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zondag 11 mei 2014

~♥ Mothersday ♥~ and update's

I wanne thank you all for the congratz wishes on our Anniversary.
I got a big blush on my cheeks ♥

♥ Happy Mothersday ♥

I'm in the night shift, kids where so hastly to give the there gifts when I came home this morning.
I got a very beautifull card.
And after sleeping I got the rest.

A great lunch was waiting for me , with all lovely present on my plate'
They burned my favorite candles, and put so many on the table..

You can see the strawberrie's too??
Mmm it was so great!!

Didn't I got the most awesome gifts???
Kira made me the big pink vase with the pink flowers

And Noah made such a beautifull necklace with a selfmade heart.

There was a poem with it.. so sweet:

~ ♥ ~
Hocus Pocus pand
Here is my hand
And look at what I'm doing
I put a kiss in there
And blow it to you
~ ♥ ~

Isn't that the sweetest, all with hand gestures
I got tears in my eyes!! =)))


I have been crafting a bit on different projects.
First my Jingles update

The tree and Y are done from the next part!!
Still love the colors


Then on facebook there was a question for charity, to make butterfly's.
These I send
They are fun and easy to make.
I can imagine someone is lovely them very much in France??
( No drooling Val)


Then for the bunny order.
For the first bunny, I finished all the parts
Now working on the one for the second bunny
This all will turn in too a bunny!!


Then I got a awesome order last week, the first crochet stitching are made
A wedding garter..
My friends brother and SIL are going to get married and off the month, and she liked to gave a present like this and asked me..
I hope I can do it such a great project!!
I have been looking al kinds of photo's on Google and my favorite page Pinterest!!
I can't wait and see till it's finished, to see how it looks


Friday on the last day of Spring break we took the kids to Antwerp and went to the movie Tinkerbell.
They had such a blast.
It's really a awesome movie.
I have never seen my kids sit so still for such a long time.. hihihih =))))))
In the movie break they where playing with all the kids, many of them talked France or Belgian , but they talked and played anyway.
How great is that!!
If you like Disney movies, you really have to see this one


I'm working in my garden a bit too.
But now had 4 day's rain, really hope we will get better weather this week.
My beautifull clematis I planted last year is in bloom.
This picture is made just before the rain
Then we still had sunshine..
Maybe by showing this picture the sun will see it's missed.
When I just looked outside, the second one is in bloom.
Then only have to wait till the third.
Hopefully I get more next year!!

So time for diner and then back to bed to after that work my last night shift..
Then 4 day's off

Enjoy your week and have a great crafty time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Mooie updates, en leuke dingen voor moederdag.

Carol zei

Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mother's around!! There is nothing better than those sweet handmade gifts from your children :)

olifantje68 zei

Wat ben je heerlijk verwend met moederdag door je kids, lief hoor
ook ik heb de clematis in bloei, prachtige bloemen he
En er zitten nog erg veel knoppen in, die denk ik spoedig uitkomen
Ik wens je een fijne komende week toe
groetjes Annie

cucki zei

Happy Mother's Day dear x

butterfly zei

What a wonderful post , all your lovely gifts wow .
Have a happy week .

Preeti zei

You had a lovely Mother's Day!! :)
Good progress on your stitching. I am always scared of how to make so many small parts for amigurumi. I am excited to see the bunny!
How do you manage so many things together...job, small kids, housework, crafting and take orders too? Bravo!!

Anoniem zei

mooie updates, en wat ben je lief verwend ♥

Angel zei

Lieve kadootjes en geweldige vlinders!
Ben benieuwd naar het konijntje.

Valma zei

hoooooooooooo yes those butterflies are beautiful and hoooooooooooo yes I love them :D
So perfectly done, the most beautiful of my collection :D
Thank you so much again
Your mother's day gifts are fantastic
so sweet to receive handmade gifts from the kids, lovely kids
here it's only on the 25th
wonderful post here again ;)

Rita zei

What a lovely post!!
The gifts your kids gave you are too sweet!! I also received one very cute from Guilherme that he made at kindgarden :))

You are doing great on Jingles..i'm almost done with this month block:)

I want to see the next bunny!! ehehe

I never took GUilherme to the cinema....i really don't think he will sit quiet lol But i have to try it ehehe

many kisses****

♥ Nia zei

ohhhh lovely lovely :) I can see you had a beautiful Mother's day :D
Mine was one week earlier, here it's different, I have no idea why! It's always the first Sunday in May, I see you have the second. My baby had tummy aches so it wasn't all fun and play =( he's a little baby, it's all part of growing up :p Next year will be more fun :)))

A new tinkerbell movie? I've seen two but I don't know if you're talking about a new one...
Kids! they can make friends and play in any language :D

You've been busy, working on many different things :) I have more posts to read!! :D