?! How did that happen?! Lol :p
Your hair looks so cute too!! :D I love to make braids too, I often find new ideas on pinterest. With my curly hair, there's not much a person can do so.. I have fun making different buns and braids :) you two look amazing with your pretty braids :)))
Autch :( Kira is hurt bad!! :( i hope she didn't get scare to jump on the bike again!

Preeti zei

Kira's dress is just so wonderful!!:) you sew so pretty!!
Her hairstyle looks lovely too.
I hope she is fine and enjoying the bikes now.

Rita zei

omg!! I sooo love the dress you made!!! So beautiful!! And Kira looks lovely on it!! You are really talented!!! Loved it!!

And the way you made her hair and cool!! I don't have any talent for that loll

Poor little Kira when she fell down:(( But she is all better now, right?:))

Have a great day sweetie;))