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zondag 6 april 2014

°•♥ * ♥•° Lourenco's gifts and being outside °•♥ * ♥•°

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
I'm thankfully better. :))
I stopped with the morphine, only have a muscle relaxant at night, but reducing on that too. : /

I can move my head all way's without much pain, and I can do what I want again..
Only my mood for crafting is low. but that will come back =)). So happy it was for short the heavy pain, I;m not out yet but that will come.

°•♥ * ♥•°

As you all know my sweet friend Nia has a cute little baby boy. ♥
As his Dutch Auntie I made him some gift. Now that they have arrived and she has shown then on this and this blogpost. I can show them here too.

In the time she was pregnant of often talked about it and what she liked, what she wanted to have, and what she didn't could make..
My ears where WIDE open =))))

I made a pinboard on my pinterest for the baby, Nia liked is so much togheter with Valérie, so I enterend them, and togheter we gathered many idea's
Some things she made her self or are on her to-do list!!

But....... she has no 72 hours in a day

Wanne see them?? 
I'm still in love with them and I now Nia is too.

The elephant was a pin I thought of all off us.
Nia told she loved it, but is was one of her skills to make one .... ( whahaha ... she can make it everything, but I love making toys like this) . She picked out the color of the fabric.
So she know she would get this gift.. but didn't thought she would get two, a mommy and a baby

Aren't they the cutest!!

When Nia told me she was pregnant I send a little gift.
A sleeping toy

She liked it so much, so I thought lets make another one but a bit different and with blue in it.
Because when I send the above I didn't know yet it would be a boy!

 Isn't is a cutie too???
Baby Lourenco with cuddle like crazy with his 2 new friends, this one and the other white one!!
I like this one that it have a other color on the back then on the front ♥

My best winning gift is the felt name.
I knew Nia would liked to make one but I also know that she wanted to make so much that she wouldn't have the time.
So asking what she liked, looking at what she making, looking at the colors didn't made it hard to choose how to make it!

 She loved ducks, many years before she was pregnant she mafde a baby set with ducks.. so that wasn't hard to think of to make.. but the patten.. I didn't found anything that liked a bit what on my mind.
But I finally made it!! and it's perfect.

She told me she liked bears too. I saw this bears go by often, liked it so much.
I knew Nia would like it too.. so draw it and sewn it too
Added a cloud and some stars and the total name in felt was done!!
I really love the outcome.
The lettertype.. the colors and all the extra sweeties!!

 The total photo is so sweet!!
Gifts made with love , send with love and recevied with love, go look at this post of Nia

Sweetie, enjoy your gifts!!!

°•♥ * ♥•°

Yesterday was a awesome beautifull Spring day

Kids where playing, hubby was working outside ( I had some jobs for him) and he helped out neighbor.
So I was working in the garden ( don't worry I was taking it slow!!) =)))

I made a beautifull collage
The baing is from today!!
A carrot cake and a muesli-cookie.

I love the pic that Noah is jumping on the trampoline, while trying too jumping rope ( what didn't work, but the pic is still very cool!!)
Look at my beautifull tree al in bloom!!

Only beautifull pictures in this post!!!
I'm a happy girl!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

17 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

Aww they all very sweet..I love them all so much..
So cute ❤️❤️❤️
Sweet spring hugs for you x

Carol zei

Oh, your gifts for Nia's little one are so special, Annette! I'm amazed at the felt name--just perfect!! What size is it? It looks so small, but I can't really tell from my computer screen. I know Nia was just thrilled with your lovely gifts.

So glad the kids are loving being outside again and what a relief to hear your neck is better. I had that once and it is really, really painful. Take care now and don't make any sudden movements with your hear...

Have a great week, my friend!

Annie zei

Glad to hear that you are recovering nicely.

Your gifts for Lourenco are so adorable, especially the personalized name banner. He is really surrounded by cuteness now!

Anoniem zei

fijn dat je je wat beter voelt, mooie foto's en cadeautjes

olifantje68 zei

Hoi Annette
Fijn dat je je weer een stuk beter voelt
Wat heb je veel mooie dingen gemaakt
En vooral die olifantjes, prachtig
Fijne week, groetjes annie

butterfly zei

Such a lovely post, love the gifts you made for Nia and baby they are so cute.
Hope you are feeling better , I got up this morning with a bad neck it is not very nice. Big hugs.

