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vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Spring has arrived ( again )

The last 1,5 week we had a lot of rain ( good for my garden ), but not for me.. lol!!
As off today warm weather is back, and the temperature will keep getting higher and higher!!
Yeah for us!!

How is the weather all over our globe???


I have been crafting a bit too between my spring cleaning ( yes still very busy on that) =))) 
Here the update of Jingles, I was stitching it this afternoon in the garden, while kids where playing there with friends
I need to order a few colors, as I;m almost out of them..

Still enjoying to stitch it very much..
I'm working on the biggest piece that there is..


My wedding garter is progressing very well..
I asked the sisters of the groom if this was what the wanted, and they liked it very much
It's a bad pic, I put in on my leg, as I have the same size as the bride.. hihi ;)))

This is the blue ribbon I'm going to use!!
Put a little bit in there, so I can see how it was looking


As the crochet butterfly's from my last post where so fun to make..
I made a few more, and send them too Valérie, as I know how much she love them.

Noah wrote inside the card..
She loved it so much!!


As I finished my first secret project, I could start a new project:
The strawberrie familie as it will look like when it's complete:
♥  isn't that cute????  ♥

It will be my summer project for the next 3 years..
It are 3 packages, and every year i will try and make one

The teapot I will save for last as the stitching is a lot, really a lot of work.
This is my first start:
I will start with the baby and then the mother... so more of that next time!!


I have been working in the garden this afternoon too.
I'm done back.
Here two pic's

 My sweet colleague always let me now when there are plants for sale in her town, also this boxwood ( buxus) where for sell, and see helped me with them..
I planted them..
hihihi I thought 20 was enough... as you see below... I'm missing 17..
So need to look for more..

And a close up from the beautifull white clematis..
The above flowers is 1,5/2 weeks in bloom by now.. I hope the third will be soon too.
I love to make a pic of them all..
So beautifull.
First year it gives me flowers


As I told you kids where playing so sweet this afternoon with a  friend..
I made some pic's

Look at them enjoying the weather..
Kira in our garden, and Noah in the playground across the street.

And yesterday went to our beautifull mill. kids loved it

The brown crochet bunny is progressing well too, forgot to take pictures..
But all parts for both are done..
So next week, will put them togheter, then I can start my final orders.. hihi ;)))
Now I;m off to bed, I have 2 night shifts this weekend!!
have a great evening all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Preeti zei

Lovely stitching!! I enjoyed watching your pics:) the butterflies are cute !! Looking forward to see your mega project. You are very busy but you still catch up with your crafts. Great job!!

cucki zei

Beautiful stitching
Always love watching at your pictures
Enjoy the spring
Hugs x

Hairy Caveman zei

Glad to hear the weather is getting better, it's warm but cloudy where I live in the UK today.
I'm sure Valerie will love the crochet butterflies, with Gorjuss too, irresistible!!
Good luck with the Strawberry family house, there's a lot of work to do there! So bright and colorful I wish I could live there!!
I wish my garden looked as neat and tidy as yours, ours is a bit of a jungle at the moment!!
Kind regards, Brian.

Carol zei

We had some wonderful warm weather here earlier this week, but today is very cool after a couple days of rain. Glad to hear you are having some nice summery weather.

I do love seeing the photos of the kids--Kira looks absolutely delighted to be at the windmill. i hope to see one in real life some day, too :)

Nice stitching and the wedding garter is looking perfect. I'm sure your friends are so happy to have a friend who is so crafty!

Enjoy your weekend, Annette, whether it be working in the garden, crafting, or playing with the kids (Hope you don't have to work!)...

Stitching Noni zei

Oh your pics make me so jealous of your warm sunny weather to come. We are starting to feel the chill of winter now... Fire is being lit at night and there is frost on the ground in the morning, but the days are glorious when it's not raining!
Jingles is looking good! Love the garter - what a lovely gift for the bride :)
Your cute butterflies are lovely, Valérie will have a big smile on her face :)
Enjoy the lovely weather and your lovely garden with the kids :)
Big hugs xx

butterfly zei

Such a lovely post , lovely stitching , great photos.
your garden looks lovely , have a good weekend.

Marie-Jeanne zei

Heel mooi allemaal, en zeker de aardbeienpot met de popjes, proficiat.
Gr, M-J.

Angel zei

Oh Valerie zou er superblij mee zijn!
De aardbeienset ziet er leuk uit...succes met het vele werk dat je er aan zal hebben.
Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat, wordt vast mooi!

Rita zei

You are doing just great on jingles!! ehehe Vurious to sse the whole block:))

The wedding garter is becoming very cute!! I'm sure the bride will love it!

Oh i'm sure Val loved the butterflies and the card...they are so cool!! You were very sweet, as always!;)

Oh that new project seems lovely!! Can't wait to see more!:)

Your garden really looks beautiful! I would love to have one like that, if i had the time or patiente!!lol


Valma zei

I so love the idea of that Strawberry house !!! this is so cute
you're going to do another masterpiece sweetie !!
Just like Mii's hubby I'd love to live there , it seems so peaceful and full of happiness ;)
can't wait to see it
as well as your garter which is going to be another awesome piece
wonderful pictures as always ! I have to post about those fantastic butterflies which brightened my day ;)

♥ Nia zei

oh the weather... I think we don't have seasons anymore. It's one week of cold and rain, another week of sun and heat --- back to cold and rain... and so on, and so on... crazy!
a bit of love to Valérie =) very sweet! :)
I've started Jingles... yeahhh!!! hahahahaha just a little but it's a start ;)
Ohhh my!!! that strawberry family is the cutest thing :D can't wait to see all finish!! =)