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donderdag 8 mei 2014

♥•° 10 YEARS °•♥

Today the 8th of may 2014, is the date that hubby and I are 10 years togheter!!

First thing Noah asked me when I told him, is that we now are getting married and more children would come..
hihihihi sweet boy.. nooooooo!! ♥

Isn't he the sweetest.. LOVE =)))

♥•°  ~~  °•♥

8 Years ago we went to a photographer to take pictures.
But one pictures was the best
I love to show you
Look at how young we where, and how short my hair was 
( it was the second time I got it shorter, never again I thought, it happend one more time.. lol)
We where so young and in love... ♥

♥•°  ~~  °•♥

This is one of the pic's I like so much from a few months back when we made pictures again
Still young and in love
(I'm still in my twenties!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET IT)

This candle is one I love so much
It's written:
♥•° Our Love got hands and feet  °•♥
I burn it often, love the written so much

Look at this pic, made on the second Easter day
Aren't those the most sweetest kids ever!!

♥•°  ~~  °•♥

Tonight we went out for diner..
We had a awesome time. had such a blast.
Kids liked it so much too

My sweetie, love you so much.. ♥

This was the first of the 3 celebratings I have this year!!
next up is that i work 12.5 years for my boss.

Then in the summer......
I will get 30... Hellup :(
But for now still in my twenties, and enjoying it so much =)))

°•♥ ♥•° 

Yesterday I had a girl afternoon, and they spoiled me so much.
A gift so me... craft supplies ( crochet book, sewing boom, crochet yarn) baking package, white..... flowers, candle..
They now me so well... hihihi

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

18 opmerkingen:

Doni zei

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary Annette! You have a beautiful family! :)

Annie zei

Congrats! Nice to see such a happy family. Those kids really look just like you now!

Anoniem zei


Pauline zei

Allemaal erg leuk!

mARICa zei

Lovely pictures.. so young and in love..
I wish you Happy life together!

cucki zei

Congratulations my dear xx

kronova zei

Gefeliciteerd met deze 10 jaren. Mooie foto's van jullie samen maar ook die van de kids.

Angel zei

De kids zijn net 2 mini versies van jullie:-)
Ik zou het niet eens precies weten hoe lang wij bij elkaar zijn (ongeveer 17 jaar) maar dit jaar alweer 12 jaar getrouwd!
Nog vele mooie jaren samen!

Preeti zei

Congrats on your 10 th anniversary!!:)
May you have a happy life together for years ahead. Loved pics of both of you and kids, they are very sweet!:)
So many lovely gifts!! I also like multiple gifts than one big single gift.
Enjoy !! :)

Hetti zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd Annette met jullie 10e trouwdag en al die jaren van geluk!!!!
Wens jullie heel veel liefdevolle jaren erbij.......met 5 kinderen ofzo, hahahaa.
Veel liefs en XXX Hetti

Regina zei


butterfly zei

Happy Anniversary , beautiful photos .
Enjoy life to the full sweet friend sending hugs & xxx

Mylene zei

Van Harte gefeliciteerd, sweetie!
...en Happy Moms day!!

Carol zei

Happy 10 years together, Annette--may you enjoy many, many more! I love your hair both long or shorter--it is such a lovely color! I'll bet you were very blond when you were Kira's age, weren't you?

Loved seeing the photos of the kids at the dinner--they are such cuties!! Always smiling and happy :)

Now, I DON'T want to hear you complaining about turning 30 this summer! I will be 60 in January!!! Now THAT is something to complain about--ha ha!! You are lucky to only be (almost)30 and have two such beautiful children with a man who loves you!!! Enjoy each day!

Stitching Noni zei

Happy Anniversary :)
I love the photos.... It's funny when you look back at photos and you see how young you looked ... Even if it's only a few years earlier!
Gorgeous photo of your lovely children - they are adorable!
While you celebrate being 30, I hit 50 this year!!! Sometimes I feel as if I am still 30 and other times I am sure that I am nearing 70!!!!
Hugs xx

Anne zei

Wishing you two a big happy anniversary!!! Love the photos! Both of you are so cute in love! Your children are sitting so nicely and so cute! You are very young Annette!! I'm much older ^.^ Wonderful gifts from your girlfriends!! Hugs!!

Valma zei

ho my ! I'm so late here ....
Happy belated anniversary sweetie
such a beautiful family you have, those pictures are so sweet
I wish you a very long life together with hubby <3
you're as young as on the first picture, very beautiful couple

Rita zei

I'm a little delay but always on time to wish you a happy 10th anniversary together!! Its so great to celebrate a date like this!
Last year it was my turn to celebrate 10 years together with Hubby, on November...just a few months of difference from you ehehe
May you will be together for many and long and happy years!!
I wish you all the best in the world!!
(and yes, it could have more children:D ehehe kidding))