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zaterdag 31 mei 2014

Joy in life ♥

I had planned to talk about the weather, start there this post with.
But this morning when I was looking in my bloglovin, I saw a post of Nia, and she wrote the sweetest thing about me..
I really have to thank her so much for her awesome writing piece.

Sweetie, you will be the best mom too!!
Wait and see =)))

For those who wanne read it, look here.

And yesterday when I woke-up from my night shift I got the greatest picture send by whatsapp.
A picture of the bride with my wedding garter on her leg.
I started crying of you ( remember I just woke-up)
So sweet, the bride really loved it so much ♥
♥ Me is happy ♥
~~ It made my day ~~

Then lets show some crafts..
We start with Jingles, as it´s the last day of the months, so Jingles Time!!!
whahaha upside down.. lol  
( don't tell Rita, but i just finished it, made a pic real fast and then writing my post)
It was a bigger piece, but with such lovely colors again.
We are almost half-way there!!

Then I have finsihed the bunny's.
With Kira helping me stuffing, it goes so fast
Aren't they cute???
 ( ssssssstttt there is also a bunny flying somewhere sssssttt)

Then cute somebunny!!
It's progressing well.

I like Satin, it's beautifull thread, it's stitch really easy..
In my last somebunny, needed to stitch with a awfull thread, but Satin I like!!
And it's really beautifull too

The end is in sight!!!
But still much to do ;))

My Horse on a stock, is progressing awesomely fast!!
I finished all the part. Tomorrow going to the IKEA and buy a bedding, that I can use for stuffing, so it's not to heavy for Kira to play with.
Then need to add all the hair, and made a halter, for both I still need to order the yarn, after I put it togheter, I need to let Kira choose the next colors
Above is the body with head, then on the left the two ears, and right the nose.
I really can't wait to see it finsihed..

My last craft for this post is a order from my BIL.
A friend of him is expecting a baby this summer, and asked me if I could make a baby minion hat!!
I wanted to give it a try, and it worked
Look at how cute!!!!!
My cute neighbor boy (5 months old) was my testing person, as I don't have baby's to try it one.. and he looks so cute with it!
I hope the newly mom will love it too, when she gets it

Noah asked me if I would help him make a bookmark.
He wanted to knit it ( that what he calls all I do.. lol)
I went to my attic, found some supplies, and we have been stitching with the three of us, even Kira wanted to do it too again!!
Look at this cute collageI made♥
Look at that cute concentrated faces..  see Noah his face!!
It was very very very quiet at the table.
Just before bed this was how far they got

Can you see what Noah's making???
A Jedi, all by himself.. How great is that!!
Kira is making a present..
halfway it was totally full, but as you can see on the above pic's she does it all on her own.

She makes the thread wet, put's it in the needle, stitch it, and then cut it all again..
So after hours of work, many threads where stitched, but also many where cut loss again.. hihi

They didn't want to go to bed, but tomorow we will do some more stitching!!

So off to bed now!!
have a great Sunday all!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

16 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

beautiful crafting, love your cross stitching
Oh and so sweet how your childeren made a bookmark

Petra zei

How cute and concentratie, love to see them this busy. You must be proud ♡♡

Enjoy your sunday xxx

Petra zei

How cute and concentratie, love to see them this busy. You must be proud ♡♡

Enjoy your sunday xxx

Nina Hobbysite zei

Weer mooie updates. Vooral de konijnen in potten borduurwerk is erg leuk.

Hairy Caveman zei

Wow, you have all been so busy! You have made some really cute stuff, the bunny's are lovely, you just want to cuddle them!
Kind regards, Brian.

cucki zei

So sweet..
Kisses for them both xxx
The bunny,s are so lovely ❤️

Annie zei

Lovely work as usual. The bunnies turned out so cute.

I read Nia's blog post and I understood how she feels about you. You are such a great Mom. And how good it much have felt to have the garter so appreciated!

And now you've got a whole studio of assistants!

Unknown zei

So many beautiful things to see around here that I have to write in parts..eheheheh.

The idea of making their own bookmark was incredible! your son has an awesome notion of proportions...the drawing is so cool!

The bunnies are just darling!! I love it!

The cross stitching projc is cute as well,I already tolda ya in another post :D I'll have to have the courage to finish.

The minion hat is so cute! Congrats!

Your hands are blesses 'cuase you do a lot of cool things! :D

Have an awesome week!

XOXO, Isa.

Rita zei

I feel so honor for seeing some pictures before your posts :DD

The kids crafting is just too adorable!! They really look very concentrate!!:)

Those bunnies are just too them!!

Our piece is getting really wonderful. The block you stitched it is so the colours :))

I always say that..that when i grow up i wanna be a mom like you...that can do all those great things! ehehe Nia is very right..and now she understands even better eheheh

kisses sweetie ;)

Anne zei

Wonderful post Annette!! I read Nia's comment and it's true of both of you!! HEART! Jingle is so festive for June!! The bunnies are adorable! I want to be your kid! lol!! I spied the horse you made for cool! The hat is amazing! You'll have to send me the link for the pattern!! Love the concentrated faces hard at work creating. Adorable!! HUGS!!

Dani - tkdchick zei

Well done on the Jingles and those little flower pots are adorable!

Valma zei

WOW ! a wonderful post here again sweetie
I really love your kids, they both are adorable and definitely when you don't want them anymore I take them, hahahaha :D
such a great Jedi Noah made !! doing Hama beads helped a lot I think , he really did a beautiful piece ;)
they are so young and already so clever....lovely
of course your crafts are also amazing ;)
stitching or crocheting everything is perfect and beautiful
very very well done

Carol zei

I totally agree with Nia's words about you, Annette... I just love the way you craft with your children, bake and cook with them, etc. You are a fun mom and the love you feel for your children just pours through each blog post :)

I love that minion hat--how adorable is that!! I hope you will send us a photo of the baby wearing it :)

The photos of the kids crafting are so cute--tell Noah his Jedi looks wonderful and Kira's pink creation is so pretty, too. Her hair is so long now--just beautiful!!

Enjoy your weekends--so sorry this comment is so late (I was up visiting my parents and when I returned I had a little surprise waiting for me from The Netherlands!! Will write soon!)

Lumiruusu zei

You are such sweet personality Annette- we all can feel it even we have not met in the real life.
Thank you for this colourfull and happy post. The pictures of
Noah and Kira stitching together are the best ever.. I am sure they have both inherited your creativity.

I really love,love Some Bunny t Love stitchings and your is very pretty!

Stitching Noni zei

Nia's words are so true :o)

I just love all those beautiful crafty things you have been making recently. And how clever are your lovely children :o)

Hope the weather stays nice for you too...

Hugs x

♥ Nia zei

So fun to see Noah 'knitting' heheheh ;) and soon Kira will be stitching with mommy too :) with her crafty mom who I admire so much :)
Your bunny look adorable!! Kira was a big help in there :))))
I've seen your minion hat on twitter, right? Well, it's never too much to say it, looks awesome :D

Ps: commentin on your blog while i hold my little one sleeping on the other arm :) hehehe
Have I told you he is quite heavy? 3 months, 60cm and 6kg :p