Valma zei

wow, wow ,wow !!
fantastic post :D
I think I'll soon do one too hehehe ;)
I so love the pieces you made for Nia's baby ! so wonderful !!! ho my, you're terrific at felt and that felted name is amazing.
and the elephants are so cute..I love the way you inverted the fabrics for mum & baby, very clever and so well done ! lovely
each piece you've done is a real treasure for that little man !
he will treasure them for long
just like you say...awesome :D
This spring collage is really great. we are having such a beautiful spring. some rain yesterday but not that much...
have a great week Petite Anne...I know you're creating new amazing pieces ;)
biiiiiig hugs

Angel zei

Superlieve kadootjes voor Nia!!
Kan me voorstellen dat het leuk was om allemaal te maken!
Ben benieuwd naar de nieuwe creaties!

Stitching Noni zei

Oh wow, gorgeous. I love all the gifts you made for Nia & Lourenço. Just absolutely gorgeous. The felt name is my favourite, but then again the elephants!!
Hugs xx

Marie-Jeanne zei

Fijn dat je weer beter bent.
Heel mooie spulletjes heb je gemaakt.
Gr, M-J.

Anne zei

Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts dear Annette!! I know Nia is overjoyed with them!! I love that the three of you made a pin board for ideas and then made some of them. Great idea!! I loooove the Lourenco felted name! So adorable!!! You are very fast and good with making things!



Sofia Silva Lopes zei

Dear Annette,

could you please share with me the alphabet molds to make in felt?

Thank you very much.

Sofia Silva Lopes

ricketyjo zei

Your gifts for Lourenco are absolutely beautiful! I hope that they will be well loved :)

♥ Nia zei

What a bad luck you had sweetie =/ no fun... Hope you'll get better fast!! Of course you're not in the mood to craft, if your body isn't well , you need to get better first, then your mojo will return ;)

Wonderful spring pictures!! Your garden blooming and kids having fun :D what more to wish for, right?? :D
This time of the year is such a happy time... Wish we had some good weather over here too! Not yet..

LOL!! You said it all.. I wish my day had 72h ;) hehehe i didn't know you were making the felt name and that one was really on my list! But I was working on other things first, still have things to show on my blog! And i have two wips, one is the mobile, i think you will love the mobile I'm making heheheh i will show soon :)
And there's a lot more to make in the coming months hahaha our board is full of great ideas :D

I love all gifts but the name was a complete surprise :) and such a perfect piece =)))))
The elephant I knew, it's true. But i hadn't seen the beautiful fabrics (love it!!!) or the little oneeeeee!! So but sooooo cute :D you had the sweetest idea =)))))
The sleeping toy was missing on my second time posting your gifts, i will show pictures with my baby boy cuddling with your toys :) hehehe he has to grow a little, too soon now to play ;) heheheh

I can't thank you enough for everything you did... I can only say that your gifts were received with the same love you put into making it all =))))) thank you my friend :)))))))

Rita zei

What a beautiful post!! :))
First...the baby Lourenço words..i simply loved them!!
The big and little elephant are just too cute!! It feels like eating them LOL Love them!!

And the letters are too adorable!! The colors..the little bears and ducks and the clouds and stars...all just too perfect!!! I bet Nia just went crazy..i know i would!! :))
You really have fairy hands!! very well done sweetie!!;)

Looks like the kids are really having fun these days!! Its so great:))

here finnally we have spring!! Sun and warm!! It feels so good:)) For now i just have been working all days but i hope on the weekend i could go with him play outside :))

many hugs my friend!;))

Marion zei

Wat ben je lekker bezig geweest Crea Bea. Prachtige kado'tjes heb je gemaakt.
Ga je nog iets voor de Pasen frobelen.

Prettige nachtdiensten.

Preeti zei

Wow!! The gifts are adorable and awesome!! :) I loved the way you interchanged fabrics for elephant mommy and baby , so cute!! The name is just wonderful and neat!! Every piece looks like it is made with lots of love:)
Lovely job, Annette!!:)
Enjoy your spring days. It's getting hotter here.