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woensdag 30 april 2014

°•♥ Jingles ♥•° and °•♥ Kingsday ♥•°

It's that time of the month..
....The last day....

That means :::::::
_____Jingles time!!!_____

 It was a small piece Fa lalalalala, with a cute Cardinal this time..
Isn't it looking great already my SAL.

Look at Rita ( will post later today) and Noni for there piece, and little Nia maybe just found her needles?
Already started sweetie?

♥•°    °•♥

As I told last Saterday it was Kingsday.
It was the first time we celebrated that, after many years of having Queensday.
Kids had Kings play activity's at school on Friday, and saterday we had a blast at King's day.
Loo at this collage
Every town and city celebrate's it.
In the morning a parade, and singing the song of our country.
and later a Free- market, al kids/people, every one can sell every thing, games for free.
They both got a penny, and bought a gift, on the second of left above you can see Noah playing his bought gift with friends.
I finished Kira her bracelets on time.

♥•°  °•♥

Also finsihed some pink bracelets.
Kira is so happy with it!!!

♥•°   °•♥

At the moment MIL is here babysitting. I have to work the night shift, and Dh the day shift.
So she is babysitting the kids.
They are having so much fun!!!!
This afternoon we went for a walk..
It's grey and not that hot.. but still lovely

Diner is ready!!
Have a wonderfull evening all, till in May!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

Dani - tkdchick zei

great job on the jingle

Anoniem zei

great stitching

Angel zei

Het jingles patroon begint er steeds leuker uit te zien!
Fijn dat jullie ook hebben genoten van deze eerste koningsdag!

butterfly zei

Wonderful stitching , love the braclets , hugs.

Carol zei

I think this may be my favorite jingle yet, Annette--it is adorable! And your bracelets look great--Kira will soon want one in every color :)

How nice that all of the towns and cities celebrate King's Day--looks like the kids had a ton of fun!

Happy May to you!!

Unknown zei

Your kids are just adorable! The project is cute too! I like the fabric u're using :D I want just that color of fabric to stitch "the Village" but I've seached the hole country and I couldn't find :(
Where did u find? Was is expensive?

cucki zei

Wonderful stitching
Love the bracelet too
Huge hugs x

Mylene zei

The SAL is coming along beautifully!
Lovely bracelets...
Looks like you all had fun during King's day. Honestly, the first time i haven't been out to go and see the activities being the kids older en both working that day we went to a friends birthday instead.

Valma zei

very great job you're going on this SAL Petite Anne ;)
Each part is really sweet
it's going to be a very beautiful piece !
well done :)
it seems you had a fantastic Kingsday, at least the kids had ;)
fantastic pictures of them, I love the last one ;)
have a great weekend and give a special cuddle to Kira from me

♥ Nia zei

Looks like kids had a great time :D always having fun :D
I love the bracelets!!! :)
Ohhh i haven't started jingles yet but I promise I will do it soon! Everything is ready and waiting for me ;)
You are not folowing the same order on the blocks? Or did you all agree to do it like that?

Lumiruusu zei

Hello sweet annette and thank you for visting my blog!1 The pictures of your kids are allways so happy and coloyfull and make me smile!1 thank you for sharing with all us "The Aunties" in the bloggers :)
You have so beautifull kids and they obviously have agreat bond betwen each other!!

YOu stitchinga are very pretty as allways and the bracelets are super cool!!

Stitching Noni zei

Loving Jingles!
The cardinal is so cute :)
I have almost finished Ho Ho Ho! These little designs are great to stitch :)
The kids look like they had fun on Kingsday. How wonderful to celebrate the royal family in such a happy way :)
Hugs xx

Rita zei

This block of jingles is very looked great on your stitches :))
I'm a little delay with my blog readings...almost the end of the month again!!

The kids really seems to had a great time!! :))

kisses sweetie;)