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donderdag 22 mei 2014

Will the sun stay??

Begin of the week we had such a wonderfull sun and weather, since two day's the rain and clouds are coming.
But My garden really needed the water.

And the flowers are growing so good.
Here a beautifull picture of my 3 white clematis flowers
Aren't they so beautifull ♥ ♥ =)))
I made the pic just in time, that afternoon it got very windy and the above flower ( the first one) lost all his leaves.

In the day's we had beautifull weather we also sat a lot out side ( still do ) , and doing some craft Kira and I while Noah was at school.

Look at those cute bunny's!!
They are progressing well.

Sweet Kira is helping me very good, she stuffs all the parts.

Right now she is sitting next to me filling the legs..
So the bunny's will be soon done.

The other order I was making is finished.
The wedding carter.
My friends loves it very much.
Let's hope the bride and groom will do to
I didn't made the bow yet, otherwise you see that in the ribbon.
Simple but so beautifull!!

I almost was thinking to get married, so I can wear something like this, and make my own flower bouquet..
....mmm..... still thinking.. lol :P

Then as I didn't have enough crochet projects 
I started another one
At the moment it looks like the bag of Santa.
But when It's finished it will be a Stick Horse.
I bought the pattern last week, I really love it.. it will be for Kira.. need to order some pink for decoration..
She chooses the colors.. lol

I didn't though Jingles this week, but I do stitched on a other WIP of mine.
The above is how I started it after frogged a whole color, I justed the wrong one.
I read the numbred wrong.. lol.. 
And on the after pic, you can see what I did this week!!
I orderd the speacial colors, so when I have them I can finish it!!

Last week we had a BBQ at my godchilds birthday, but as alwasy I never eat the meat of that, becausel I get so ill.
After I felt bad, because Dh told me the meat was so awesome, they made it there-self.
So I told him I want to try and eat it again.
So yesterday for the first time in about 15 years I eat meat of the BBQ

I liked it very much, I didn't got ill.. so we are going to try it again next week..
Let's hope the rain will stay away and sun keeps coming!!

I will end this post by saying Happy Birthday to my sweet colleague, who has her birthday today
And really loves Johnny Depp

Have a awesome day Sunbeam :))) ♥

Need to get on my bike and get Noah from school for lunch!!
 ♥ Have a great weekend ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

Beautiful flowers..
And kira is a sweetheart and Noah too..
Sweet bunny and your stitching is so lovely too..
Huge hugs x

Nina Hobbysite zei

Hoop wel dat het dit weer blijft. Vind het super! Wat een mooie bloem.
Mooi borduurwerk, lekker zomers. Ik hou zelf niet zo van bbqen, dus wij gourmetten buiten. En dat hebben we van het weekend weer gedaan. Glaasje wijn erbij, perfect.

Annie zei

I would love to have a 'stuffing' assistant! I really don't like doing that part. Lucky you to have someone who takes the job seriously!

The garter is beautiful! What a great idea.

Enjoy your Spring!

Carol zei

Your white clematis is so pretty, Annette. Ours haven't bloomed yet so your weather must be warmer. It's been very cool, but is supposed to warm up for the weekend :)

Looks like you've been busy with both your stitching and crocheting--the wedding garter turned out beautifully! So making that put ideas into your head, eh? Ha ha!!

Glad you didn't get sick from the BBQ meat this time! Maybe it was just bad meat that you had 15 years ago.

Hope you have a great crafting weekend with the kids--Kira is a darling helper :)

Preeti zei

Lovely stitching!! The crocheted wedding piece looks very delicate!! It must be quite entertaining for your daughter to help you make bunnies :)

butterfly zei

Wonderful flowers and stitching Big hugs.

Hairy Caveman zei

You have been busy! From bunny rabbits to garters, there's a lot of variety there!
I'm glad you didn't get ill from the BBQ, I'm always wary of meat cooked that way!
Kind regards, Brian.

Unknown zei

Your barbecue is way too different from what we have here in Brazil!! Oh my! I bet that you were going to like ours better..eheheheh :D

I have this Somebunny project in here too but I'll have to have courage to start stitching's kinda complicated :D

Your flower looks amazing...I really like your pictures :D It looks that everything out there is amazing! :D

Wish you an incredible weekend with your family!

XOXO, Isa.

Rita zei

Oh how i wish that the warm weather would acome back:8 For weeks, as i've been told you, we have rain and cold :((
Guilherme got a cold again and i myself am not very good also:(
I'm so sick of this weather!! :(

NOthing compares to be outside with the children playing in the sun and warm..and us too!

Kira doing the bunnies is the cutest thing! :')
The wedding carter come out perfect! I didn0t wear one, but it would be fun to wear one like this:))

Its strange that you were ill with meat from the was the meat itself that was ruined, right?
I love grilled meat like that..we eat a lot around here, specially on my parents in law's house :)

have agreat week sweetie! ;)

Valma zei

lovely post Petite Anne ;)
your garter is superb !!!
sure the bride will love it and it will bring lot's of money :D
(if the tradition is the same as here of course !)
can't wait to see what will come out of the 'Santa's bag' :D
Happy crafting busy bee

Angel zei

De bloemen zijn prachtig!
Yeah somebunny is bijna klaar!
Het is echt heel leuk!
Ben zelf nog niet begonnen hoor haha.

♥ Nia zei

very pretty flowers indeed :) I love white flowers too :D
My garden is so... forgotten! No chance to take care of the flowers yet, baby still asks for all my time.. soon I'll be outside playing with my baby boy heheheh :D

Hoe cute! Kira helps stuffing =) adorable!!! I spy... pink nails :D hehehehe

a lovely idea for a bride and you made a great job!!! Charming =)))